My boxful of presents

I am so excited. I have been interviewed by Rumpydog, [who gets to write far more blog posts than I do, Misery] about my tick disease.

Rumpy and the pack – DeDe and a pesky cat called June Buggie – write lots of good stuff so if you don’t visit Rumpy, please check out their blog here.

I promised to post up some piccies of my lovely Valentine presents from my sweetest Skye so here they are. They were all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, which for some reason, Master decided to unwrap for me.

Here I am with my heart, from my sweetheart.

And what are these? What a delicious smell. They are yogs goats drops scented with vanilla! Total bliss.

Misery, it says I can have up to ten drops a day on the pack, make sure you give me at least ten.

But look, this is the bestest present ever. This is some fur from my fluffy favourite Skye. Her furs look just like mine, and smell wonderful. Even better than vanilla.

In fact, I think I should like to eat them.

Please Master, don’t take them away.

Oh well, back to this lovely heart.

And, off for a nap, still keeping it close to me. Thinking of Skye.

Now, there are more toys and treats to share, but that will do for today I think. Thank you very much to Skye and her mom for sending me such lovely presents. How totally wonderful.

Saturday summary

First – without forgetting yet again, I MUST mention my awards, firstly from Tommy at the Pouponettes, absolutely ages ago, and secondly from Ruger in New Zealand last month, and thirdly from Life with Arie, much earlier this month.

So that is:

Pawsome Blogger
Liebster Blog
Kreative Blogger

Thank you very much for those. I have no idea if I have received them before as Misery threw all my awards in a cupboard and has never got them out or dusted them off or anything. (She’s only jealous because I always get more than her. Smirk).

Naughty Georgia barks that she saves them all up for the end of the year before she announces them all. I bet she forgets. I Misery certainly would. Deliberately.

Pesky Georgia, Sweetest Little Pea Ratatouille ever, has also tagged me. So I have to play at that too.

Here you go, as copied from Georgia’s blog, some questions and answers about me. I didn’t copy the answers. Only the questions.

    describe myself in 7 words

    Big, furry, placid, happy, toast-loving, strong, catchaser extraordinaire

    what keeps me up at night?
    Nothing. Although cats on the roof of my finca do wake me up sometimes. Bad cats.

    who I would like to be
    Misery. She is in charge of food, can open the fridge door, and she gets to go out on the street without a lead. I don’t know why she doesn’t chase the cats. I would.

    what am I wearing right now?

    Fur. Except it keeps falling out/getting plucked out.

    what scares me?

    Fireworks. I’m not too fond of loud thunder either. I used to be frightened of big trucks when I lived on the street, but I have got better about those since I rescued Master and Misery.

I promised to tell you all what the differences were in my photos between Spain and Gib, and Skye was absolutely right on the mark and first to identify them correctly, and Blue also spotted the differences.

They were, that in my Gibflat, I don’t have anywhere outside to lie so I curl up under my table den, and I lie on my sofa. When we go out we walk around the paved streets through lots of historical places. That is my city life.

Except ….. I got to go to a nice grassy spot the other weekend at Europa Point in Gibraltar. So I sniffed the spring flowers, and all other nice smells, Master scratched his head about something, and that is a mosque behind us. But it’s a bit far for me to walk so we only go when we are in my Landy.

Sniff, sniff, pretty flowers

Puzzled Master and the mosque

Wandering by the Rock

When we go to Spain, I walk by the sea, on country tracks right near our house, and smell the grass, and it is all very different. During the day, I lie outside at my gate, until it is time for my siesta when I go inside to jump on my sofa. And that is my country life.

Supervising Misery, she is weeding my path

Thank you to everyone who played and well done to Skye and Blue who don’t get any prizes. Well, ok, maybe Skye might……..

…… because, as you all know, dear Skye proposed to me for Leap Year. How wonderful was that?

Very wonderful, I say. Especially as no other so-called girlfriends proposed. I’m beginning to think these girlfriends are over-rated.

And I am getting rather old. Perhaps it is time to settle down with an intelligent, beautiful, loving and wonderful dog?

After all, she intuitively spotted the differences in my photos, she likes to go driving in her 4×4, and she sent me lovely Valentine’s Day presents and a card. What more could a dog ask for?

So Skye, if you don’t mind awfully, could I possibly accept? Please?

[NB to Georgia, so NO we are not married yet, there is the small matter of a large pond between the two of us]

Here is a sneak preview of me waiting patiently for my lovely presents, which I shall post about next time. Hopefully. Soonish.

What could this be? Is it for me?

I have lots of stuff to catch up on, but this is more important. Please check it out, if you haven’t already done so elsewhere, and try to help.

You can email Senator Chuck, sign the petition, publicise it on facebook or your blog or whatever.

Rex served for his country. We don’t kill people when they are too old or sick to serve (yet) and we shouldn’t be killing dogs as though they are disposable objects. He has a loving home to go to. Give him the opportunity.

It’s on most of Misery’s blogs too, should you wish to check out her take on it.

Proper PippaNews will be back later, and thank you everyone for your awards and comments in my absence.