Girlfriends – yet another take

I was thinking about all my lovely girlfriends the other day. As my older pals (in terms of been reading my blog for some time, not in years) know, I was quite the dog about the Internet a few years ago, happily seeking girlfriends all over the place.

Being a happy-go-lucky sort of dog, if they were pretty and nice, I would invariably ask them to be my girlfriend. I lost count when I acquired more than 20. Didn’t matter if they were big or small, pure bred or crossed, rescue dogs or from distinguished kennels, if they were happy to be my girlfriend, I was happy too.

Naturally being a husky/GSD cross I asked lots of huskies and a few GSDs. Some of those young huskies were little minxes though and went gallivanting off with younger pups leaving me in the lurch. Well I would have been had I not had a zillion other girlfriends to soothe my aching heart.

But some of my older girlfriends were much more faithful and remained by my side. The lovely Ammy at Ao4 of course, who faithfully comments on my infrequent posts or one of the pack does, Randi the cross Lab/Newf, even Sophie La Flirtador who sent me a note on FB the other week telling me she still loves me. Ah!! Sigh!!

Then there were the ones who looked a little bit like me – Misty who fostered at the Stoutino Inn, and Mati, who looked after handsome Rockstar. Some of my earliest and smallest girlfriends were Bella from Aus, and dachsies Roxie and Lorenza.

And I have to mention my first GSD girlfriend – Guinness also from the Stoutino Inn, but Guinness has gone to the bridge. I was very sad about that. Two other lovely girlfriends are no longer here but they are still in my heart, Kelsey Ann (Kapp Pack), and Tasha – who was Eva’s older sister. Eva was also my girlfriend at one point, but that was before the young and handsome Brice bounced onto the scene. Pretty much like Ethel of the long legs and pointy teeth who suddenly fell in love with her new bro look-a-like, Oscar.

Back to GSDs, I added the lovely Lola Smiles to my list. Not sure if I ever asked her, but she is so gorgeous I just swoon at her beautiful face. And the equally lovely Narra from Tracing Lucky Skies is another GSD heartstopper.

OK, who does that leave? Penny of course, the beautiful boxer from Jackman Ave who had probably as many beaux as Sophie La Flirtador, but still accepted me as one of them. And my exotic girlfriends in Asia – Jazz and Dixie in Japan, and the lovely Cleopatra in Malaysia.

I really thought I was getting a bit long in the tooth for a new girlfriend but how could a dog resist the lovely Skye from Moondance Huskies? Well I couldn’t.

Now the reason for reminding you all of my long list of long-suffering girlfriends is because I have become rather close to one in my village who lives near my finca in Spain.

She is – or was – a street dog like me and was rescued by our wonderful Swedish neighbour who lives just down the street. Ms Swedish has taken in lots and lots of homeless dogs and cats and is a fine person with a very big heart.

I don’t know what my girlfriend is called. Sometimes she is behind the gate so Misery goes to say hello to her (Misery thinks my girlfriend likes her but we all know she is only interested in ME). But if I am very lucky, she is sometimes out to play and she comes to give me kisses. Isn’t she gorgeous? 🙂

Oh and that other pesky little pup is her street bro. He was also adopted by Ms Swedish as they were wandering around together. He thinks he is her protector but she just nips him and tells him to go away when I am around. Exactly the sort of assertive girlfriend one wants I think.

I still love the rest of you too though. Of course. xx

Here she is, telling that little pest what to do

And again

I’m in on the action here, see that assertive paw on that silly little dog’s back from her?

Oh what a flirt!!

Isn’t she lovely?

And a side view

Here is that pest again. What is he poised to do now?