New harnies! and – the domesticated Podenco

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa Paws brought you lots of goodies. Luckily the reindeer mail service brought our harnies in double quick time so I can proudly report on them.

They are made by Dog Games, a UK company, which Misery found extremely helpful.

Obviously with Misery being stupid, she couldn’t work out what size or type to get for us, and as she is also extremely tight careful with our dog biscuit money, she wanted to check that the company would not charge VAT (Gib is exempt) before she placed her order.

So she subjected the firm to a barrage of emails, and a very nice man patiently answered all her inane pertinent questions.

They do a fleece lined harness, and one called ‘perfect fit’ which is also fleece lined. They come in lots of different colours, and you can get matching leads too.

The nice man suggested Misery buy the Perfect Fit ones for us and told Misery which sizes we would need. Master told her to buy nice green ones to match my Landy.

Can you believe that she ordered them on the Friday and they arrived in Gib on the Tuesday? so she went hot-footing it down to the parcels office on Wednesday to collect them.

Here I am wearing mine.

Wandering down the arroyo with my nice new harnie (I cropped Little Rat out of the picture!)

Wandering down the arroyo with my nice new harnie (I cropped Little Rat out of the picture!)

Here are some more piccies, and I have even included Little Rat on one of them.

Pippa Review:

Comfy, very very comfy, and for poor old dogs with arthritis, extremely good as I don’t have to lift up my paw to put it on, it just clicks around my girth with two clippies. Excellent. The fleece means it is soft and gentle and doesn’t rub my fur at all. As the leads are also fleece, it means it doesn’t hurt Misery’s or Master’s hands either.

They are very strong which will keep Little Rat under control, although also sadly means I haven’t much chance of chasing cats.


Service – 5/5, or maybe 6/5

Quality – 5/5, and – they are made in the UK, which is a GOOD THING.

Design – 4.5, colour choice is excellent, mine is indeed a perfect fit, Snowy has a little extra room in his front piece (there are three components to the harness) but we figure he will grow into it. The different pieces and sizing can be confusing but the helpfulness of the staff easily compensates for that. The good thing about Snowy’s is though that if he gets any bigger we can just change the relevant part of the harness without having to buy a whole new one. And as he is getting even fatter we have already started to extend the webbing around the girth.

Cost – they are not cheap, but if you want a comfortable and secure harness for your dog, surely you would be willing to pay for a quality product?

Overall Pippa rating – 5/5.

They ship all over the place and also have outlets in other countries. They get a big PippaPaw of approval from me.

Next, I will be doing a couple of food reviews as we have not been able to get our normal Waggs from Morrisons all the time, so Master bought a different one for us.

Over to Snowy for more of his diaries.

September 2013

Snowy’s Diary – 8 – The gardener

The next day BFD and NM left us.

Boooooo. Just me and LW again. I miss them.

What to do? Apart from play with my toys. I have so many toys now. A ripped vest, corks, my rope toy made my NM, bits of cane, plastic plantpots, kitchen towel and the cardboard inserts, and two bouncy balls. And her toes of course. I wouldn’t call my people mean but they didn’t exactly incur a huge debt at Toys R Us. But does it matter if the toys serve their purpose? I think not.

I have decided to emulate my person so I have taken up gardening.

I was gardening from an early age

I was gardening from an early age

Apart from turning over soil by digging for Australia in what used to be the spinach patch, I have taken to inspecting the seedlings and the herbs.

This involves climbing onto the garden, and checking their strength by lying on them. After all, if they can’t manage a few pounds of Podenco puppy they are going to be rubbish crops.

I like the herb garden. It smells very nice. I climb up there too. There is basil and parsley and oregano and what should have been cilantro but has morphed into parsley. [PD: more cilantro has been sown] There are lettuces as well. For some reason my inspection of said plot with my tiny dainty feet meets with being lifted off.

I also prune the spinach, the cacti, although I did get a nasty spike in my paw with that one, [PD: cacti have been moved out of reach], and the hibiscus. Apparently hibiscus makes good tea. I can recommend them to eat. And the yellow pollen looks very pretty on my forehead.

I’ll post another gardening update later when I have found more plants to inspect, prune, remove and generally put under Podenco Control.

September 2013

Snowy’s Diary – 9 – House-proud Podenco

I have also taken on some domestic duties. Primarily this involves tidying my rugs and blanket, tugging and pulling them by their tassels so they meet standards of Podenco Orderliness.

I am training my person (she’s not limping so much now so I need a new name for her) to be cleaner and tidier too.

I bring in dead plumbago flowers on my feet and sometimes to chew, so she has to sweep up and mop out. I still do the odd pee and poo inside, so she needs to clean that up and mop again. I like a clean and tidy house and it keeps her on her tasty chewy toes.

I must be doing a good job with her training as Nice Man commented on how clean and tidy the house was on his visit with BFD.

I also check all furniture within jumping up reach. Soon I hope to be able to jump up fully to carry out a thorough inspection but for now I just have a look. The BFD told me he has a sofa to sleep on. I have tried to get onto her very large bed which has plenty of room for a litter of Podenco puppies let alone just me, but it is still too high.

One night one of her pillows fell on the floor and I lay on it. I like my rugs and blanket but this pillow was very soft and comfy. It was white too, like me. I think when I am bigger it will be a good bed for me. NM won’t agree with it, but he didn’t agree about Dogs on Sofas. BFD soon sorted that out.

What else do I do? Oh yes. We have a nice lace curtain over our patio door to stop horrid buzzy flies entering. I always give it a firm tug to make sure it is correctly in position. As for the cleaning duties, I chase around after the mop and the sweeping brush to make sure she is doing a good job. I think that is all. Pretty impressive for an eight-week-old street puppy I think though.

Well that’s enough from the Rat. More interestingly, here am I.

Me.  With MY plantpot.

Me. With MY plantpot.

24 comments on “New harnies! and – the domesticated Podenco

  1. Paw waves Pippa! Molly dictated a few lines to you on her way out to watch the squirrel. “We are in between cold fronts and have sun today. The German and I have been told to stay outside as much as possible today. The 3 squirrels and I chat often, but they are terrified of the German and leave the area.
    You should come sit in the sun with the German and I shall run that little dog around until he drops. I have practice doing this with other dog friends.
    We are quite interested in your harnesses. I cannot wear collars for walking as I tend to pull when happy, and my former owners damaged my neck and throat. Your harness looks like it wouldn’t mess my fur so much. Mine also has easy on with clips – and was also hard to order with all the pieces and sizes. The company was quite nice – and even repaired a harness I chewed…got tired standing around talking to neighbors – totally understandable. I also mistook a harness for a toy, once..the company again was quite understanding, repaired it – and sent a spare. The workers there do a lot of animal rescue work themselves.
    I am so glad you are taking rat out on the town. You do look quite handsome in that new harness.”

    • pippadogblog says:

      Gentle paw waves from me too. Please tell Molly I appreciate her offers. I will take her up on running little Rat ragged, but I shall find a sunspot inside for me and the German while you young ones play out there.

      Your harnesses sound very similar to ours. There are some outlets for ours in America, although not in Texas. But I got Misery to write some more about them on my next post.

      I haven’t decided whether Snowy confuses them for toys, or whether he picks them up when he wants a walk or when he thinks he should be taking me for a walk. Ha!

      Rat likes to come out with me. He feels secure with a bigger pack. As you know Misery is not much use, not is she a touch macho.

      Thank you Molly.

  2. Ah yes, they call you the “little rat” and I’m not so sure that you look like a rat or a piglet. You are 100% dog and don’t let your people continue to call you a little rat. Okay, I reckon they can say little rat if it is out of love and the masters really appear to love you very much.

    I must check that company out in GB for it looks like the harnie and collar are top notch. All the stuff that Pets Mart sells is made in China and they send the dumb Americans any old piece of crap.

    So you have grown a lot and by now you are maybe 5 months old or older. I’ve lost track. Keep on digging, Snowy. Maybe you’ll dig up some lost treasure. 🙂

    Take care, Snowy. Try not to give Misery too many problems. 🙂
    Your Texas friend,

    • snowycopito says:

      Hello Yvonne. Look here I am. I have snuck onto the computer and got myself a log in. Podencos are smart you know. I’m not sure I need a puppy pic though, I need a more mature older dog pic for my gravatar. Must have been a meddling Misery that did that.

      I am not a rat or a piglet and you are a fine person to say I am 100% dog. And very tough too. Sometimes. In fact they have started calling Pippa Big Rat, and he definitely doesn’t look Rattish.

      The harnies are good but expensive, they do collars too, I think but if you don’t need them, don’t buy them. But for Pippa and I on all our walks, they are exactly what we need. We try to avoid things bought in China. The quality is often dubious and Misery likes to buy as near to home as possible for some environmental and economic reason. I think. Bit too complicated for a young Podenco brain, I need to take classes on all this I think.

      Yup, I am five months old, going on six. I am loving life. I took Misery out today at 6am, 7am, 8am and 10 am. Not sure what happened to 9am, but I know she is loving that too 🙂

      I don’t need to dig up treasure. I am treasure. Although treasure would buy dog biscuits.

      Sending some Podenco exuberance to you in Texas 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Snowyyyyy xx

  3. Oh, I forgot, Pippa Dog., You look downright handsome wearing your new harnie and collar. I’m impressed.

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you so much Yvonne. I would blush, but I am actually used to being called handsome. Only the other evening someone walked past and said oh what a lovely dog. Master thought it was dogS but Misery and I were sure it was one dog. Me.

  4. Mango Momma says:

    I am going to have to see if those harnesses are available in the US. I do so much prefer a harness for walking, but they can rub off the fur in poor Dexter’s dog pits.

    Mango Momma

    • pippadogblog says:

      New post up, but I’ll be over to yours to comment to you and Dexter, but yes, they are available. I’ve given the outlets, or you could get them shipped.

  5. Vicky says:

    Wow Pippa, you both look very smart with your new harnesses on, and I love the colour too, how clever of master and misery to buy them to match your landy.

    I like your video, and the music too, misery mastered it in the end then?

    Snowy, what big ears you’ve got, I thought LS had big ears, but you beat her paws down with your bat radars.
    You seem to have mastered the art of gardening too.

    • snowycopito says:

      Thank you Vicky. Look I have snuck onto this blog to get in my answers before Pippa. Oh what a clever dog I am. I think you are right, my ears are rather large. Need to measure them against Pippa’s I suppose. Anyway, they hear, which is all that matters.

      I am a good gardener although Misery doesn’t agree. NO Snowy and OFF Snowy seem to be her favourite comments.

      I shall leave Pippa to answer the rest of your comments if he moves his idle old furry self 😀 Podenco off on the rampage 🙂

    • pippadogblog says:

      Misery forgot she had made this one. Silly Misery. Now she has posted up the one she was writing about and it is ALL Snowy 😦

      And Snowy is NOT a good gardener either. Pesky little rat.

  6. Timmy says:

    aw, Pippa and Snowy, your harnesses, or harnies are you call them on your side of the Atlantic, look great. one of my persons has plans to get me used to one, but the first time i tried it on, it was much too small. i have since lost quite a bit of weight so maybe it would fit again. but so far i do not like it. my persons say when i have it on, i walk like i am wearing an oversized nappy. but in my opinion, harnies are not intended for cats. imnashbpo.
    great job gardening! i am an indoor cat, so the only gardening i am able to do involves some cat grass on the window sill. i quite enjoy that.
    i have all sorts of toys but some of my favourites are those which are not from a pet store. twist ties are fine, a dangling shoelace, and more. although there are a couple of mice and my foam balls which i quite fancy.
    i do quite like your gravatar. how did you do that? did you have to provide a brand new email address? in any case, it looks just fine.
    i think our persons need a lesson in zoology. you are not a rat and i am not a little bear, which is what i am sometimes called.
    nice of you to share your blog, Pippa. both of you look great together. Snowy seems so tiny compared to you, Pippa. do keep well!

    • pippadogblog says:

      No, they are harnesses but my people are lazy and shorten everything. My dog company does harnies for cats though so you might like one. They have orange ones in the sale right now – that might suit your odd catlike rather elegant colouring.

      We have one indoor plant. We all ignore it. It is not edible, although neither is plastic but that doesn’t stop Snowy (nothing stops Snowy).

      I like Masters flip flop things. Always best to hide them at night and then he can’t find them in the morning. Too funny.

      The subject of Snowy’s gravatar is sensitive and he is still in disgrace for acquiring one.

      I am not a rat either but because Snowy is little rat, I seem to have become Big Rat 😦

      Well I share everything else, and at least I can try to keep him under control on here. Imagine if he had his own blog to bound around on. Not that anyone would be interested without ME 🙂

  7. Mags Corner says:

    We really like the looks of your new harnie sweet Pippa we will check them out. We like the color you chose. And we see you have a mighty fine gardener coming up. lol Chancy would love to come help with the garden. Snowy you are growing like a weed. Hugs and nose kisses

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you Mags and Chancy, I have just got Misery to write some more about them for my next post. Hope Chancy had a fine Gotcha Day.

      I think Chancy and Snowy together would drive Misery spare!

      Snoses back.

  8. Very flash harnesses! And you are a busy little boy, Snowy…

    Re-your arthritis, Pippa, your family might consider giving you a devil’s claw supplement. It is used for horses, in a product called No Bute, and is almost magical. It does exist in doggie versions too, apparently.


    • pippadogblog says:

      They are very nice. They are nearly strong enough for Vx2s. OK maybe not Percheron harnies 😀

      We will look up devil’s claw and see what it is as my paw is quite tender in this wintry damp weather.

      Thank you Tommy.


  9. Dear Pippa:

    Why can I not follow your blog? I’m fairly sure that Ralph was allowed, but I can’t find a follow feature. I must have my regular dose of your handsome face.


    • pippadogblog says:

      Dear Susan

      I don’t know. I could follow it if I wanted to but I don’t really need to, but there is a follow button up on the top there for me. I will put an email notification on if you like. Misery doesn’t like that because she would ignore them but someone asked her to put it on hers, so I will put it on mine. Otherwise you will have to ask the Unhappinesss Engineers on WP.


  10. Timmy says:

    hello again Pippa and Timmy! just wanted to say that I now have my very own gravatar, too. am so excited! and i will follow your blog. maybe that way i will get notifications 🙂

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello timmy, thank you for signing up, although you do know this is a DogBlog don’t you? In fact it is MY dogblog, so you and little Snowy can stop conspiring together and behave yourselves. Little Rat found his own way to get a gravatar without my permission so I hope we don’t get a load of silly Snowy comments all over the place. Anyway, he’s not allowed on today as it is my Gotcha Day so that’s that. Giving cats silly ideas about their own gravatars. Whatever next?

  11. Skye says:

    My darling Pippa,
    You look PAWSOME in your new harness! Very nicely made, looks comfy and fits you beautifully. My harness also has soft fleece around the neck, chest and along the ribs. Feels good, doesn’t it? Proper fit is very important for comfort too.
    I love the little video of you! I wish my mom were talented enough to make a video of me to share with you.
    I also love the photo of you with your plant pot. You are truly handsome in every way and that is why I love you so much!
    So sorry about your arthritis. Have you tried glucosamine and chondroitin supplements? It should be fairly easy to get and it could help. I will send you healing husky energy along with all my love.

    All my love,
    your Skye

  12. Sonel says:

    Pippa, you and the little rat are just so adorable but you are the most handsome of all! I love the harness you’re wearing. Thanks for sharing photo’s of the little rat as well. I am sure now that Misery is out of commission, you have to do all the work and watch the little rat as well. 😀

    I do hope your arthritis is not bothering you too much. Simba has the same problem and I have fibro, but we cope. Just wanted you to know we know how it feels and we’re thinking of you. 🙂

    Snowy sure is one talented gardener and it looks like lots of work. LOL!

    Take care and please thank Misery for posting these beautiful photo’s. ♥ Hugs ♥

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