Monkey time is here again – la la la la la la la la la

It is monkey time again here. Off I went with master on my afternoon walk and look, here is a fine monkey wanting me to go and climb a tree and play with him.

I think that’s what he wants. Maybe not. I am not quite so agile as that.

Master took a rather reasonable video, although I think there should have been more coverage of ME, although I do look rather cute in some of the vid. Perhaps he couldn’t get Senor Monkey and me in together. You can hear his strange Spanish at the end too 😀 (Master’s I mean, not the monkey’s).

We are video amateurs so here is the youtube link which you can blow up bigger to see more of ME 🙂

Well anyway, any tips on how to improve links and vids more than welcome for Misery and Master.

Different day, different monkey, same place.

Misery found a different monkey, contemplating the state of the world. Or whether she had food for him. She didn’t.

Here I am looking for them, I know they live here.

Come on Master, let’s go in.

Me, and my shadow.

Oh, I should add, since I posted this I had a quick scan down of my list of friends to see who is still posting. My friend Mati (from Rockstar and Company) is no longer there, and – beautiful Guinness Grrrrrl from the Stoutino Inn – has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Guinness, you were one of my loveliest and most consistent faithful girlfriends, I’m so sorry you have gone, I will miss you so much. And Mati, wherever you are, the same goes for you. Somehow there is always some sadness on our dogblogs. My heart goes out to everyone whose dog has recently gone to the bridge or who is suffering any health problems, paws crossed especially for Snowball. Pippa xx

Edited to add
– sorry I am late with this, but I was so pleased to see a post from Mati a few days ago. For those of you who don’t know, beautiful Mati has oesophageal cancer, so when I didn’t see her I got very worried. Anyway, she is ok, and her blog was down when I visited. Phew!! She is a very beautiful husky mix so if you have time to go and pass on your good sibe vibes and any other good wishes I am sure she would appreciate it.