Picnic …. and guests!!

We all went for a picnic. Master and Misery Mistress do class picnics.

Master parked over by the grass for me to have a short walk, and near a rubbish bin. He parked as far away as possible from the shop so that Idle Misery could get a bit of exercise.

She bought two tortilla and pimiento sandwiches, cokes, a beer for her, and we had packed our own crisps/chips/patatas fritas.

Master got his dust sheet out and put it carefully on the floor so they could lean against the rear wheel.

Misery kept waving our sandwich around. I kept lungeing for it. Nearer and nearer I got, every time she looked away.

And then – Yes!! I had it in my mouth. I was just about to chomp my PippaJaws down on it when it snuck back out. It wasn’t the sandwich at all, it was silly Misery’s finger and she didn’t want to lose it. She didn’t want to lose the sandwich either. A bit of a failure there on my part I must say.

Still, I had plenty of yummy chips, and Misery did feed me the ends of her sandwiches.

It was very peaceful and tranquilo. We all thought Misery was never going to get off the dust sheet. She gazed around at the mountains and dreamed of camping.

And then remembered how much it costs a night at camp sites whereas it is free at my finca, so we jumped back in my Landy and headed off up to my finca.

At my finca Master discovered uninvited guests. Apart from the four dead cockroaches in the bathroom that Misery screamed at.

When he was working in MY corral, he sensed a movement. Then he looked down and what did he find?

A C-A-T. A pesky cat. In MY corral. And not only a cat, curled up carefully on one of Master’s boxes with a few rags, but her kitten too. She is a feral cat so there was only one kitten, hiding underneath her (on the left). Master and Misery tiptoed around them, and Mistress took some poor pictures without a flash so she didn’t disturb them.

When I lived in my corral not a single cat would dare come in there, and any rats that got near were quickly dispatched with a smack of the PippaPaw and a slight shake. Was I allowed in to get rid of uninvited guests? No.

Behind bars.

Really. I swear the world is going to the cats.