Here I am!!

Quickly, quickly, I need to make a post before November ends.

Now I have some good news. The other Sunday I dropped by DWB chat (thanks to Snowball for giving me the link which Misery lost in her computer messing abouts) and I found a beautiful new girlfriend. Sigh. I mean, Skye. Her name is Skye not Sigh and she is a gorgeous husky over at Moondance Huskies.

I know, I know. I have far too many girlfriends but she was so irresistible and before I knew it the words were barked out of my mouth, and she agreed.

Oh, and barking of girlfriends which I haven’t done for some time. Well, that is obvious as I haven’t barked for some time……. I was also chatting to Sophie La Flirtador in DWB Chat too.

She doesn’t change of course. Still has a string of boyfriends drooling over her – and why not? She is nearly as nice as toast, or pizza. And she reminded me about my film project. I have all on to keep up with my blog, let alone my film project, but there is always the new year. Thank you for keeping me in line Sophs.

Oh and speaking of holidays. I have not signed up for the card exchange because the last year I did, I was soooooooooooo embarrassed to receive a zillion cards and couldn’t send any because Misery’s printer stopped working. 😦

But we may try and send some to those of you who sent some to me, and to those of my adorable girlfriends whose address I have – and any other good friends too. If you want a card, please let me have your address, Facebook or DWB forum is probably the easiest and most private way. I’m not guaranteeing anything though because Misery is so unreliable.

Oh, and I am around on FB even though Misery seems to have abandoned my blog. So pups can always catch me on there. I have also discovered it is a cool way to make new pup friends.

And although I haven’t posted for a while, I am sorry to end on a sad note. Rocky’s mum Claudette went for a lung biopsy and did not get good news. Misery, Master and I are all thinking of you Claudette and sending you lots of support.

Although we haven’t known them long, lots of you follow the Painter Pack, and I am so sorry that handsome shepherd cross Doodle has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Thinking of you, Sherri, and your pack.

Because I haven’t been around for a while, I also missed the departure of Snickers – who with Butchy was one of my earliest visitors, and Hana – who with her beautiful smiley face and lively attitude was always such a bundle of energy.

Wait, wait. I have found something nice to say. Phew!! The absolutely gorgeous Nala won DWB’s photo of the month. She always has lots of lovely photos, and she is such a beautiful dog so that is well deserved. Good one Nala.

I hope December brings some good news and good cheer to the DWB community. And possibly even some cards from me!!

Nearly forgot. Some nuisance seems to want to sell prescriptions for something beginning with v….. – so I have had to put on comment moderation. Sorry about that.

Just relaxin’

Ah, a comfy chair rail for my head to rest on 🙂

Stretching out on MY sofa in case Misery decides she thinks she can invade my space

That pesky marmalade cat Harvey, stalking me again. Snarl

Where has my head gone? 😦