Just a quick one

Thanks to everydog who has voted for me in the Cool Site thingy. I see there are lots of DWB dogs nominated for August.

For those that are new to the cool site – you get to nominate one month and then the voting runs the following month.
So there is still time, if you want. And thanks again, pals.

Must harangue mistress – she has not got round enough pals this weekend. A paw round the ear is called for.

See you soon.



As I made mistress buy me a fine Dualit toaster – I expect toast for breakfast every day.

And as my kennelflat is small, everything is within paw’s reach. So today I decided it was best to jump on the sofa as then I am right next to master who is sitting at the table with his toast (and tinned tomatoes – double yum).

In fact they could lay me a place at the table and I could eat from my sofa. It’s a fine vantage point.

But as you can see, I always wait soooo patiently.

Cool Dog Site

Misery Mistress keeps forgetting to ask you all to vote for me for Cool Dog Site of the Month (July), if you have time.

Of course – master, being British – won’t let me vote for myself. But I’m a Spanish dog. What’s wrong with voting for myself? Everyone does it.

I could have voted every day by now. But no. Not allowed. Silly British values.

Anyway, here is the site. You can vote once a day, every day, if you want right up to the end of the month.

Now, I have to tell you something else too. My good friends Gomer and Opie are also nominated. But that’s not a problem, because you can vote for both of us. Not on the same day, but one day me, one day them.

I need a nap. As usual. I wonder where Marmalade/Harvey will be in the morning?

Pippa’s musings

Another failed mission

I have been naughty. Again. Not very naughty, just a little bit naughty. Well, I didn’t think I was naughty at all.

Master and I were out for our early-morning stroll when master stopped to chat to some guys starting work at the garden place for 7am.

I stood and waited very patiently, and then as we got to the bottom of the street I thought I would chase Marmalade with the green collar. His real name is Harvey. I don’t actually care what he is called.

So I did a rather clever move between master’s feet and tripped him up. As he was a bit slow getting up I thought I would make a dash for it or I would miss Marmalade/Harvey. But master didn’t let go of me. And I didn’t manage to drag him behind me either.

The guys from the garden place came to ask if he was ok and I was in deep disgrace. It didn’t last long though. I got some toast from master so he can’t have been very very cross.

Pippa’s companion

Remember mistress went off to feed the chickens and water the garden last weekend? And most importantly do my blog. When she was gone, master thought it would be a good idea to go and get a job. So he did.

He rang her up and told her to be back pronto on Sunday so he could start work. And mistress needed to be back so she could look after me.

Not that she does anything of course. A bit of cleaning – not much – washes a few pots, and then either reads – or fiddles with my new Appletop. Note to self, must natter her to get internet connection for my Gibflat.

Sometimes she sits and talks to me. It means nothing to me I tell you. Not a sensible bark in there. She’s even tried to play with my juguete. But it’s boring. She throws it, and it doesn’t move. I don’t feel like getting off the sofa to fetch it, and it’s too tiring to pull it from her. At least my ball runs away a little bit.

Now if mistress was going to be a proper dog companion, we would wander downstairs, and she would say “Off you go Pippa, try and find Marmalade/Harvey, and when you have had enough fun chasing him, we can have a stroll round the block.” I tell you, I have such a hard life.

And my nose is going pink.

In the pink

Look everydog. I am beginning to worry. My muzzle is turning pink.

Here are some pictures from a year or less ago. I have a nice white muzzle.

But suddenly, there is a slight colouration developing. Sort of blushing from my nose.

And now it is just downright pink. I don’t want a pink muzzle. It is not macho. It is horrid. I think I will ask mistress to DO SOMETHING. What do you think? Lemon juice? Dog cosmetics? Maybe not.

Perhaps she needs to improve her photography skills so she takes my best side (one is less pink than the other), and in exactly the right light so I just look sort of off-white. Not PINK.

PippathePinkdog. Pooh.

A day in the life of a Gibdog

Here is my new den. No, of course I don’t spend all day in my den, well, not quite all.

But I am proud of myself because I finally managed to work out how to lie just between the wall, the two feet and the bar down the middle. I am very safe hiding in there.

When I’m not there, I’m somewhere on the floor. Or the sofa, but it’s a bit hot for sofas and floors are cooler.

And inbetween that we go for walks. We don’t have a terrace or a balcony (although there is a roof terrace five floors up) so master and mistress like to get out and walk lots. Mistress likes to take us on her silly history tours.

We even sat outside the pub one night. We don’t get to do it very often because Meany Mistress doesn’t like spending money.

The man at the pub has lots of dogs. They are Yorkshire terriers. Mistress is from Yorkshire too and can be a terror, but she doesn’t look like this.

I didn’t get to see them because the man doesn’t bring them down until late when we are all tucked up on the floor and snoring away. Meany Mistress hasn’t bought a bed yet.

But she is buying me a bling laptop for my Gibflat so I can keep in touch with you all when we are down there. Well, when she pays for the internet we can.

So if you don’t hear from me you know why.

Almost forgot. We are writing for the DWB News. I volunteered mistress for it. Hehe. If you haven’t seen it, have a look, and if you have any news items there is a contact email address over there where you can send info to me. And I will pass it on to mistress of course.

Here and there

Hello everydog. Here I am – sort of.

I am here in my GibKennelFlat but Meany Mistress hasn’t sorted out my internet connection yet so she has been despatched to Spain to update my blog.

We have not been down for a while because master got involved with helping a broken-down truck on the beach, and then our Landy decided to sulk because it obviously felt it wasn’t getting enough attention.

Anyway, we finally set off. Look I am a back seat driver now.

Master checks out the front and I check out the back. I have more room here than lying on the seats and master has tidied out the back for me. I can jump up to see what is going past too. Actually I thought there might have been some cats but there weren’t.

We had a picnic stop.


We had a very exciting time at the frontier. There were different people on duty and they didn’t know me so we had to talk to all of them.

First, mistress showed the three passports to a Spanish police officer. I think he was confused with my passport as it is blue and he wondered where the other person was hiding in the Landy and why they had a funny passport. When he started reading it and realised it was a dog passport he couldn’t stop laughing.

The next officer laughed at mistress’s picture and then started to talk about me. I looked like a German Shepherd cross, yes we all said – well, they did. Crossed with a husky, he added. Yes, they agreed again. “I used to be a dog,” he said and laughed. Master and mistress laughed too. They didn’t know what to say.

Then we got to the Gib customs guy. He is in charge of dog entry into Gib, so he decided to look at my passport. In all the times we have been in and out, no-one has ever opened it, so I was very excited. But Misery Mistress has not put my pic in it yet (it’s optional) so that was a pain. Then he asked if I had jabs. Of course I have, it said so on the page he was reading.

And then we were off to one of my favourite spots – Europa Point – the southernmost tip of Gib. You can see Africa. Well, normally you can, but there was a bit of a sea fret and the fog horn was sounding.

Finally we arrived at my GibFlat. And – we even got a parking space in the street – which is a very rare occurence. Well, after all the excitement, I just flopped on the floor.

Hot and tired

I am hot and tired. Master is hot and grumpy. It is all mistress’s fault.

I am panting all the time. I hardly have enough energy to bark at the cats. OK that one isn’t true. I went ballistic this morning when one went on MY ROOF.

Look, I can’t even stand on my steps without falling asleep.

Thanks to those of you who have voted in my poll.

But not enough of you have said mistress is a wimp. We all know she is.

And she forget to say that you have to read La Cucaracha story to make your decision.

Next I can do a poll about how silly she is. Unless she did it on purpose, of course – not linking the poll to the story. So you wouldn’t know why I thought she was a wimp.

I think the sun has addled my brain. Pufff.

Update, and tagged again.

Mistress didn’t do my blog post yesterday. She was too busy writing about the Starter Motor of my Landy for her blog. I thought all motors started. Anyway it’s fixed so perhaps I will be able to go Driving in My Landy again.

Now some days ago my beautiful girlfriend MayaMarie tagged me. For the second time. I thought the point of having girlfriends was to dream about them. I didn’t know they made work.

Anyway she is so beautiful and it is not a difficult tag.

1 Where is your favourite place to sleep?

Hmmm. I like to sleep everywhere. On the terrace? On the floor? On the sofa? Next to the cooker? Under my table?

I think it has to be under the table as I am so safe there. And it’s a good vantage position to check out the doors. And of course food sometimes falls off when it is being prepared.

2 Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats?

No. I don’t have to do tricks. I wouldn’t do them anyway. But if they are not sharing their breakfast with me I will hit them with my paw. Or bark. LOUDLY.

3 If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone, what would you do and with whom?

I would be adventuring in My Landy with master. And picnicking on yummy chips. I suppose mistress could come along too. So long as she gave me lots of chips.

4 What is your favourite toy?

I don’t have many. I used to have a nice piece of wood. I didn’t know how to play with tuggy ropey things until Prince showed me how to play. I always let him win though. He was very serious about it. Now I quite like balls though. They run away (like cats) and I can pounce on them too (like cats).

5 If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would like to be able to chase the cats. Perhaps I need some ground and then in winter when it is cooler I could run around (not too much) and scare off the cats and rats. I don’t have any pix of me chasing cats. Sadly.

Other news

Am I the only dog who has been awarded Rockin’ Girl Blogger, Rockin’ Guy Blogger, and Rockin’ Dog Blogger?

Thanks to all my pals – I won’t mention which girlfriend awarded me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger, but it was cool of Bernaud Hinault Lilje to give me the Rockin’ Guy award – even if he did say I was a dog named Sue…..And thanks to Harry for giving me the Rockin’ Dog one. So now I’ve got the set.

And just to mention to Bella, that of course I love little skinny ones (mistress is very skinny) and I have always said how gorgeous you are. And I think Kuki is lovely too. So of course you are on my girlfriends list. xxxxxs

And as I said the day before yesterday – this post is for all our friends on DWB, and the ones who are no longer with us. Oscar, Prince, Reuben, Dakota, Angus – and the ones we never knew about. And it’s also for master and mistress’s dogs, Ben – who I never met, Paddy – who hated me to bits the little monster, and Prince, my best pal at the gate.