Party, party, party on

It is party time for Pippa.

Well actually it is party time for master and mistress as it was his birthday yesterday and hers today.

This morning I discovered a new treat. Mistress came back from a wander down the high street with a thing called a cross auntie. That’s what they call them in Spain anyway, although I think they say it a bit differently here. Kwa-song or something. Anyway it is crescent-shaped, and buttery and crispy. I love it as much as toast and I hope she buys some more.

Last night we went to the Indian restaurant (again!) for master’s birthday but as I have reviewed that already I will just post a few pix and write about one of the other restaurants.

Here is a good picture of our pippadoms.

Here are our vegetable rolls. Yum.

Patient Pippa waiting for my scran.

Oooh. Look. The nice man is bringing some food.

Vegetable Jal something or yummy other. And mushroom pillao. And our naan and salad and pickles and all tasties.

Remember my last post when I went off to Jumpers bastion? Well, the same afternoon we went for another walk down to the marina and master and mistress decided they would eat out.

So we ate at the Waterfront restaurant. Here is a clicky linky thingy for anyone who wants to see the yummy menu.

I lay down as usual by the railings and master and mistress discussed what to eat. Last time master got the scrummy Vegetable Wellington, and mistress had the Tarte Tatin, and there was lots of food left to take home for my breakfast. Well this time, they both had the Vegetable Wellington and a salad to share. Master had chips with his and mistress had vegetables as she doesn’t want to get any fatter.

And they ate it all. Every single pesky bit. Fortunately as I have tried the veg wellington before I can report that it is good. And my greedy co-reviewers tell me the chips, veg and salad were good too.

In my usual spot. Er, I hope the no parking is not referring to me.

Here is master’s starter, his cheese stuff.

Look, greedy mistress couldn’t wait to get stuck into her food.

Master’s food and his fine chips too.

Sitting nicely for my food – but wait – it has all gone.

And, as there were lots of cool comments following my last foodie post I thought I would mention a few of them.

Rosemary from Forgetsitandstay suggested Photographing Pippa’s Parties is a good job for Mistress. I liked that idea.

Peanut said I was a saint for putting up with mistress because she thinks chasing cats is a disturbance and she didn’t order enough food for me. Thank you Peanut. I appreciate your kind thoughts and your solidarity (not saying you are fat there, I might add quickly).

Asta reminded me that when I am making my film I will need to wine and dine with the stars. Very well remembered Asta.

JB’s Big World asked if cats are allowed at the Indian restaurant and if cats like pippadoms. I don’t know. I think they should be allowed although I suppose it would distract me from my food. I don’t want them eating my pippadoms though.

Jackson asked if I am posh because I go to posh restaurants. I don’t think I am but perhaps I need to work on it. Master and misery will probably let me down though because they are not remotely posh.

Momo & Pinot want me to hire them as my assistants. I think that is a cool idea, although I think you will have to wait until the tips and titbits start flowing in because right now I can’t afford to share the measly portions I get. I assume you do want to be paid in food?

Marvin from the UK said he has been away at the Dog Hotel for ten days, so reading my critique of the local eateries has made him and “she who must never be obeyed”, very, very, hungry indeed.

He thinks my Blog should be retitled 
”Pippa’s Perfect Life”.

Thank you Marvin, I like your idea for a new title. I need to work out how to incorporate it. I am sorry you have been to the dog hotel though, and hope you have had lots of biscuits and treats and soup and allsorts (not liquorice) to make up for it.

Wally said he thought Pippa’s Palate Pleasers was a wonderful idea and that I would be a wonderful critic.

 And he asked if mistress was a vegetarian? and said his ma ape was quite fond of those poppadum pickles.

Yes master and mistress are vegetarian and have been for too many years that they can remember. Pippadom pickles are very yummy although I don’t get to eat the hot ones.

Next up pizza review – where at least I got to eat something.

Pippa goes to Jumpers

I took master and mistress out for a walk the other day.

I thought we could do a reconstruction of the Italian where we ate the other night and I could add it to my repertoire of reviewed restaurants. (I am going in for alliteration at the moment as well).

Anyway it was shut and all the tables and chairs were piled away. So we wandered up and down the nice promenade and I did lots of sniffs, and then we explored the bastion.

Then I realised I didn’t know what a bastion was.

Here we are:

a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall, so as to allow defensive fire in several directions.

Yes, that describes it well.

Here are master and I practising not looking at the camera after taking our lessons from Ao4. Ammy, I hope you think we are doing ok here.

And again. I think we are learning quite fast.

We had a fine walk around Jumpers Bastion. And then we went back along the promenade.

Exploring the wall on the promenade.

Hmmm. I see a little dog.

See the peep-oo holes for the guns to poke through when people were trying to attack Gibraltar?

Happy Pippa.

There is always something interesting to look at.

No, it’s not my tongue (at least I don’t think it is), it’s a flower.

Having a good sniff, lots of interesting smells and pee-mails.

I see mistress has snuck in a naughty flower shot for my last picture. Thought I had cured her of that habit.

More poppadoms (and other stuff) for Pippa

I have a new idea.

While I am waiting for the movie project to come to fruition, I am going to become a restaurant critic.

Pippa the Restaurant Reviewer. Pippa the food crit. Pippa picks places for poppadoms, pasta, pizza and pie.

We have had a splurge of dining out this week.

Although mistress claims to like cooking, master can not be bothered to wait for the inordinate amount of time it takes for her to dish up the slop nice food, so he has insisted that we all go out to dinner instead.

Do I mind? Of course not. I get a nice walk down to the marina, I sit in the sun, people admire me, sometimes I get tasties from M&M and the morning after, I get delicious extras for my breakfast.

And because some of my friends were asking about poppadoms, I have included a picture of them. Well, what’s left of them.

Here are the nice pickles that we put on our poppadums. Then what’s left of the pickles goes on our curry and rice.

We decided to try out one of the posh restaurants.

I say we, but for some reason that escapes me, I did not get to go. However when mistress got her main course, there was enough food for four dogs. I kid you not. So they came home with enough food for me for two breakfasts and there was so much vegetable tatin that mistress managed to make another meal for them in the evening out of it. It made what seemed like an expensive meal very good value.

Then they decided they would go to an Italian. I lay on my sofa and glared at master.

“I think we will take Pippa,” said master hastily. I smiled again.

So off we all went to the Italian restaurant. This was situated on a nice promenade, up above the old naval dockyards and looking out to sea. This was another fine place and lots of dogs walked past so it was very interesting.

The Greedy Ones had an excellent starter (which they don’t usually have) of mozzarella and tomato with some pesto dressing and salad. This was a top idea because when they got their pizza and pasta it meant that they left some for my breakfast. And I had a little bit of pizza at the restaurant. The fine man brought me a bowl of water too without even asking. This restaurant definitely gets the paws up from Pippa.

On a restaurant roll, master suggested we go out again last night. I immediately glared at him.

“Of course we can take Pippa wherever we go so there is no point leaving him,” master said.

Mistress added helpfully, “Yes, there are no cats down at the marina, only people and dogs, so Pippa doesn’t cause any disturbance.”

I wasn’t sure I liked the last part of that comment. I don’t consider chasing cats to be a disturbance. It is part of my role in life, like eating and sleeping. Silly mistress.

They decided to try a different restaurant again. Another posh-looking one.

We sat by the rails at the marina and master tied my lead to them. The waiter came out and mistress asked which options were vegetarian. There was only a starter, a salad and a main course. So mistress promptly ordered them.

Well, mistress, I think it would have been a good idea to have ordered two of something and not just shared it between you both. It is no good you both smacking your lips and saying how delicious it is, and then finishing it all off.

How am I supposed to embark on my new career as food crit if you eat it all and don’t leave any for my breakfast?

Anyway, here is a quick round-up of some comments on my last foodie post.

Firstly thanks to Marv for giving me the title for this one, and to JB for suggesting they should in fact be called Pippadoms. I think that is very good and I will suggest it next time we go to the Indian restaurant.

Randi wanted to know if I had ever eaten donuts. Well, no is the answer to that as there are no sweeties in this household. Apart from me of course. And as to what we eat when Randi and I get to go on our dinner date together, I don’t think I will notice what I am eating (so long as there is lots of it).

Jackson, Narra and Tuchuck wanted to know if they would all be allowed at the Indian restaurant. Well, I think so because I don’t see any signs limiting the number of dogs.

Ruby only gets to go to Starbucks. I don’t think I would be allowed there. It is probably on one of mistress’s boycott lists.

And Jazz and Dixie want to know what Poppadoms, I mean Pippadoms, taste like. I haven’t really thought about that as I eat them very quickly. But they are crispy and crunchy like TOAST, so therefore they are a Good Thing.

Next up, I really must post about the movie.

Pippa goes out to dinner

Last night mistress was going to cook pasta and tomato sauce.

I like that, I get all the leftover sauce and some pasta too for my breakfast. But master pulled a face.

I’m not sure whether he didn’t want pasta and tomato sauce or whether he didn’t want to wait for Misery to faff around and cook it. Sometimes she takes a long time to make sauces.

So master proposed we went to the Indian restaurant at the marina.

Of course one of the most important reasons for going there – apart from providing me with breakfast for the morning after – is that I can lie outside at the table with them. And eat poppadoms.

Off master and I went leaving Misery to jump in the shower and wash her greasy hair and catch us up.

And we had a very nice time. There were a few dogs walked past and I had a good sniff.

I can smell a dog.

Do I know that dog?

But mostly I lay down.

Chilled Pippa.

Hiding from Misery under master’s chair.

You can’t see me.

Here I am.

But I think next time they need to order more food so there is an adequate supply of leftovers for my breakfast. They ate most of the food yesterday. And I think mistress’s title is a bit inaccurate. They went out to dinner. I accompanied them and got a few bits of poppadom. Hardly Pippa goes out to dinner in my opinion.


For poppadoms.

Thank you to everyone who left messages of sympathy for Vicky about my pal Harry. I know she appreciates it.

And I was preparing a mega update to the film project – JB was asking about it – but I wanted to write about my evening out before I forgot.

My pal Harry

He has gone to the Bridge. Pooh.

Harry was so brave and tough when he fought his poorlinesses 18 months ago.

He leaves his sissy Sally (also a rescued Collie) and his very sad mum Vicky.

I am sure they would welcome any condolences on their blog here.