In which I get confused …

First, a couple of news announcements. The first one is a very sad one. My beautiful girlfriend Mati went to the Bridge in June.

She was such a very sweet girl, looked after her brother Rocky, and I thought she was gorgeous. She will be at the Bridge now, reunited with Rocky who went there two years before her. I didn’t realise it was so long ago until I looked back.

Both Rocky and Mati couldn’t have found a better home than with Mike who gave them a super quality of life and made sure they got the best treatment possible. We send him our love and also hope he is ok after Irene passed through Virginia. We will miss their presence in dogblog world.

My second piece of news is totally different. It’s about a blog that has been quiet for years and has come back again. I always keep pups on my blogroll for just this reason. Doesn’t matter if they don’t post for months or even years, but if one day they come back, then it is good to read their blogs again. So, if you have time, please visit Snoop, Lily and Tuppence over at Tales from the Midget Circus. They are nice dogs and they have some good pix too.

Now, onto me.

So I have discovered some new treats.

A beefy dose in fact.

[No Pippa, it is not a beefy dose – it is bifidus]

Well, that could explain why it didn’t taste very beefy at all. Not even like my vegetarian beef slices which smell and taste yummy.

OK, so it seems it is yogs goats.

[No, Pippa, no goats involved, only cows, apart from when eat we goats milk yoghurt I suppose]

Go away Misery!! Whatever it is, it comes in little cartons, and Misery has been eating it ever since she got a pawly tummy a few weeks ago.

First she takes the top off and I clean that off for her. Then she eats nearly all the yogs goats herself – greedy Misery – and I get to lick out the carton. Better than nothing I suppose.

We eat the beefy dose one in Spain, and in Gib we eat one called Yeo Valley which is an organic model. Apparently this one contains beefy doses and some other bacteria. None of that is remotely interesting in my view, enough to know they are yummy and get the PippaPaw of approval.

Speaking of my paws, I have been limping a bit with my front right one so Misery went off to buy some glooky stuffs. [Glucosamine] They are not very nice looking tablets so Misery wraps them in my beefy slices, or a piece of cheese. First I get a plain treat, next I get one with the tablet inside, and then I get a reward treat. Misery thinks I haven’t worked all this out – but if I get extra cheesies and beefies, who am I to complain?

OK, that’s it for August. Catch you all next month.

A dog needs to rest on master’s dust sheets

And a close up, yes, I can recommend dust sheets for pillows

Hard work licking out the carton, I can tell you

What am I supposed to do with this? I need it to be held for me

Taking the evening sun at my gate