Finca fun and sofa sequel

I should like to thank everyone for their support in my sofa campaign.

First the good news is that Misery took her sleeping bag off the sofa during the day as even she can’t lay down for 24 hours solid, so I got it back for 50% of the time.

The next news is that we went back to my Spanish finca at the weekend. Misery was going to go back on her own, but Master thought she was too poorly so we all drove back together.

I promptly jumped onto my sofa to make sure she wasn’t going to steal that as well, but I needn’t have worried as she has a bed there and spent all night (and half the day) in that.

We had a good time there, but it was raining slightly when we arrived so I wasn’t allowed to go and sit in the wet at my gate. Just as well I had my sofa, I thought to myself.

And the next day we went back. Here I am in my Landy. On my Landysofa. Mostly I lie down for the whole journey.

Until we get to San Pedro Al-CAT-ara – where I need to look for cats, or why else would it be called that?

Here I am checking out for cats at San Pedro Al-CA(n)T-ara. Sniff, sniff.

Mistress took this photo so you can see the name of San Pedro. I don’t know why she took it when there was a huge truck in the way.

I didn’t see any cats. But I enjoyed looking down on all the other cars from my Landy.

This is a very silly picture. I don’t know why Misery has included it. I think I had just finished yawning but I look almost fearsome.

Misery seems to think we need a few photos of her garden at the finca. I don’t think we do at all. One will do, Misery.

Anyway, when we got home, she seemed to be feeling a bit brighter – AND – decided not to sleep on the sofa. So now it is all mine again. Everyone’s comments must have worked and made her feel so guilty for stealing MY sofa.

And I want to say how sad I am that Charlie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Anzac Day. She was a fine pal and I will miss her very much. So this post and this sad photo of me thinking of her (back on my sofa) is dedicated to Charlie.

MY sofa

Misery has stolen MY sofa. She says that she has just temporarily reclaimed what was once hers anyway.

As far as I am concerned, I have slept on it for the last two years, so therefore it is MINE. I am not interested in what went on 40 years ago, whenever that was.

She decided she was tired of aching on the floor and struggling to sit up and cough, so she grabbed her sleeping bag and jumped on the sofa one night when I was inadvertently lying on the floor.

I have not been able to get back on since.

Oh, in case anyone is confused, they sleep on the floor because they haven’t got round to buying a bed.

So I have been alternating between my Under Table Den, lying in the doorway with my head under the sideboard, and lying on my dustsheet in their bedroom.

Sad Pippadog

But then I decided a little tit for tat was called for.

First I rested my head on their ‘bed’.

Just trying it out for size……

Who is disturbing my nap?

Oh well, time for a stretch

Then I decided that wasn’t good enough. Mistress hasn’t just got her head on MY sofa, she has commandeered it all.

Mistress’s scruffy sleeping bag on MY sofa

So I did the same. Have that Mistress.

Mmmm, very comfy, I could gradually get all of me on here

Go away Misery – or give me back MY sofa

Now onto my second complaint about Misery.

As I wrote the other day, she kindly submitted a photo of me in my jasmine patch for Pruett and Daphne’s April Showers May Flowers comp over at GSD Adventures.

Well, the first day, she was so busy looking at the photos, she forgot to vote. The next day she voted. Did she vote for me????? NO!!!! Why did she not vote for me? Something about it is not British to vote for one’s self.

She isn’t voting for her. She would be voting for ME. She told Master and I waited for Master to tell her off.

“Of course you can’t possibly vote for Pippa. That’s like cheating. Most unBritish,” said Master, very unhelpfully.

Anyway, as it turns out I am not voteless. So if any of my friends have been over and voted for me, thank you very much. Voting runs until the end of this month, and you can vote for three dogs every day, which is really good because it gives you chance to vote for lots of friends and favourites.


I have something very exciting to write about.

Monkeys. Yes that’s right, monkeys.

I spotted them on the city wall gates a few weeks ago, and stood watching them and sniffing them. They chattered away but I don’t understand monkey.

Anyway, off we went for our morning walk. Mistress was distracting herself with ship photos again. Yawn.

Waiting for Misery to come back from shipwatch.

We set off back up the hill and I could smell them. Misery and Master were not walking fast enough.

Come along! We need to get to the monkeys.

Master and I spotted them straight away. It wasn’t difficult as they were swinging on the branches in the trees. Eventually even Misery spotted them.

They were little baby monkeys. See this one walking along the branches?

Misery walked up to take closer pictures so they threw figs at her. Actually I don’t think they were really throwing figs at her, because they were too busy eating them, but it is a nice thought. But when they move along the branches some of the figs drop and fall down onto the ground.

They wrap their feet around the branches so they can sit there and then pick all the figs within reach. Misery tells me figs are nice.

While Misery was taking a few different pictures, Master and I stood there intently watching the monkeys.

Me and headless master. Concentrating on monkeywatch.

Just me.

Look, can you see the face on this one? He was looking at me I’m sure.

Then I was tired after all that excitement.

Oh and I forgot to say I entered the April Showers May Flowers comp over at GSD Adventures. But I can’t make the button come up.


As pups said I don’t have to write anything, and just stick up some photos, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

So here I am. Just chillin’.

On my sofa.

In my bedroom (which they are allowed to use too).

Checking out boots and shoes.

Chilling with Master while waiting for Misery. Here she comes. Quick! look away. Silly Master is not playing the game. Must give him some lessons.

Oh, I wanted to mention my paws after adorable Biloxi said I had ‘learned paw placement from Lady Khyra. Now I am particularly honoured to be associated and compared with the beautiful oh-so-fluffy-tailed Khyra, but the truth is I have been putting my paws in quaint positions for many years and am rather proud of them.

In fact, ironically, Biloxi’s previous foster home The Kapp Pack, even did a special post about my paws here back in November 2007.

So I think I can claim to have crossed my paws, tucked them, and put them in doga positions for many years now. But I have to confess to occasionally emulating Randi and flipping them outwards, which I used not to do.

Anyway I am getting older, and as you can see on the sleepy pix above it is easy to let them all lie out straight. That way I don’t have to worry about tangling them up.

But then later on, I thought I would do a tiny tangle. Just to make sure I could still do it.

Oh, and I got pizza last night. Misery is poorly at the moment and not up to cooking. In fact she is not eating much and wanders around clutching herself muttering and moaning about how she hurts everywhere. I think she has morphed into my 80-year-old Spanish neighbour who wanders around saying ‘me duele todo el cuerpo’. Anyway Master didn’t want to cook either so he went for pizza and it was a two for one offer so they HAD to give some to me. Yay! for pizza.


Well, I need to thank Jake and Just Harry, The Barkalot Boyz for this post.

Misery has ‘been meaning’ to write something for ages – although only to say that we are having a blogging break.

I think most pups and their peeps have noticed that, Misery. Two months worth of break so far.

Anyway, after J and JH’s kind thoughts asking after me, I thought it was essential to give you all a quick pupdate.

I am particularly disappointed that I missed Valentine’s Day and didn’t get the chance to send a romantic message to all my darling girlfriends. Actually I probably don’t have any left. They will have forgotten all about me. And I am getting to be an older dog too.

We went to my finca for Valentine’s weekend, so Misery and Master could have a romantic time together messing around doing nothing. There is no internet any more there, so I couldn’t write anything up at the time, and then the blogging decline set in.

We had a fine weekend for V’s Day though. Here I am looking for cats underneath the car of my Chilean and Swedish neighbours. They have lots of cats, and a few dogs too.

See the Pointer next to the blue volvo, and the cats playing scary eyes underneath? Huh. I wasn’t frightened.

Just checking as we go past to make sure no little cat monsters are thinking of stalking us.

You can see it was dusk, so then we all went home and did nothing.

The next day we all went down the beach for a walk. They had talked about going cycling but settled for a walk with ME. Mistress started taking pictures of the local scenery and then her batteries ran out. So did the camera ones. Had she brought new ones with her? What do you think?

So there are no photos of me looking fetching down the beach. When we got home, they decided to go cycling after all. And when they came back we spent most of the day sitting on MY terrace. It was nice.

You can see her scenery pics here.

I don’t know what has happened since then. Nothing really. Master has been decorating their room, which I use too of course, and we have been out for our usual walks.

While I hate to agree with Misery, we haven’t really much to write about right now. So I will be back when I have something mildly interesting to say. Hope you are all well.

Looking thoughtful .. and elegant, I think.

I see Misery is up to her usual tricks and is sneaking in a flowering succulent.

Here I am lying on my new dust sheet, next to master’s bed-on-the-floor. We had banished Misery to the finca last weekend.

And here I am last night wandering around the marina.

Misery took more pictures of boats than she did of me.