I’m watching

While I was lying outside I thought it would be cool to stick my head through the metal curtains and let all the flies and mosquitoes in, I mean, see what was going on in the kitchen.

It’s important to let master and mistress know that I’m keeping an eye on them.

Mistress turned this picture round – she thought it was easier than you all screwing your heads round at 90 degrees.


Mistress knew there was something she had to do – and that was post a clicky linky thingy to my pals – Gomer and Opie – over at Dogs Aye View.

They are cool dogs with an ace blog and their dogmom has a heart of gold for rescued doggies. So go on, over you go, as fast as poss, and catch up with the plot.

And a newish doggypal, Mac, over at Baron von Woofer. He’s not been blogging long.

We found his blog through Blogs From The Dogs, and I’m sure he would like some sniffs and stuffs over there from you all.

Evening walks and sniffs

We went for a walk, me and master.

It was very nice.

Here is one of my amigas at the big finca over the road. She’s not looking very friendly though. I was trying to do rubby noses.

Sniff, sniff.

Come on master, off we go again.

The countryside is getting dry though.

And here is my mate Antonio. He is driving back down the river bed from his granja. He has lots of aguacates (avocados), and lots of chickens kept in little jails. But he also sells my PippaDogBix and trigo for our chickens (not kept in jails).

Time to relax now though while master makes salad.

Tag games – and zzzz


This is mistress’s birthday and she thought she had finished writing today.

But we have been tagged for seven random cosas. (things)

1 Master and mistress met in Sydney and got married there after a few weeks.

2 They have their birthdays on consecutive days (today and yesterday as it happens – 24th and 25th June).

3 I have no idea when my birthday is but I found M&M in Jan 2004. We all think I was under a year old – but nodog knows. Maybe I was older.

4 I love my Landy, my sofas, my fresas (strawberries), curry, cheese toasties (you all know this by now) and tasty peas.

5 We all get up early. Well I do, so therefore we all do. 🙂

6 I am friendly with livestock, and try to do rubbynoses.

7 I quite like master and mistress because they always say I am not to blame. There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners.

So we tag

KuBrin, Cleo, Tealeaf, Megan and Boots
Tasha and Eva
Flossy and Jez

The Rules:
• Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.

• People who are tagged need to write their own blog post with their 7 things as well as these rules.

• You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog.

• Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

OK – we have stuffed up because we aren’t doing the comment thingy tonight. But it is her birthday. And we are all sleepy now. zzzz

Back again

Look, here I am, back again.

But why has mistress included her silly expensive fizzy water in the photo?

This is not an advert for Vichy Catalan, y aquí, en español tambien.

It is a photo of Pippadog on his blog.

Perhaps I should advertise my services though to the company.

After all I have been known to drink it, and I am Spanish. I don’t know if my heritage goes back to Catalunya though.

Anyway mistress says it is very good, nicely chilled, and it is slightly sulphurous. We recommend it.

Hey, this is my blog. Why are we barking about fizzy water? Oh, I remember. Mistress’s birthday and I have to indulge her.

And thanks to Oscar for wishing them happy birthdays.

Ruff ruff. Happy Pippa again.

Happy birthday (2)

Well mistress is having a bit more success today.

Just as well too as I am not happy to have a photoless blog.

So, here are a couple of photos from yesterday that she has finally uploaded.

Normal service with photos of Pippa idling around or eating tasties will shortly be resumed.

Pippa (slightly more tranquilo now).

Happy birthday

Well everydog. As we all know, our dogblogs are very important. Particularly when mistress is fiddling with a boring Landy pic and then trashes all the photos instead of just one.

And then because she noticed the trash bin was a bit full – 8,000 or so items – she thought she would clear that too. It would be full, wouldn’t it, with all my photos in. Well done mistress.

It’s not very often you are tidy and when you are you trash all our photos.

And now she can’t upload anything.

So it’s just as well there are pix of me on my blog or we wouldn’t have anything from the last ten months. And until she works out how to upload there will be no PippaPix.

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy barkday, I mean birthday, to Mistress for today, and to Master for yesterday.

Pippa, still annoyed with Mistress for being stupid.

Feeding time

Some of you have been asking about my new feeding regime. So here are a few pointers.

The cheese and tomato toasties and the hand-feeding of biscuits are carefully linked as part of an overall strategy. You can tell I’m doing my DMBA.

So, here we go. Stage 1. Do not appear particularly interested at breakfast time. (I think Wally is probably self-excluded from this strategy).

Do not, under any circs, stand there barking and demanding breakfast, rushing around like a demented idiot. (As I used to).

Find somewhere relaxing to lie down and wait patiently, preferably with a slightly long-suffering look on your face.

When master (or mistress) brings your food, look mildly interested.

Take your food delicately and appreciatively – but never greedily.

Occasionally pause – with a thoughtful look on your face, as if to say “Have I had enough? Do I want any more?”

They won’t realise you do of course, but don’t pause too long or they might clear off with what’s left.

Always turn your nose up at the food in the tin. Insisting on hand-feeding is essential.

Stage 2. The good bit. When master gets his cheese and tomato toasties on the go – look alert.

When he brings them outside to eat – look very alert. You know the sort of thing, nose as close to the toastie as possible.

It shouldn’t take long before you get some tasty toasties – so look very appreciative and chew noisily and happily.

Preferably with eyes shut.

Remember, this needs to be a good contrast to the way in which you take your normal dog breakfast. The whole point is to persuade them to give you as much toastie as possible because they can see you get such enjoyment from it. Easy really.

Dr Pippa PhD and DMBA in Food Persuasion and Manipulation Techniques.

PS Opy has told me I have been nominated for Awesome Blog Award. I had forgotten Dachsies nominated me last month, and then it was held over. Being a post-doctoral researcher I am not a celebrity seeker – but I don’t want to be out for a duck either – so if one or two of my pals can go and vote for me I will be very grateful for that, and can then happily concentrate on my research.

On the mend

I am feeling a bit better thanks to all your great doggy and person vibes that have found their way over here to Spain.

In fact this morning I noticed one of the horrid marmalade cats that goes in my corral so I thought about having a go for it but Misery Master wasn’t having a bar of it.

And I was more interested in sniffing stuff too. But I don’t think I will pick any old thing up again.

Mistress fed me my biscuits by hand again. She asked me if I wanted to eat them out of my tin, so I had a sniff but settled back to eating them from her. A dog can’t be too cautious when he’s been feeling off-colour can he?

Then master had a cheese and tomato toastie so I thought some of that would be nice too.

Master was pleased that I was interested in his toastie so he gave me lots of it.

Chomp, chomp.

Oh and my nose is nice and damp again too.

Mistress wanted me to write about mosquitoes because there was a ginormous one in the bedroom last night and master couldn’t catch it, so in the end he got up at 5am.

But I don’t think mozzies are as interesting as me so I’m not writing about them. So there mistress.

Kind thoughts

Hello everydog

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

I have not eaten my paella though. Sorry. But I am eating my biscuits, master feeds them to me, one by one, so I take them delicately. I am back up to my normal portion now. Perhaps I could get used to this hand feeding. Mistress gave me some of her breakfast-time peach too.

I am drinking lots of water. I think it is important to drink lots when I feel poorly. It is also quite warm here, we are hitting the 30s now (90s for lots of you dogs).

So I lie on the terrace when there is a nice breeze, or flop inside on the tile floor. I am conserving my energy.

Today master and mistress went adventuring. I stayed home. I didn’t feel up to a ride in the Landy in hot weather stuck in traffic. They were picking up some gardening stuff that was in store. Not much point taking lawnmowers and hedge strimmers to my GibFlat.

Special thanks to Blue for her crystal suggestion. M&m have put some on top of the electricity box. A couple of things have gone better since then.

M&m want me to say they are not totally whacky. Hah! They say there is no reason not to try things if it doesn’t do anyone any harm.

Master had a bright idea. He told mistress to go to hospital and get her poorly arm chopped off. Said that way she would have to learn how to use the other one and stop saying: “Just wait until my arm’s better….” I think he nearly came to serious arm. I mean harm.

Unofficially I thought it was quite funny. Officially I am lying on the fence, or would be if we had one and it was tiled. Anyway, I want some more peach tomorrow.

Here are our tomatoes as I’ve noticed lots of friends over the sea post tom pix. This was a couple of days ago, but today mistress took them off. Apparently the skin is tough, the flesh is soft, but the flavour is good. Well I would eat them anyway.