Pippa’s lovely treats

Tasha and Eva

I am Pippa, el perro muy asertivo hoy.

I commanded mistress to come back and stop gallivanting. Master and I have decided we don’t want to leave our nice sunny terrace just yet. So here she is, back home, as much of a nuisance as usual.

I have made her give me My Own Log-in. After all, it is my blog, so why do I have to go round everyone else’s blog with mistress in tow. So now, I have got off the leash and am signing in as Pippa – after nearly a year huh.

But my bestest news of all is My Treats. (Much better than mistress coming back). My adorable furable girlfriends *Tasha and Eva* sent me some treats for my Gotcha Day last month. They went on a very slow boat from America to Spain, but they arrived this week. The treats, I mean, not Tasha and Eva. Sadly they did not arrive with the treats.

However I had to wait for Misery to come back before I could eat them because she has the only camera. I ask you.

And not only did they send me some delicioso treats, they also sent me two beautiful photos. I am not sure which I love the most. At least the photos have a chance of lasting longer than the treats. (I am not going to chew the photos up like Charlie chewed Freda’s photo hehe).

So here are my piccies. And NO FLOWERS today. See, I told you I was assertive.

Mmmm, smells good

Waiting soooooooo patiently

Give it to ME

Crunch, crunch

Using the Tasha and Eva you-are-under-my-spell look

This is a NICE box

Taking so nicely me

Yummy, where are those extra bits?

More, I would like more please

And thank you Tasha and Eva. I am very lucky to have such thoughtful and generous girlfriends. I will write more about these nice treats later but I wanted to put up a quick post to say thanks so much. These were Wellness WellBars with yoghurt, apples, and bananas. They are wheat-free and vegetarian. Tasha and Eva remembered that we are a vegetarian family.