Mistress has been very bad. Not just normally naughty but bad.

She has left my blog for a whole week. I expect my posts to be done every couple of days, three at the most. Some of my dogcolleagues get more than one post a day.

Why has she been bad? Because she has decided she wants to learn about GeoCatzing. Apparently this means going hunting for hidden cats with a GPS – a Gato Positioning System. (note to non-Spanish barkers – gato is cat in Spanish).

Does she have a GPS? No. But she went looking anyway. She printed out a map and instructions and then went on a walk. Did she find a gato? No, she caught the tail end of one shooting up a wall. Did she find anything else? No. Although apparently she spent a lot of time kicking about some undergrowth – as if gatos hide there. Well sometimes they do.

But the reason I am really annoyed is that she did not take me. It is obvious if you are going GeoCatzing you need a different type of GPS. A Gato Pippa Sensor. I could sniff out those gatos far better than a geeky gadget, so if she takes up this silly game, she doesn’t need a computerised thing with maps and signals, she needs me.

My poll and my girlfriends
Now, my poll is nearly over and it looks as though the majority vote is for me to write about a girlfriend on every post. So I am going to cheat and write about one today.

Two actually, as they in the same pack, and it is doubly nice to dream about two at once. Today I am dreaming about Bama and Mikki from the River Hill Pack. Partly because I keep getting them confused. I don’t know why. I think it is because mistress makes me go visiting the blogs when I am half asleep and then I forget what I am writing.

Perhaps they would like to come GeoCatzing with me as Mikki catches rats, and Bama is willing to learn.

And as you are still young Bama, perhaps it will make your mom feel better if I visit you when I take a cruise liner to visit Penny. Although, if you did come here, I am always under supervision, I mean someone is always with me to alleviate my boredom, and don’t forget – you will need a passport. I would meet you at the airport, or the frontier, or the cruise terminal whichever way you came.

Nearly forgot to say we have had a great week for the breakfasts. Misery must have been hungry as we have had rashers and organic mushrooms, sometimes potatoes as well, and naturally lots of scrummy buttered toast. Of course the sharing is not as I would wish, but it is better than nothing.

And today for my very own breakfast, as well as my biscuits I got yummy veg korma, sag aloo and veg biryani. My very faves. Wow. But she still didn’t take me GeoCatzing so I haven’t finished sulking at her yet.

A peach of a day

Today started off very well. I left a bit of my first breakfast so that I had room to share whatever master and mistress decided to have.

Master cooked himself a rasher sandwich. These are yummy vegetarian tasties made by The Redwood Company. For some reason they have started importing their products into Spain. Perhaps they knew master and mistress lived here.

They are dearer here than in the UK, so they are A TREAT. As you know mistress is not a great lover of spending money so she rations master to his rashers or his vegi-sausages, but they are good when we are allowed them.

Next mistress finally opened her sleepy green eyes and decided she didn’t want a rasher sandwich. I thought that was a shame as sharing another one wouldn’t have gone amiss.

But she decided today was a fruit day. Now one of my pals told me to be careful because if I eat too much fruit I might get diabetes. It was very thoughtful to let me know, but I have to say there is little chance of that.

In fact I have to walk round stealthily stealing my fresas because Meany Mistress does not feed me them. In fact sometimes she eats them herself.

Today was peach though. And not only did mistress have peach, master decided he would have a second breakfast and had a peach too.

When he was working on my Landy today, the Friday veg man could not get his door open. So master sorted it for him. Friday veg man insisted master take a HUGE bag of peaches. Well, five peaches, but they were HUGE. So my third breakfast was peach. Isn’t it a good thing I left some of those boring biscuits? or else I wouldn’t have had space for two more breakfasts.

Then they went to the shops and it is too hot for me to go too, so I stayed in to dream of my girlfriends.

One of my pals – who shall remain nameless – has suggested I might have an over-ambitious number of girlfriends. I think that’s what he meant. So I’m not going to write about them today.

Well, only to add Guinness to the list. But I can talk about her tomorrow.

(You’re only jealous Wally)