My new Superchef

I have a confession. I have promoted Misery Mistress to the position of Super Chef de Cuisine.

Or something like that. So the reason is, much as I love master, he was not very imaginative with my food. After all I am not in prison, and a dog needs tasty goodies with his food, not just boring old biscuits and water.

Misery, on the other hand, cooks delicious pies, lasagna, casseroles and all manner of wonderful smelling things. And I need more of those tasties in my dog dish.

I decided to leave the odd biscuit in my tin as a subtle message.

‘Master,’ said Misery, ‘Pippa needs tastier food.’ Yes, Misery, of course I do.

She surprisingly quickly swung into action, and stock suddenly appeared with my every meal. Very nice stock I must say, low salt organic vegetarian stock no less. Much nicer than boring old water. I have another tin that is always full of water anyway.

Extra large portions of lasagna were made, and pie, and casserole, and every other type of goodie.

My food suddenly became gourmet quality. This is what a dog needs. Not the same tedious old stuff day after day. Some tasty extras on top of my biscuits, and that delicious stock to go with it.

Right now there is a pea pilao on the go, so there had better be some for me for my breakfast.

But in case anyone thinks I love Misery more just because she does a bit of cooking, here are some pix of me and my very favourite Master.