Pippa’s annual review of 2011 (eventually)

Here we go, sneaking this one in before the end of January.

Well, as older (as in long-standing not ancient and decrepit) pup pals know, this time last year I was glad to be alive. Before Christmas I suddenly became poorly and was rushed off to see my lovely vet, Dr Pedro.

He suspected I had tick disease. There are lots of ticks in my Spanish village because of all the animals, and the lab results confirmed I had canine erlichiosis. Misery wrote an extremely long post about it on her blog which I will add to a new health page when I get her to set it up.

But I perked up with some strong painkillers and some anti-biotics and felt ok again after a few weeks. Phew. Although then I developed a couple of nasty sores. Thanks to all my pals who continued to ask after my health last year.

Feeling better in my spinach patch (despite my icky sore on my leg)

On the domestic front I discovered scrambled eggs on toast – big PippaPaw up for that one – and my sofa kept being stolen by lazy people who wanted to lie on it.

Demanding my scrambled eggs

Back at the finca, a C.A.T attacked me and left a present of claw stuck in my nose. Nasty cat. There was also a new pup on the block who wanted to come and say hello to me. I like puppies so I had no worries about that. But Misery took one look at its little tiny nose and screamed at it to ‘Go Away!’ because it was crawling with ticks. We’d had enough tick scares without going looking for the little monsters.

My snose - covered in Betadine antiseptic

It seemed to be my year for keeping Dr Pedro in dog biscuits or whatever he eats because we went back to see him in summer when I had some more nasty sores. And then, we went again in autumn when I started limping with a pawly paw. More painkillers. (More posts to be copied to the as yet non-existent health page although it is all on the old blog).

A couple of sad pieces of news – my beautiful girlfriend Mati went to the bridge in summer. I was very fond of her and her bro Rocky (who had gone to the bridge before her), so I was upset about that.

And later in the year, in autumn, sweet Claudette died. Those of you who know me from my Blogger days will know Claudette of course who homed a number of rescue dogs. But for friends who don’t, she had lung cancer, and in spite of pain, the arduous treatment, and gloomy prognosis, she never failed to meet every day with dignity, courage, and a unique sense of humour. She is missed by us all.

Then at the beginning of December, Blogger got the PippaPaw down for accusing me of unusual activity on my blog. So I moved. And here I am. Oh and at some point I got favicons on my blog. You should all do it, I bark.

Well that was pretty short and sweet wasn’t it?

Some new pals (and a couple of not so new ones)

Now, I thought I would add a few more new pals partly because I forgot one of them on my last post (blush).

So first up is Harry who lives with a nice couple in the UK, who have rehomed lots of cats and dogs. Good on them we say. PippaPaw up for Harry’s peeps.

Harry’s blog

Next I would like to mention Africa and Nala, who aren’t actually new pals but they are beautiful and I always like to mention beautiful girls. Africa is a Boerboel (I tell ya that was difficult to spell) and Nala is a Ridgeback.

Africa’s blog

Nala’s blog

A couple of blogs that I have only discovered over the last few days are:

Georgia Little Pea is a Sydney dog, although not a little dog, looks a bit like a part Ridgie to us but anyway. Misery particularly likes their Sydney shots as she used to live there. Me, I prefer the dog shots. Did you all know it was Australia Day today? (26 Jan – it’s over there by now 😀 cos they are always ahead of the game in Aus)

Georgia’s blog


Arie is a white GSD. She is beautiful. Not sure I need to say more than that, but her person writes some interesting stuff and there are some great photos of Arie.

Arie’s blog

Those of you who read Rumpydog’s blog will have seen the super interview with the lovely boxer Benny, whose start in life wasn’t too good, but now he has found a loving home.

Benny’s blog

And finally, to placate JB who wanted me to write up new cat pals – I present Cat Mandu, a Himalayan cat – get the name? Clever huh. Misery wants everyone to know she has been to Katmandu. This is NOT your travel blog Misery. Oh, that reminds me, Mandu’s mom does have a travel blog which you can find on his. A bit like JB and her mom I guess.

Mandu’s blog

On with the Blogger/Wordpress comparison

Today’s feature is about keeping up and blogrolls. Partly inspired by a brief discussion I had with Fabulous Flo.

Firstly, I am NOT going to recommend Google Reader. I have no idea whether it is good, bad or indifferent, but I have just never used it. And some dog who shall be nameless (she knows who she is) has so many blogs on there that she has to keep pressing the delete updates button – or something like that.

When we first started blogging we did actually use Bloglines. But it kept messing about so we stopped using it. It is still around apparently but at a guess it will have lost out to GR. And of course, then Blogger updated the blog list functionality.

What I actually use is my blogroll on .. er .. Blogger. Yup, I might not be posting on there but the functionality of the B blogroll knocks spots off WP. It is easier to create, copy the url and click a button – shazzam! it’s done. No typing the name, the url, which link category, or any other fancy stuff – just simple.

You can arrange it alphabetically or by most recent update. I went for alphabetical, as then I knew where to find every pup, and also I like to work systematically through from A to Z or vice versa. At least that way, I get to make sure I visit every blog and not just the busiest ones.

What else? Well you can choose to include any or all of: an icon (favicon), title, snippet of item (text), thumbnail of item (photo), and of course, date of last update. I have everything except the snippet ticked.

I think this is one feature where Blogger totally beats WordPress. I mean look at my blogroll on here. A long boring list. No pix. No icons. No titles of posts. No times of latest updates. I started it thinking it would be similar to the Blogger one. I even (OK Misery did) wasted considerable time on trying to get images to show. There was a reason why they wouldn’t and I can’t remember what it was. I always wondered why WordPress blogs didn’t have blogrolls. Now I know. They are of no use.

But really WordPress. Pull up socks. This is one feature where you are totally outclassed. Unless anyone can tell me differently?? Does anyone actually use a WordPress blogroll? Does it serve for anything apart from clogging up the sidebar??

I think I will leave ‘following’ and subscriptions and stuffs for a later post.

Another missed Gotcha Day – and – new pals

Firstly, it was our GotThem Day on 14 Jan and I didn’t get to post about finding them on the street.

Not that I am so interested in commemorating when I found them, but I think it would have been courteous to have marked it with a post about what a kind dog I was to go home with them. There is a post five years back on my first blog about that. I suppose I may find the linkies for those who haven’t read it. Here you go – Post One and Post Two.

Sharing a joke on Gotcha/GotThem Day

My best wolf like look on Gotch Day - I am a Lobo!!

Anyways, I still have my wonderful barkday card from my sweet girfriend Skye of Moondance Huskies, so I wake up to look at that from my sofa every morning. I can’t scan it in to show you but it was a lovely card.

Barking of which, I mean of my friends, I promised to write up some new pals I had found. So now I will.

Because the most recent one is Skye’s cousin Blu, a dachsie, who is currently recovering from surgery.

Blu’s blog

Next, I want to mention my friend Suzy Sheltie. OK, so Suzy has been a friend for a while, but like me, she is a wordpress blogger who has moved over from the dark side. Are Suzys and I partners in crimes?

Suzy’s blog

Bongo is a new pal who has adventures, lives with a cat (!!) and has some great outdoor shots of his life.

Bongo’s blog

I found Elsie when I was still on the dreaded FB and her person was asking for some advice about blogging. No idea why Misery replied as she knows very little, but anyway.

Elsie’s blog

Fabulous Flo is a beautiful ridgie from Aus. Misery has experienced both and says no more to say – both beauts.

Flo’s blog

Keisha is a part springer and part something else, and is helping her person DR look for work.

Keisha’s blog

Luna is a multi-talented pup who lives in Melbourne, Australia and blogs every day. I remember those days well. Anyways, she also has a weekly reporting post where she writes up interesting doggy news.

Luna’s blog

Mayzie is a rescue dog with some good tales (tails?) and piccies. She is also very clever because she tells blogger pups how to follow her wordpress blog – maybe I need to ask if I can reproduce her cleverness.

Mayzie’s blog

I love Ralph’s blog. He is a very handsome dog (like me), and mixes his pawsonal tales with some about his travels and history and clever stuffs like that. Well worth a visit.

Ralph’s blog

Rumpy is another very handsome dog – who seems to live with a pack of cats. I don’t know how he manages to blog so much when he has so many cats to herd.

Rumpy’s blog

OK, those are the new friends I have found while I have been having a little browse on the tinties.


I thought I would add a specific comment on the differences between them at the end of each post (this may not last long!), and today’s is literally about the comments.

Most of my previous friends were on blogger, and dogbloggers will know that there is no email requirement request on blogger. Although that stupid word verification is as irritating if not as invasive.

I have NOT set it to request an email on wordpress either – so can pups please let me know if you are being asked for it – because, I don’t need your email, and any spam goes in the bin. Nor is it moderated, so if you have anything to say – it should be easy – if it isn’t tell me why not and I will look into it. Or set Misery on to look into it. Thank you very much.

Blogging is as hard as guarding my gate. Nap time for Pippa

Winter holidays – Pippadog on alert

Haroooo pups, here I am back again in the new year of 2012.

Where to start? Well we need a Pippareview of 2011 but that can come later.

First we need some Pippapix of our holidays at my finca.

Here is an action shot of me when we first arrived.

On the alert from day 1

The next day THEY went geocatzing without me. They didn’t find any catz though, so as far as I was concerned it would have been a waste of time going. If you want to read about Misery’s silly geocatz expeds they are on her boring blog here.

Meanwhile I remained on active alert in their absence.

My most active pose. I think

After that, there was some work being done.

I needed to be even more alert (if that was possible).

Well, what do you want? I am here. On alert. As ever

Master was painting our front door. I needed to keep a close eye from the inside. Apart from anything else there were horrid bangy noises going off. Crop scaring bangs or something. I needed to be inside.

Can you see me? Ignore the mop bucket, I am on the left.

Can you see me?

Here is a better pic.

Easy huh? Pippa peep-oh, or peep-ooh

I am keeping this short as I have another sad post to write about. One of my blogging friends has discovered that their rescue pup has parvo, and they are having problems finding the money. The vet is not being the most helpful one in the world either by the sound of it.

Sherri only needs $1000 to get the parvo treatment for Reesie. People have donated more than $8000 for Sandra whose house was devastated by fire, and five of her animals were killed in that tragedy. Hopefully the same generosity will be given to save a life.

So if you can spare a few dollars to help Sherri treat her puppy Reesie, please go to the Chip-in here. Time is short for Reesie so they need the money quickly. Thank you.

Wishing you all a good 2012, and hoping it works out ok for Sherri and Reesie.