Mid Jan round-up, no not cats, news …..

I don’t seem to have managed a post a week, but I suppose more than one a month is something to be grateful for.

Anyways I have some pix that I wanted to share with you all, although why Misery didn’t post them at the time is beyond me. Busy (doing nothing) or something she claims.

Here am I. Busy. Doing Snoozing.
How small a ball can a large husky/GSD curl up into?

One morning when it was raining Misery had the bright idea of wrapping me in a plastic bag. I ask you. The indignity. Fortunately Kind Master had the brainwave of putting me in a down vest so that I looked rather more suave and dapper. I also tried out a fleece jacket which was rather nice and very toasty (mm toast toast), although Misery didn’t fold up the sleeves far enough.

A sandwich. That sandwich must be mine Misery. You can’t possibly eat all of it. Look how nice and Pippa-ish it is. Chewy wholemeal bread, who cares what is inside, and nice tomatoes. Yum.

What is this? A cat on my blog. A lucky black cat? Not on here it isn’t. Go away black kitty and Master, stop stroking it.

Pizza. Aaaah!!! I love pizza. I hope that horrid cat didn’t get any. Come to think of it, I don’t remember getting any either. Greedy Master must have eaten it all.

And a quick acknowledgment to my friend Pedro who must be feeling very sad at the departure of his bro Ziggy to the Rainbow Bridge. Thinking of you all, and so very sorry it was time for him to go.

New Year …. and stuff

Haroo New Year everydog, every pup, your people and even the odd kitty.

Well, according to my facebook page, today is my barkday. Or GotThemDay. (Well, it would have been if Mistress actually posted this yesterday when she wrote it). And I should like to thank my Facebook pup-pals and their people for all your lovely wishes.

What this really means, is that I rescued Master and Misery all of six years ago some time in January, but Misery can’t remember the exact date so thought today would do as well as any other.

I ask you.

For those of you who don’t know the story of how I found them, it is somewhere on my sidebar there. And for those who can’t be bothered to click, I found them wandering around the Spanish streets in the pueblo looking rather forlorn. They had two dogs, but I figured they needed another one to adopt them. A large furry Spanish dog. Me. So that is it in a nutshell. I went home with them and Misery nursed my battle scars and I became a real house dog instead of a street dog.

Six years later on and I am still looking after them. Sometimes they forget to share their toast with me and they need the sad eyed reminder and a very loud HA-ROO. They still don’t let me chase after cats, but that doesn’t stop me trying. I am a determined PippaDog when it comes to cats. The little terrors used to steal the food that people left out for me when I lived on the streets. On the positive front I have won the battle of the sofa in my Gibflat with Misery and she knows to keep away from it. Ha!!

Now, normally I do a review of my year. But as I have so few blog posts to review, I shall break with tradition and not do one this year.

For New Year we went back to my finca. It rained a lot. When it didn’t rain, I guarded my terrace, stood at my gate and walked out with Master and Mistress in the countryside.

Warning all street dogs and cats away.

Lying on the nice wet terrace.

Patiently waiting for Master to share his food.

In my patio with Master.

Sharing a joke with Master (about Misery I should think).

At Christmas we stayed at my Gibflat. It rained here too. I got some nice cards from some top friends, including some of my very favourite girlfriends – you know who you are.

And here, for a laugh, are the photos of me not wanting to play silly poses for Holiday cards. I did do a nice one in the end. Well, I thought it was nice. I hope those of you who received it thought so too.

No. Not playing.

What is this silly ornament doing here anyway?

Oh this is so boring.

Very best wishes to you all for 2010, and thank you for staying with me, even when Misery has not kept up to her blogging duties.