National Day and holidays

As everypup knows, 10 September in Gibraltar is National Day and we all parade around in red and white clothes. Even me.

Master went to one of his paint suppliers and they gave him a red T-shirt. ‘Please can I have extra large for my extra large tummy?’ he asked.

Then he asked for an extra large one for Misery too. Not that she has an extra large tummy but she likes loose T-shirts.


It’s no good getting one for you and one for Misery and leaving me out.

For those pups who haven’t seen my earlier photos, I did adorn myself in one of master’ red vests in a previous year – here.

People celebrating National Day with Gibraltar and British flags

This display shows when Gibraltar became British in 1704 and celebrated the tercentenary in 2004

Balloons are released at 1pm for everyone who lives in Gib. I wonder which one has Pippa written on it?

Well, anyway, Pippadog did not have a stunningly successful National Day this year.

But at night, Misery went upstairs to watch the fireworks with our neighbour. And when she came back down, I went out onto the landing to say hello to her. My neighbour, not Misery. I know who she is.

Then, thinking, no-one was watching me, I eyed up the staircase, or rather eyed down it, and decided to go out on a quick cat hunt. Oh! Yes! Escape!!

‘Where do you think you’re going?’ said Master and caught hold of me rather too quickly.

Not downstairs. Obviously. Poor sad Pippadog.

Anyway today is yet another holiday. We are having a Bank Holiday for National Day because that was on a Saturday. I am not sure why it is good but Master and Misery are home and we are eating lots of yummy goodies. Omelettes, and fake lamb steakies, and stuffs. Yogs goats too of course.

Breakfast in bed. Er, I have finished now, take the tin away. Thank you.

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