Pippa the Headless Wonder

Well I must say I’m not very keen on that title mistress. Huh.

Anyway I decided to bound off my sofa and lie on the floor for a bit.

And where better to lie than blocking the doorway to the bedroom, with my back feet behind the sofa and my head under the sideboard.

Sadly the sideboard is not high enough off the ground or big enough for me to get right under but at least my head fits under nicely.

And no-one can see me can they? Well, I don’t think they can because I can’t see them. Perhaps I haven’t got that one quite right.

I like to put my head in a safe place.

Here is another pic of me with my head carefully behind the cooker in my Spanish house.

By the way everydog I have discovered a new tasty. It is called yummies, or yummus or something. It is made out of chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, garlic, and lemon and goes on toast. Mistress and I had some today after our grapefruit and it was scrummy or yummus even.

My poll is closed. I can officially now talk about a girlfriend on every post. Who are those horrid dogs who said I had too many girlfriends? There are four of you. Bad dogs – but perhaps it was your naughty humans who snuck to the keyboard and voted in such an unkind fashion.

But 15 of you said I could talk about my girlfriends (and it wasn’t all my girlfriends because I have more than 15) and one of you said I shouldn’t. Don’t care. I am going to talk about them anyway.

So for today’s post I am thinking about my very favourite Dachsie girlfriends, Lorenza in Mexico and Roxie in USA.

I shall have very sweet dreams of you both with your lovely shiny coats and sweet faces.