Gates and goats

It’s warming up here.

I am not spending so much time at my gate.

Now with the warm weather I am going in the shade under my outside-table-den,

or sometimes I go back into kitchen and lie under my table in there. That way I can keep an eye on m&m.

Today when I was at the gate I saw them take my friends the goats away. The people behind us are goatherders, and sometimes they rear young goats in their outside space at their house.

I am a pastor, a livestock guardian, so I know that I am responsible for goats and other animals.

But the truck came for them and off they went. Mistress said they were probably going to be killed. Master agreed. So why are dogs like me supposed to look after livestock if someone else then kills them?

No, I can’t smell my friends the goats anywhere. Sad Pippadog.


We are sorry we haven’t posted for a while. Mistress is still typing with one hand and she is a bit impatient. Perhaps I should learn to type with my large patitas.

Sad news
We know that many of you know that Angus died over at Flossy’s World a week or so ago. Our hearts go out to Flossy and Carina, and we hope Angus is in peace.

Better news
We wrote about Charlotte in hospital last week, and she is obviously feeling better now because the little terror has come out and tagged us.

She is a beautiful rescued cross Rotty/Chihuahua from New South Wales, so if you haven’t been to give her a bark, go and see her. And she has a poodle brother, a kitty, and lots of other fur and feather bros and sisses.

And, we have discovered a secret. You all know that ruffy tuffy Corgador – Wally? He went to see Charlotte’s blog when she was in hospital and left some nice words. Hah! You’re rumbled Wally. A little heart of gold hiding somewhere eh?


Seven pawsomes

I’ve been tagged. Twice.

The worst one is to show an embarrassing or silly pic of me. Well, I only ever do curled-up-nicely and sleepy pix.

So I am going to be on a sure winner for the Booby Prize again. If I didn’t love you very much Bella, preciosa, I would hate you. But I will try and find a piccy for you, but only for you, mind.

Now, I have been tagged by Charlotte to tell you seven pawsome facts about me. I think I can manage this one.

1) Me encantan los chicharros, pero ya no esta el estacion.
I love peas. But they are out of season now.

2) Por mi desayuno segundo, me encanta un bocadillo de tortilla. Pero hoy, las gallinas no ponen. Y master y mistress han comido los huevos.
I love omelette sandwich for my second breakfast. But today the chickens haven’t laid any eggs. And master and mistress have eaten them all. (eggs not chickens).

3) Me gustan las fresitas. Pero, he comido todo.
I like the little strawberries. But I have eaten them all.

4) Me gusta conducir en mi Landy. Pero hoy no vamos por ningun sitio.
I like to go driving in my Landy. But today we didn’t go anywhere.

5) Vive en la calle. Pero luego, encuentre a master y mistress.
I lived on the streets. But then I found master and mistress.

6) Ya tengo muchos sofas, y mi kennelflat.
Now I have lots of sofas, and my kennelflat.

7) Pero, todavia quiero quedarme seguro, en mi den, por ejemplo.
I still want to feel safe though, like when I’m in my den.

And I tag Snoop, Lily, and Ruffy. Plus Sammy from Dachsies Rule, Harley and Hagen, and Kel who doesn’t do Dogs with Blogs but was the very first dogblog we read, so he is my pal.

Dogs that are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names.

New blogdogpals

So busy writing about poorly dogs and humans, forgot to mention Snoop, Lily, and Ruffy who have not been blogging long either.

Some of our friends have got there before us, and barked ruff, but we are sure they would like to meet more of you. They live in Canada and Snoop and Lily are beautiful rescued English Springer Spaniels. Ruffy is a ruffian apparently…

We have appreciated all you dogs who have visited Pippadogblog, and it is even nicer, that you keep coming back. We guess you all know though, how much it means to get some nice barks early on.

Poorly doggies

There still seem to be some poorly doggies out there – we have just been to Charlotte’s blog and she is not too good.

She and her brother Zeus have not been blogging long, so it would be good if any pals could go visit and send pawerful thoughts for her to get better.

There seem to be lots of crook (Australian for not well) humans too, but there are so many I can’t even begin to mention them. But they need our pawerful dog thoughts as well.

We will write an update on me soon, but we thought this was more important for today.


Tummytag Challenge – total failure……..

Not only am I still in the doghouse – I’ve failed miserably on the Tummytag Challenge.

Here I am on my side. This the nearest I get to it.

One for Lorenza who tagged me first.

And one for Gomer and Opie at Dogs Aye View.

And the last one for my pal Tealeaf at Blogs From The Dogs

Booby Prize for Pippa. As I have failed in such spectacular fashion I can’t really tag anyone else.

Mistress says to let you know she is still only typing with one hand, and has only put this up to stop anyone else tagging us!

In the doghouse

I think I am in the doghouse. And I don’t mean my kennelflat either.

I don’t think I want my photo taking either.

No, I’m hiding.

Perhaps mistress was a bit tired the other day, what with cleaning the sofa throws, and then the cushions, plus socialising. And that was my fault too – for being sick – twice.

But anyway when we went for our walk I pulled her over.

I think when I saw the cat I should maybe have told her. But I only saw it at the very last minute so I had to make a dash for it. And if I had told her she might have said no. She usually does.

Now she can only type with one hand and it is very slow. So if we don’t make any comments on your blogs everydog you know why.

I am very sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt mistress. And I went straight back to find her too.

Sad Pippa.