Advertising policy

I have an advertising policy. It is simple. There is no free advertising on my blogs.

(I have learned about policies and things like that from Misery. She claims to know about them).

Now. To explain.

1) Pawsonally, I do not like ghastly adverts interfering with pictures of my handsome self.

2) I would not wish to relinquish (good alliteration there) control of what appears on my blog. I wouldn’t want to advertise something which I thought was rubbish.

3) I also, will not tolerate people commenting – and linking to their commercial sites. I have set my spam detector to zilch links for comments. This, is a VERY good feature that WP offers. So please do not comment, pretending to be a committed dogblogger, when all you are trying to do, is publicise your business. It is nothing more than spam. I put the PippaPaw firmly down on that one.

4) I may from time to time, write about things that I consider good or bad. I have posted a couple of reviews on the previous blog and I will do so on here. I may even get Misery to set up a page for reviews. Note – unless otherwise indicated on reviews, no payment will have been received. Any payment (I wish) – or freebies – will always be mentioned up front.

5) If anyone wishes to ask me to review something for money – I will do that. I mean every other dog seems to be doing that so why not me? But I don’t guarantee a favourable review 🙂

We all want to make money out of our blogs. But not at the cost of a) making it look like some ghastly tabloid newspaper or b) our integrity.

So, that’s my advertising policy. Or lack of it.

3 comments on “Advertising policy

  1. Office Diva says:

    I live in terror of having the PippaPaw come firmly down on me for any spamming, sneaking advertising tricks, or otherwise. I do solemnly swear that I will do nothing to incur the wrath of the Pippapaw.

    Beautiful banner picture, Pippa dahling……you should be in movies! I’m sure the ladies would agree. :O)

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Office Diva, Chaya and Shadow.

      You are most welcome over here as are your two owners. There was a time when us poor old dog bloggers had endless spam so I resorted to this harsh policy. I may relent a little and allow the odd link for reasonable and genuine dogbloggers (that would include C&S and you on their behalf).

      The PippaPaw prefers cats and rats, so you don’t need to worry. Although I have sent my CV to Chaya in respect of those dear animals.

      Movies eh? Tell me about it:

      There are endless posts on here about my planned film to sail away to visit all my girlfriends. The trouble is when Misery imported my blog from Blogger all the comments were lost, such a shame. And the layout doesn’t work on all the posts either, eg the silent screen one. But if you look you will get the general idea.

      I am pleased you appreciate my screen potential however. And thank you for the compliment. It is a rather old photo, but still, rather fetching I think myself.


  2. Sonel says:

    Well said Pippa and I totally agree! 😀

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