My boxful of presents

I am so excited. I have been interviewed by Rumpydog, [who gets to write far more blog posts than I do, Misery] about my tick disease.

Rumpy and the pack – DeDe and a pesky cat called June Buggie – write lots of good stuff so if you don’t visit Rumpy, please check out their blog here.

I promised to post up some piccies of my lovely Valentine presents from my sweetest Skye so here they are. They were all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, which for some reason, Master decided to unwrap for me.

Here I am with my heart, from my sweetheart.

And what are these? What a delicious smell. They are yogs goats drops scented with vanilla! Total bliss.

Misery, it says I can have up to ten drops a day on the pack, make sure you give me at least ten.

But look, this is the bestest present ever. This is some fur from my fluffy favourite Skye. Her furs look just like mine, and smell wonderful. Even better than vanilla.

In fact, I think I should like to eat them.

Please Master, don’t take them away.

Oh well, back to this lovely heart.

And, off for a nap, still keeping it close to me. Thinking of Skye.

Now, there are more toys and treats to share, but that will do for today I think. Thank you very much to Skye and her mom for sending me such lovely presents. How totally wonderful.


Post-Valentine snooze

I had a brilly Valentine’s Day. Thank you to all my girlfriends who mentioned me on their blogs and who came to visit my post. I love you all to bits. As you know. I love you as much as toast in fact.

But I was very tired. And the silly cushion fell on my head.

So I went to sleep listening to this nice music. They go arooooroooo too. I like it. And I am thinking about all my girlfriends when I listen to it. This song is for you.

Today master went out on his bicycle. Without me.

AROOOOROOOOROOOROOOO I called. Helpfully. So he could hear me. Mistress wasn’t impressed.

“Shut up Pippa.”

I didn’t want to shut up. I wanted to go out with master.



“Come here Pippa,” she said. I went into the bedroom where idle mistress was still lying in her bed.

We did snoses and head rubbings and ear rubbings and she said sort-of nice things in a sort-of nice mistress voice.

Then I went out and did another roooroo. And mistress told me to shut up again and to go to my cama (bed). So I did.

I still don’t like it when master goes out without me. Mistress is boring and she is NOT EATING TOAST at the moment so I am missing out.

I am in a grumpy sleepy mood now thinking about all this.

I need a nap. I need those Nights in White Satin.

ETA: Master and Mistress seem to think Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues is A Classic. Whatever that means. Sounds nice though. Pippa

Valentine Pippa

This will not be a long post. I am a busy Pippadog as I have to make sure I visit each of my girlfriends today and give them a big snose. And I might even manage a kiss for each of you.

I made mistress make a few card designs, but she didn’t know whether to put some flowers on. I thought that was a particularly stupid idea. There are enough flowers infiltrating this blog as it is. What my girlfriends want to see on Valentine’s Day, is Me, Pippadog.

As this is my first Valentine’s Day on Pippadogblog I have included all those I have considered to be girlfriends from the past year, even though some of you have moved onto other boyfriends, or maybe have just decided you prefer being friends. I have put asterisks next to those who have other boyfriends though, so I don’t cause you any problems with your current boyfriends.

I thought about putting asterisks next to Sophie’s and Penny’s names to indicate all their admirers but I don’t have that many toenails to count with, even including my dew claws.

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There now. It’s not a very long list is it? I thought it was longer myself. I do hope I haven’t forgotten any beauty.

Much love from Romantic Pippa xx