The draft

Here I am – back with a head again, although not much else. Seems mistress can only do one thing or the other, either a head and no body, or a headless body. Ah well.

Now everydog, escucha, listen carefully, because I am going to tell you something in confidence. I have been very silly. Not naughty or anything, but I have made a big mistake.

I have been drafted. I have joined the Army of Four. But I did not mean to do this. And of course, one of the reasons I have made this silly mistake is because there is a rather beautiful redhead over there called Amber.

Anyway what happened was that I had started visiting AoF (having seen the beautiful Amber), and they offered to update their list for any pups that weren’t included. Well, I thought they meant the list on the sidebar of all their dogpals, so I wrote and said I would like to join the list.

But that wasn’t what they meant at all. They were updating their list of pups recruited into the army. THE ARMY. And the next thing I knew, they had sent me their logo telling me I had been accepted and I could display the Army of Four sign on my blog. All the other pups are now getting MISSIONS that they have to complete.

Woe is me. I am a peaceable Pippadog who likes to do no more than eat toast for breakfast (along with everything else of course), bound on and off my sofa, sleep all day, and go on cat hunts with master.

So my dilemma is what do I do? Let them know it was all a mistake and ask if I can resign? But then I might be dishonourably discharged and Amber and all my other millions of girlfriends would not love me.

Should I desert? But if I do that and run away – I won’t be able to keep up to my blog in case they come after me.

No, I think the best plan is to lay low, and hope they have forgotten about me and then I won’t get an impossible mission.

Oh dear. Sometimes these girlfriends do cause me a few problems. Anyway, today I shall dream about Amber – if it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

Paws crossed for me please every dog.