Random PippaPix

Well I can report that there was no trace of that Feral Cat at my finca so perhaps it has really gone.

Misery now has her Hal Apple back so perhaps that might mean she might update my blog more and visit my friends. I am surprised I have any left.

Anyway, here is a random selection of Pippapix.

First ones are at my finca, and the second lot are from Gib.

Here I am in my patio, looking at silly Misery with her camera toy.

But here, in this direction, there is toast, which is much more interesting.

Glare. I am more interested in toast than silly photos.

Happy and toasted.

That’s enough now. Bored.

I’m not sure I like this photo. Misery seems to think I look funny with my eye all scrunched up. None of her business if I am comfortable lying like this.

Looking thoughtful and pensive in this rather ethereal light.

Checking out the leaves (not sure what for).

Best paw forward – home for food.

Just chillin’ in front of the fan.

Ferals and fans

I decided to make a stand. I informed Misery that I was not going back to my finca until she got rid of that Pesky Feral Cat and its Pesky Feral Kitty.

So off she went, and I can report it was a successful mission. Well, it was successful inasmuch as Misery said there was no longer any trace of the Pesky Feral Family. Of course she would have made so much noise clomping around that the Peskies probably just ran away when they heard her.

The next time I go back I will have a good sniff around and a proper investigation will be carried out by Detective Pippa.

In the meantime I am chilling out in front of my fan on the floor, or lying underneath my ceiling fan. What else is a dog to do in hot weather?

All stretched out

A good position for ignoring Misery

Someone, is getting up my nose

Time for a stretch….

…..And outta here