Kelsey Ann …. and KuBrin

Well, I got the lazy idle mistress to start writing me a post so that I could put one up less than a week after the last one but she never finished it.

And now we are both too too sad because another of my beautiful girlfriends has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, so it will have to wait for another day.

Bye bye Kelsey Ann from The Kapp Pack. Loved you lots. I’ll miss you.

We didn’t know Timber but we have visited his blog and he was a very handsome Alaskan Husky and we are sorry that he too has gone to the Bridge. Our sympathies are with the husky world today.

*Update* I am so sorry to say that my fine wolfhound pal KuBrin has gone to the bridge today. It is only two weeks ago since his pack member Megan went there, so they must be a very sorry pack at the moment. Sending lots of love to Blogs From the Dogs – you are having a tough time.

ETA Jake and Just Harry have pointed out that we are all affected by this sadness not just the husky world, and they are quite right. I did not mean to suggest other pups were not upset too and I am sorry if it came across like that.

A reprieve

Well, I suppose it has only taken Misery a week to put up a post and not three weeks, so I should be grateful for small improvements.

Now I would like to thank Rocky, Bear and Angel Lacy for giving me an award. Lots of other doggies had got it and I felt I was missing out, so I was feeling sorry for myself.

But now I have it. Thank you for my Arte-y-Pico award. Happy creative Pippa. In my dreams anyway.

Except I am not feeling very creative at the moment. It is warm here. Well, it is only about 30C but it feels warm to me so I am lying around on my cool floor. And mistress puts on my ceiling fan and opens the window wide for me.

It is warmer at my finca in Spain, it is about 35C there, but I can lie outside on my terrace there and it is nice and shady. But I am not there, I am in my Gibflat and we have no outside space. So I have to make do with my fan and my cool floor.

Now. An update on my miserable restricted diet. Mistress came back from a wander down the high street yesterday with a cross auntie for us to share. I think she thought she was going to eat it all herself but I soon put her right. I like cross aunties. I have written about them before. I think they are almost on a par with Toast.

And she was feeling very greedy and fat so she bought something else. They are called Crum-Pets. But I don’t think they are pets like dogs are. And there weren’t any crumbs either.

She had to put two in the toaster as it will only take two items as a minimum. Naturally, we always need at least two items. One for them and one for me. Or two for me. When they were done she put some yummy butter on them and managed to drop half a Crum-Pet on the floor. hehehehe.

Then she decided she was feeling very full after her cross auntie and so I ended up with most of the second one as well.

Master had one today too. I howled at him so he knew that I expected My Share. Mistress said “Pippa likes Crum-Pets. You need to give him some.” Kind mistress (for once).

So things are improving on the tasties score. Perhaps there may even be Pizza for Pippa on the horizon.

Back again

Firstly I want to say that another friend has gone to the Bridge. Regal deerhound Megan, of Blogs from the Dogs went this week. We have written about it on DWB News, but here is a link to their site. Bye bye Megan.

Mistress had a break from blogging (and everything else) for their birthweek. Then she got carried away and had another week off, and another….. but here I am. Finally. Although I note she managed to stick a few posts on her blog. Selfish mistress. Lazy too.

Now, what to tell you all? Well, I have been a poorly Pippadog this last week so maybe she was a bit worried about me. I had a poorly tummy when I went out for my walks, then it seemed to clear up. But then it came back again and one night I walked into master and mistress and whimpered to go out Right Now. I don’t know what time it was and neither do they but they were asleep.

Kind master jumped out of bed much more quickly than usual and managed to find all his clothes in the dark and out we went. I couldn’t have waited for long I can tell you. Even mistress took me out one day which she hasn’t done since the day of the famed cat-chasing incident when I pulled her over and she hurt her arm and hand and fingers. I lay around looking very sorry for myself.

I am feeling a bit better now though and I am back eating my normal amounts of food. BUT, Misery and master have decided that it must have been something I ate that gave me a bad tummy. I don’t see why because I ate just the same things as master, although apparently he has a cast-iron stomach whatever one of those is. So now I am not allowed to have tasty titbits with my food. How boring. And even worse, master is not giving me any TOAST. Everydog knows that toast, especially slightly burnt, is very good for poorly tummies.

Only this morning I sat patiently next to mistress while she was eating our grapefruit. I poked out my little pink tongue a tiny bit so I looked very cute. Next I tried to do shake a paw but she was too busy getting the grapefruit down her neck. And then it was gone. With not a teeny little sliver for me. I checked out her chair and the floor but she hadn’t dropped anything anywhere.

And we have stopped going out for dinner too. This is nothing to do with my tummy. This apparently is called an Economy Drive. Although we haven’t been driving anywhere.

So I will finish with the story of the pizza place as I don’t think I will be doing any more restaurant reviews in the near future. My career has been abruptly ended. Back to the film project methinks.

Remember when I went to Jumpers? a few posts back. Well, the Italian restaurant is just before the bastion. We had been before but Misery had forgotten her camera, so she made sure to take it this time.

They had ….


And olives….

…for Pippa

She had aubergine/eggplant/berenjena/melanzana – hehe – multi-lingual me. She didn’t give me any. Greedy mistress. No wonder she has put on weight.

Master ordered pizza. Pizza romana, sin anchoas. When the pizza arrived, mistress took a bite and master looked at it puzzled.

Mistress said it was very salty, and then master realised that it had anchovies on after all, even though he had asked for it without.

So it got taken back and a new one was made. Now, wouldn’t the sensible thing have been to give the unwanted anchovy pizza to me? Even if it was salty? Would I have cared? If I didn’t like the anchovies I could always have spat them out.


My pizza

It is mine, I tell you

Then another couple turned up while we were eating there so I got to eat some of his tasty toast. Yum yum.

Good food all round for Pippa. Paws up. And the pizza was cool for breakfast too, because this was before my poorly tummy episode.

But then we went again for mistress’s birthday. They had a salad to start with, master had a pizza as usual and mistress had a pasta dish. They both kindly left a little bit of their main course to be taken home in a doggy bag for my breakfast.


And pasta

And then the waiter came out and said they had made a mistake – and thrown my breakfast IN THE TRASH!

Big paws down from Pippa and I decided we would not go there any more. Irrelevant really as Meany and master decided to go on the Economy Drive and curtail my promising new career. Perhaps one day I will get to eat pizza again. I must remind master I have not been poorly when I have eaten pizza.

Looking at the view while waiting for the non-appearance of my food.

I will try and get round my pals and I am sorry I have not been allowed out to play.