In which I go back to the finca to check on Snowy

Pippa here with some more excerpts from the Rat’s Snowy’s Diaries, in which I feature, so that is A Good Thing.

But first some PippaNews. Misery has ordered our Christmas presents. The other day we were out for a walk, I was showing Snowy how to behave of course, and Misery was just cleaning up after him in a car park. Master was holding Snowy while she trotted off to a rubbish bin.

Then when he gave the lead back to her – she was left holding a lead with no Snowy at the end of it! The D ring where the lead was attached had just come apart, it wasn’t welded together.

Silly Snowy thought this was ace fun and charged around the place. I wanted to play too. Misery quickly walked in the opposite direction and told Master and I to follow so that Snowy didn’t go on the road. Have to say Misery thought rather quickly there while Master was in shell-shock mode.

Misery’s friend Vicky sent her a link to a dog website that produces strong harnesses. After some emails – because Misery had to explain that although Snowy is small he is very strong – and a ‘phone call, the company despatched the parcel the same day. What good service. And because Rat is getting one, I get one too, plus we both get matching new leads. I will report back when they arrive, but we are excitedly waiting for them.

Here is a pic of me from the weekend at the finca. On my own of course.

Just me

Just me – and Snowy’s plantpot toy which seems to have appeared between my paws

And now, here are Snowy’s scribbles. I mean writings.

September 2013

Snowy’s Diary – 4 – Training

Her training is coming along well. Last night I slept in the bedroom with her. When she woke up at 3 or 4am she knew immediately to take me outside. I was rather sleepy but being a good clean dog, I quickly did what was required and back we went to sleep.

Although I have my own little den with toys and a comfy towel I do like to sleep on the rug in the bedroom. Above me is a stool, and behind me is a wall and a wardrobe so I am nice and safe. The stool is master’s bedside table. He was working on a job and the Moroccan owner didn’t want his stools any more so he asked master if he wanted some. He took half a dozen.

On my rug under the stool (I am too big now to get underneath but back then I wasn't)

On my rug under the stool (I am too big now to get underneath but back then I wasn’t)

This morning LW didn’t want to get up. LW stands for Lazy Woman as well as Limping Woman. But when she woke up her first thought was ‘I must take Snowy out’. See, I told you I was getting her trained.

After I have been outside I have breakfast – a few tasty croquette biscuits. They are nice. When I have had enough, I leave the rest. I am not greedy.

Then I lie on my kitchen rug and play with her toes my toys. I have a lot of toys. I have a couple of corks from cava and cider bottles. Master made me a tug toy from climbing rope. I have bits of cane from the garden and sometimes I bring in leaves from plants, like aloe vera, and I chew those. LW also gave me the insides from kitchen towel. These are very good fun. I can play tugs with LW with them but mostly I worry them and rip them apart.

Fine toys - kitchen towel and cane

Fine toys – kitchen towel and cane

Taking my kitchen towel insert for a walk

Taking my kitchen towel insert for a walk

My pink comfort towel

My pink comfort towel

And - taking it for a walk

And – taking it for a walk

Toys don’t need to be expensive. They just need to be appropriate for puppies. LW is the best toy but she doesn’t seem too keen on being chewed.

Naptime after hard work playing with toys.  Note Podenco scene of destruction, rather good I think

Naptime after hard work playing with toys. Note Podenco scene of destruction, rather good I think

I was busy pulling her long fur the other day and managed to pull out a bit of metal that she had got stuck in her ear. I took it back to my rug under the stool for safe-keeping so she wouldn’t get it stuck again, but this morning she found it – and – would you believe it? She stuck it right back in her ear. Oh well, I tried.

13 September 2013

Snowy’s Diary – 5 – Excitement

The other day Limping Woman was in a cleaning frenzy. Something about Nice Man and Big Furry Dog turning up the next day, maybe even that evening, but she thought NM was probably asleep in the chair in Gibflat.

Suddenly there was a huge rumbling noise and LW ran outside. The neighbours yelled out. Total chaos because of the big rumbly noise.

A strange thing with scaffolding pulled up outside my terrace. [Pippadog: this is called a roofrack, Snowy, not scaffolding.] I hope to climb up there when I am bigger, or maybe even now. I like to climb.

LW screamed with delight when she saw BFD. NM said ‘Hola, buenas tardes,’ to the neighbours and then ‘Hiya mate,’ to LW. She was more interested in BFD.

I remembered BFD and his lovely long furry tail. We played and played and played. I was so excited that I vomited my previous meal. No more food for me that day 😦

We all sat and played outside until it was very late. Then BFD went to sleep in his usual spot under our table and I went to sleep in the bedroom on my rug under our stool. It is such a nice safe spot. As always LW woke up to take me out during the night.

It was my best day yet. It was much more fun playing with BFD than with LW.

Me and Little One at my gate - look how tiny he is!

Me and Little One at my gate – look how tiny he is!

Just me again

Just me again

14 comments on “In which I go back to the finca to check on Snowy

  1. Woof-woof-woof. Good dog Pippa. You are so handsome.

    To snowy: I like your tales of play and of sleep, and of how well behaved you seem to be. Keep up the good work on being a good dog. Someday you might even measure up to PIppa dog standards

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you Yvonne *blush*

      The Rat can be well-behaved, mostly when he is asleep. He barks though, so he will never be quite as good as me. Barking is OK for alerting reasons. It is not good in a block of flats though 😀

  2. Vicky says:

    Pippa thank you for the mention.
    I hope you both like your Christmas presents when they arrive. I was very happy when I ordered some from the same place.
    You are a very handsome boy, and so big too, little Snowy looks so tiny.
    Snowy, you have some good toys, kitchen and toilet roll inners were a favourite with my dogs too, especially Ben.
    I not too sure about LW’s toes though, but I bet there was a squeak each time you tried your puppy teeth on them.

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you for the link to the harny place, more to the point. Especially as I get to have one too 🙂

      Misery is so sad, she keeps checking the Parcel Force tracking service to see where they are. I think she wants to know which ‘plane they are coming on and see the flight path!

      Thank you. BFDs are usually handsome I think, I’m sure you agree. Little Snowy is not quite so little now but I can still get his head in my mouth so that’s good.

      It’s good to now that Snowy has been given top class toys to play with.

      Apparently there was a squeak, but that has all stopped now as a) she’s wearing shoes and b) Rat has me to bite from time to time. Until I get fed up.

  3. The OP Pack says:

    Pippa, we LOVE seeing both you and Snowy on the blog together. He really is tiny, he is only as big as your head:) We bet you two have lots of fun together.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you, P,C, and L. Putting pix of the two of us together is really the only way to show how small he was. I have fun stealing his toys, I have to confess.


  4. Mags Corner says:

    What fun it was to read this and the pictures are just adorable. Snowy sure was a tiny little thing. We love the pictures of him walking his play things…so cute! Hugs and nose kisses

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Mags and Chancy, thank you for saying Snowy is cute, I will tell him. He is quite funny when he decides to take his toys or a walk, he has such an assertive little trot. The trouble is he doesn’t bring them back inside so Misery has to go and round them all up 😀

  5. Wonderful photos of you Pippa, and it’s good to see just how tiny Snowy is next to you.It looks like he is enjoying life, and getting rounder and rounder!


    • pippadogblog says:

      It’s difficult to imagine how small he is until he is in a photo next to me. Of course he is bigger now three months later but back then he was definitely just a tiny little rat. He’s not so round now either!

  6. EllaDee says:

    Pippa, great to see you and Snowy together, showing him how to properly guard the gate, and also I’m sure to be on the look out for cats 🙂

    • pippadogblog says:

      He’s a fast learner I think and I am impressed with his gate duties, plus he also guards our other gate too and sometimes runs down the steps to check out invaders and marauders coming up our street. However, I’m sorry to report I’ve made no progress in the cat stakes. Not helped by Misery pulling him gently away from them in Gib and saying that he should leave cats alone. I must have words with her. I need a cat chasing apprentice.

  7. pix & kardz says:

    Pippa, you are as handsome as ever. and Snowy is such a smally tyke compared to you! you both look great guarding the gate.
    the bit of metal stuck in Misery’s ear made for a good story, funny boy! 🙂

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you p&k, the little one is not a bad guard dog, and he barks!! unlike me.

      Snowy is such a silly dog, he doesn’t realise that humans like to stick metal in themselves for decoration. We just get chips stuck in us. Myself I prefer those chips that we eat.

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