Pippa goes into politics (briefly)

As there is something called elections happening all around the place, I thought I would go into Poorly Ticks.

[No, Pippa, Politics. You were poorly when you had tick disease. Not the same, although……. there could always be something rotten in the state….]

Haroo, Paw-lie-ticks then?

[OK, near enough]

Now, seems there was an election in Spain the other week. The party in government was the PSOE.

Hmm, I thought to myself, what could that stand for?

[Partido Socialista Obrero Español – Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party]

I’ll ignore that. Thank you Misery. Now, it could be Pippa’s Super Omelette Eatables.

[Pippa, it needs to be vaguely about politics not food]

OK, then well Powerful Siberians Overcome – er Elephants? Nope, maybe not. Powerful Siberians Overcome Everything.

Yes, that one is OK, I think. Except the PSOE didn’t win. Or overcome anything at all.

Instead the PP – Partido Popular (Popular Party) – won the Spanish election. They have right paw politics.

That’s easy isn’t it? PP? Pippa’s Pawty. Pippa’s Pups. Pups’ Party. Pawfect Pups.

[More than enough Pippa]

Oh well, moving onto Gibraltar. Our election is in a couple of weeks’ time.

We have the GSD, the GSLP (Lib Alliance), and the PP too.

GSD is an obvious one isn’t it? Clearly the German Shepherd Dogs. Or the German Siberian Dictatorship? That’s good isn’t it?

[No, Pippa, we aren’t really into that sort of dictator idea at all].

Oh. Disarm? Direct? How about German Siberians Discuss? That’s good, I think, we can be all touchy barky with that.

How about the GSLP? That’s another super one. German Shepherd/Sibes Lead Pups (and People in my dreams). I’m running with that one. I hope they get in. They are the Slightly Left Pawty. Perhaps that is what GSLP stands for. Gibraltar Slightly Left Pawty.

Now, PP.

[Thank you Pippa, we had enough of Pups’ Pawties in Spain, no more suggestions for that one in Gibraltar].

Haroooooo!! This is too difficult.

I think I will leave paw-lie-ticks to Turbo, who is much more astute and experienced than me in this sort of rough tough paw-lie-tickle world. I shall go back to my pharma studies.

What else? I still haven’t told you the cockroach tale, but that’s for another post.

And, because so many pups on my blogroll no longer update, I had a little lookie for some new pals.

So next time, I will post up some linkies to some new dogblogs I have found because it is always nice to share new friends. If I remember of course.

Now, in other news, we have pawed out of the DWB card exchange because Misery is useless at it (and the truth is, as you all know, it costs so much to send abroad). We have however, sent some cards to the pups (shock horror and a pesky cat too) who exchanged with us last year. If you want a Pippacard by email or snailmail, please let me know before the end of the month and I will try and paw Misery into action. Unlikely, but hey, I’ll try.

But, I did manage to get her to put a pic of me for submission in the DWB calendar.

So here are all my pics from our rubbish shoot-out. Hehe!! Such fun. Which one did Misery choose? If any?

I am asleep. Go away.

No. Not interested in photos. At all.

Ha! Laughing, and, wolf look-a-like time.

Thinking (not about paw-lie-ticks). My studious side.

Cultivating the mean and moody look, aka I really need to go to sleep again

PippaPawUp for Wagg

I have seen some pups do product reviews. I have decided to do a few, although not many. They will either get the PippaPawUp, or the PippaPawDown. Easy huh?

So, today when Master and Misery went out I guarded the flat in my normal fashion. You know, asleep, under my table den.

Misery came back, panting and puffing up the stairs. But what did she have with her? – A HUGE sack of Wagg dog food.

I love Wagg. It is yummissimo.

This was a beef and veg sack. The other one I eat is chicken and veg. Misery thinks it is good because it comes from Yorkshire. But Misery thinks everything that comes out of Yorkshire is good because she did too.

Importantly, it has no added sugar or artificial flavourings or colourings. And any meat apparently is suitable for humans to eat. No ground up hooves there then. Good eh?

Cost: A 15 kg sack is £13.65 – works out at 91p a kilo. On the sack it says it is enough to feed a large dog (20-40kg) for a month at about 500 grammes a day.

There are small bags too, which are only 2.5kg but work out dearer, approx £1.30 a kilo. That’s why Misery was panting and puffing up the stairs with the better value big sack.

I can happily recommend both varieties. Available from Morrisons and probably loads of other shops too, but we only have Morries in Gib.

They have a cool website, where you can buy their stuff on-line (cheaper too), and one of their dogs even has his own blog.

No, I did not get a single free Wagg biscuit for writing this up. Just thought it would be an interesting diversification for my CV. Or DV. Or whatever.

But for any pups living in the UK with a blog, they have been offering free treats in exchange for a review. Hey ho. You can’t win ’em all (or even a lot, get the joke? winalot? all I can manage today) so I can’t get those treats but other pups may be interested.

Anyways, here are some piccies of me out on my walk with Master. And then I go home for my lunch.

How embarrassing. Why is Master hopping?? Look at my sedate and graceful walk

A dog has to sniff

And more sniffs….

Hmm, there is another dog approaching. Always got to check them all out

And don’t forget to check out Bolo’s Nosevember contest where you have to guess whose nose belongs to who. Here is the post for week two.

November round up

Here I am with my weekly monthly update. Well I live in hopes. It used to be weekly.

Of course, Misery being the technologically incompetent person that she is, has been messing around with her blogs again. So then she decided to start another one. I ask you, how many blogs can a person have? How many neglected blogs does a poor sad Pippadog have? Huh? One. A measly one. Anyway, it is a new wordpress one – roughseasinthemed for anyone interested in reading about her utterly boring life.

Oh, but she has made me a favicon – can you see it next to my blog address in the top bar?? And I have added icons on the right in my blogroll so you can have a look – hardly any of us have icons, most have an orange B for Blogger. Come along pups, get your pix out there on your favicon, you don’t even need to mess with HTML now, you can just upload a tiny pic max size 100 x 100. So go do it.

Now onto ME. I had a fine time on gate duty at my finca as usual. Then it rained and I wasn’t allowed to go out and lie in the wet. OK, so maybe I didn’t really mind too much, so I took me under my table den.

Table den with my head under Misery’s pretentious stool

Then I thought I might practise a little for my friend Bolo’s Snosevember Contest I mean Nosevember. I think these are good fun. The trouble is you have to guess the dog belonging to the nose, so now you will all know which is my nose. Maybe I need to take different piccies.

Nose and face – nope, too much of me showing there

That’s better – my snose nose

Next up, I tried to eat my friend Mango. That would be silly wouldn’t it – I think he is a bit too big for me. I really tried to eat Misery’s mango that she had for breakfast. Look at that plateful – far too much for a person to eat without sharing with a poor starving Pippadog (well I had already had my breakfast but I had forgotten about it by then).

Yummy mango. Far too much for greedy Misery

Waiting for MY mango

I’ve already posed once – you want more pix?? I need mango

Haha even I can’t keep a straight face forever

I could be waiting a while. I decided to lie down

Here I am later on patiently waiting for brunch

I don’t know why there isn’t a place set for me

Thank goodness for kind Master – he always shares with me

And in other news, I had a super cockroach tale for you, but I will save that one for next time.

Don’t forget to sign up for the DWB card exchange if you like to exchange cards or emails – details on Ping’s blog here. And you need to send your piccy for the calendar too. Deadline for these is November 15.

I’ll finish with a sad comment – seems my scary eyes didn’t scare enough to keep the lovely Claudette with us. I came back from Spain to find she had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. (Misery wrote her tribute here if you haven’t already seen it.)

We had been blog friends pretty much since she started some four years ago (I was a bit surprised to discover that when I did my research), and she was always one of my first and most frequent commenters, first with Lacy Lulu, and then with Rocky.

RIP Sweet Claudette, and if you see Prince over there (he’s a barky GSD) – please give him a paws up from me. Tell him you are my pal, and he won’t bark too much at you 🙂