Back from hols

We have been on hols. But actually I don’t think I understand what that means. Master took a week off work, Mistress took a week off faffing around on the computer, and we went back to my finca.

Life seemed the same as normal to me. Walks, no cats to chase, food, and lying on my terrace.

Master and Mistress spent all their time tidying the garden and painting the outside walls. Now Master normally paints during the week, and gets paid for it, so why would he do that on ‘holiday’ for free? Humans are beyond me. Mistress even mopped out the house.

They went geocatzing one morning. Apparently it was too hot for me to go so I stayed inside my cool house. Mistress may write about it on her own blog. She is still toying with starting a new one.

Oh, and it was their birthdays too. There were some nice messages from some DWB friends on FB so Misery says thanks for that.

Now we need to spend the rest of the week visiting friends and catching up. I was so sad to read about Dakota and our hearts are with the Op Pack. JB and her family are also in our thoughts with their sad story about Bear. And to end on a good note, my good friend Randi had some good results with her surgery. I guess there is more to read on all your blogs so this is a short post today with a few pix from my ‘holidays’,

At my gate with some of Misery’s pretty flowers. No more flowers on MY blog – the rest will be consigned to hers.

Me again, happy.

Me supervising Misery painting while Master was out.

Oh, look, my walls have been painted here. About time too.

A rather nice profile shot I think. (I look even better bigger)

Gosh, it is so tiring lying on my terrace.

Just surveying my terrace and feeling important.

Having a good sniff to see who – or what – is around.

Come on Master, give ME some cheese on toast.

That friendly face didn’t work. A more assertive one was called for.

Lying inside my cool house while they clear off cycling, or geocatzing or something.

Stopping for chips/crisps/patatas fritas at the rest area on the autovia on the way back to Gib. YUM!

Chasing pirates – I wish

I was going to make some announcements but it has taken Misery so long to get around to writing this that I have forgotten some of them.

1) Misery is considering messing around with some of her blogs. I think instead of considering that and doing nothing about it she would be better off employed writing on mine. Anyway I know that some of your humans have a looky at her blogs, so if she ever gets round to doing anything I will put up a new linky. The Landy one will stay as it is, it is the other two she is thinking about revamping or maybe combining. Or something.

2) One of my favourite and most loyal girlfriends Randi the Lab/Newf has some nasty lumpies that need to come out, so paws crossed for Randi that everything goes smoothly. Randi also gave me a wonderful shout out on her blog the other week, so thank you for that Randi.

3) I met some super Americans the other night. They were on a coastguard ship chasing pirates around the world. How brave of them. They told master it was not an easy job at all. They knew straightaway that I was a cross-husky and immediately came to give me big hugs and kisses. They even asked if they could take me home with them, but Master was having none of that. Shame though, just think how many dogpals in America I would have been able to visit. And I would have been able to join in the pirate chase too – what an adventure. I think Master was rather grumpy not to let me go with them.

Here I am looking at a map of Africa and thinking about chasing pirates.

Here I am looking at a map of Africa and I appear to be falling asleep.

4) Speaking of huskiness, I gave a very big HAROOOOO the other day. Mistress was very surprised because I don’t usually bark or woo or haroo. But she had such a nice sandwich with sage and onion slices, and artichokes and beans in mustard dressing, and lettuce that I wanted it. So I thought the best way to demand it was to Haroo. Loudly. Silly Misery said ‘Was that a haroo Pippa?’ Of course it was. Now give me the sandwich. And I gave another quieter but very assertive haroo. I got a little bit of sandwich, I usually get the end bits when she starts getting fed up with it. Not enough for my excellent haroos though. So I shan’t haroo any more unless I get reasonable rewards.

And here is a silly picture that Misery took of me in my table den. (Note to Misery – I think you should polish my table den before you post pictures of it on the internet).

Edited to add: We have just started to go and visit some of our friends and sadly see that our friend Rocky died at the weekend. Many of you have already visited but if not you can find his blog here – RockStar and Company. Our condolences to Mike and the beautiful Mahti.

On the road again

I have been a busy Pippadog travelling up and down to my finca again. I knew we were going because Misery was carrying bags with her when we went out for a walk, so I quickly pulled Master towards my Landy so we could get in and set off.

When we got there I did boundaround.

I bounded through the house, through the sitting room, and the dining room and into the kitchen. Then I bounded back through again, and back once more.

And when Misery opened the kitchen door for me, I bounded out onto my terrace and bounded up and down there a few times. Then I went to lie down at my gates.

I don’t really have any space to play boundaround in my Gibkennelflat, the most I can really do is a few leaps into the air to help myself to food in people’s hands or from their plates – although sadly I don’t seem very successful at this.

It was very warm at my finca, so mostly I lay on my terrace in the mornings and the evenings. When it started getting towards lunchtime I went inside and lay in my den under my table. And sometimes I went to my sofa.

Misery and Master seemed to be busy doing something each morning called Paying Bills, but when they came back home from that we all went on my terrace again.

And that’s it really. We didn’t do any geocatzing, and I didn’t manage to chase any ordinary catz either. I did eye up one of the local pups and warned him off my path. We went for some walks up the hill and said hello to the horse and foal.

It was very hot on the way back down to Gibflat. At my finca there was a sea fret and everything was very still and quiet, but as soon as we left the coast and went slightly inland onto the motorway, the sun was shining brightly in a clear blue sky. Master and Misery have started to take a couple of the toll roads as well, and they go further inland, cutting through the high mountains. It was windy too, so even though we had windows and vents open, the breeze was hot.

We stopped at one of the rest areas for a leg stretch, some sandwiches, and my favourite crisps, Lays Artesanas made with olive oil.

I howled and jumped around because Master and Misery weren’t giving me enough. Misery had bought two small bags of crisps, I think she should have bought three. One for me on my very own, and then one each for them that I could have shared as well because I eat faster than them.

Then we all had a drink. But it was too hot for my feeties on the pavement so I started dancing around.

Master quickly opened my Landy door so I could climb back inside and Misery brought my little water bowl for me to drink on my Landy sofa.

When the toll road finished, we took the coast road for the rest of the journey, and the breeze was much fresher, so we all cooled down a little.

And then we arrived home in Gib.