Weekly photo challenge: lunchtime – for Pippa

I gave her ten resolutions for new year. How many has she kept up to?

Two. I ask you. Just two out of ten.

She curls up in a tiny ball on the sofa sometimes, NOTE only sometimes (resolution number five), and she has fed me tasty tablets and toast (resolution number nine). But no more than usual. Maybe that’s only half a resolution?

That’s pretty pathetic isn’t it? 20% is not a pass rate Misery. Go the the bottom of the class.

Oh, you can’t, you’re already there. Well, move down a class then. Bah.

What is this photo challenge thing? I am not photochallenged. I am extremely photogenic.

Some rubbish about if I don’t let her write this it will be another three months before a post appears.

OK. Lunchtime.

Well that’s easy.

Here is their lunch. It should be mine.

Shall I flip the plate or just jump up and grab the sandwich?

Shall I flip the plate or just jump up and grab the sandwich?

More patient waiting. How patient can a dog get?

Here we are. My favourite service station.  (They are all my favourites).  Soon there will be crisps or chips. Yum.

Here we are. My favourite service station. (They are all my favourites). Soon there will be crisps or chips. Yum.

Here are our crisps and bottle of water. They should all be mine. Well the crisps should, although I don’t mind sharing the water.

What did I tell you?  Crisps. Pippadog LOVES crisps. Only the healthiest made with virgin olive oil of course

What did I tell you? Crisps. Pippadog LOVES crisps. Only the healthiest made with virgin olive oil of course

Here is a fine lunch. Harvey in Gib, except I’ve not managed to catch him yet and now he has moved away. It must be because he knew I was just on the point of catching him for lunch. Or breakfast, tea or supper. Who cares?

Cat sandwiches for lunch?

Cat sandwiches for lunch?

Here is what happens after lunchtime.

Let sleeping dogs lie

Let sleeping dogs lie

Or this. A dog needs a choice of where to nap.

Let sleeping dogs lie. Take two.

Let sleeping dogs lie. Take two.

Silly photo challenge. Write me a proper blog post next time Misery and DON’T FORGET to visit my friends. Do I have any left after this extremely lengthy absence where you have been boring everyone on your own blogs?

See you all again in June. If I’m lucky.

Photos taken with iPhone 3G. No fiddling taken place as I am handsome enough not to need my photos to be tampered with. Even the cat didn’t get tampered with, although he would if I had got my paws on him.


Pippa’s New Year’s Resolutions.

No not mine. They are for Misery. Being a kind helpful Pippadog, I thought she could do with a few pointers.

1 Those huge chucks of fur look particularly attractive Pippa, but I won’t pull them out. Better to let them fall gracefully onto the floor. (Very good Misery)
2 Especially, I will not pull them out at breakfast time, when you are busy enjoying your tasty Waggs and gravy and left over foods.
3 Speaking of which, I will get up earlier and try and feed you before 7am when you come back in from your early morning walk with Master.
4 I will not steal your sofa. Ever. Even when I am sick and poorly, I appreciate it is totally yours.
5 OK, well if I am very poorly, I will curl up in a tiny ball so there is plenty of room for you.
6 I will try not to sit on it during the day either, although it seems to be ok for Master to sit on there with you.
7 If you see a cat, I will let you chase it to your heart’s content (Oh! Yes!)
8 Same with rats and mice.
9 I will give you those nice anti-arthritis tablets every day. I made the mistake of telling you they were treats so I now realise you expect lots of them. I will also make more toast, pizza and chips.
10 I will keep up to your blog and visiting your friends. (Just Ha! Misery. Ha!)

With which I wish you all a happy new year, and suggest you also write some resolutions for your people.

Whether or not they keep up to them is another matter.

Feliz Año Nuevo

Annexing my sofa :(

A dog is not a happy Pippadog.

My blog has been abandoned. Nearly as much as me, when I was chucked out on the street.

However, the good news on the horizon is that Misery has put her blogs on the back burner which means that MY BLOG should receive some attention. Well for a short while at least.

I apologise to every single dogpal and personpal who I have not replied to or visited and all that, but it is not my fault. It is hers. I hope I have made that clear.

Secondly, Misery was poorly and annexed my sofa. This was a huge problem.

Just because she grew up on it a million years ago (50 or so I think) does not mean it is hers now.


She draped on it for days, looking like some sick melodramatic mediocre primadonna. Or maybe a secundadonna.

I tried to do my normal routine within the flat. I lie under tableden. I then move to next to Kind Master’s lovely chair and flop down there. I then move to my sofa. But wait! There she was. Invading my space.

I glared at the sofa. I glared at Misery. I looked beseechingly at Master.

‘Sorry Pippa mate, she ain’t moving. Can’t help there.’

I flopped off back to tableden and proceeded to glare at Misery from underneath my hideyhole.

Whenever she feebly spoke to me, I ignored her.

Now, I have a tale to tell about annexing my sofa because I have to confess I learned that word from Misery.

Once upon a time, very many years ago she worked in the UK health service. See, this is relevant ‘cos she was sick on my sofa. Health and sickness go together it seems.

She had lots of boring meetings to go to with some self-important people, but she also met some good ones. One of these was some Director of Oncology Services. I think. Anyway, Pippa the Pharma knows this means cancer services and this was a super important clinical oncologist, that means he knows about radiotherapy and chemo.

When they first met, they had a spat. Misery often does that with people, but afterwards they got on well together (that doesn’t normally happen) and worked hard to improve services for patients.

One day they were chatting at the end of a meeting and he was talking about going down to London. He had a flat there.

On a recent journey, he had booked his ticket and his seat for the train and turned up. Only to find it full of a group of Germans.

‘This is my seat,’ he said politely.

‘Ja, we are sitting here now,’ said the merry group of Germans.

‘Oh no you are not. You might have annexed Poland, but you are not annexing my seat.’ *

Trevor was quite an impressively large man. They moved. Schnell, in fact.

So there is an anecdote for you which I find quite interesting myself.

In fact this happens in Spain on the buses too. People grab the wrong seats and then there is a silly game of musical chairs. Or so I am told as I am not allowed on the buses 😦

But the moral of the story is – don’t invade other people’s space.

Which includes MY SOFA.

* For the benefit of younger readers, the Germans ‘annexed’ aka invaded Poland, which actually led to the start of the Second World War.

I leave you with a happy slide show of me not only on my sofa but waiting for tasty pizza. What more could a Pippadog want?

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I have a lot of friends.

Well, most people in the street seem to want to love me.

But I was absolutely delighted to meet the vampire puppy from upstairs.

I have heard her so many times when she barks and I know she is my neighbour so I wanted to say hello.

Oh. Those of you who read Misery’s silly blogs will know we have vampires who live above us.

They sleep during the day, wake up at night, chatter away and then arrange their coffins first thing in the morning to fall back to sleep. Or something like that. According to Misery.

Master and I were walking out of our flat and – there was vampire puppy and smiley vampire person (who Master and Misery like, it has to be said, she is such a friendly vampire).

Misery dashed in for her camera and managed to take a few decent pix.

Don’t you all love to have a beautiful vampire doberman pup as your neighbour? She is quite adorable.

* Note to Skye * no pup is quite as adorable as you.

Isn’t she cute?

Hello Tia, let’s get close 🙂

I think you are a bit of a flirt……

Hey! Look at these teeth!!

And these paws!! What is she doing??

I think the PippaPaw needed to come down but sadly Master told me no.

I’m not sure what to think about you at all

In fact, here I am drooling for vampire woman who is so smiley and cheerful….I’ve forgotten about Tia and her paws

Paws. For effect.

A new Pipaluk!!

I just have to post this link.

For those of you who don’t know, I was named after a polar bear.

This one so looks like me, white, furry, cuddly.

I bet he chases cats too.

ETA: It seems Misery wants to invade my space. She has something to bark say. PippaYawn.

I wanted to say that I don’t condone performing animals. There is a fine line between dancing dogs, dancing bears, dancing elephants, abuse and cruelty to make animals perform ridiculous tricks that isn’t part of their natural life.

What fascinated me about this video were a number of things:

The grace and beauty of the lumbering animal who jumps into the water and is suddenly so elegant, (that reminded me of Pippa too because he is normally slow and sleepy but can suddenly become so agile – usually on sight of a cat).

The incredible closeness of the pair of them, the way the bear puts his paws around the man – without killing him!!

And my last point – here we have what are commonly known as the world’s biggest killers for sport and fun. Man and polar bear. If the bear took a fit in his head, I don’t think the man would last too long, but the irony of the situation really struck me.

So strange.

From the Huffington Post:

Dumas and his wife, Dawn, own “Beyond Just Bears,” a company that trains animals for scenes in movies, television shows and advertisements. The pair have a combined 50 years experience working with animals on set.

Agee, which is touted as the only trained polar bear in North America, has starred in various commercials and even had a role in the movie “Alaska.”

According to the company’s website, “Beyond Just Bears” has worked with a variety of wild animals, including cougars, wolves and deer.

Nevertheless, the use of animals in the entertainment industry has come under scrutiny after multiple reported incidents of alleged animal abuse and deaths on movie and television sets.

Which is one reason I don’t agree with it. Wild animals belong in their own space. Not in our houses, or swimming pools.

Picnic!! Picnic time!!

I can’t remember the last time I went on a picnic.

Once upon a time, when we travelled up and down to our Spanish finca, we would stop at the service station for a walk and a drink and a picnic.

Sometimes Misery would buy the food inside the service station, and when she was feeling tight she would make sandwiches and take them with us. Not in summer though because warm sandwiches are pretty grotty after an hour and a half in the truck. And we always had a bag of my favourite chips/crisps.

Now Misery is a bit picky about what we are all allowed to eat, but she does relax a little and thinks these fine chips are excellent as they are junk free.

So at the weekend, after we had sat in the queue to cross the border for an hour and a half, [a boring Misery post about being stuck in the queue explains more for anyone who wants to read boring Misery posts] we all decided it would be good to have a break and stop for a picnic.

I should say that we stopped doing that a couple of years ago after a nasty person/s stole their money and ID out of the front of my Landy when we were all in the back together.

But three hours on the road (because of the queue yes?, normally we would be home by then) deserves a stop and some food and drink. Off Misery went to buy a fine tortilla sandwich – did I get any of that?

Give me those crisps. Now!

A bag of crisps, and a can of coke. Now, I would have liked some sandwich but there is no way people are eating a HUGE bag of crisps in front of me and not feeding me.

Delicious picnic, what I got of it

We all sat together next to my Landy. They sat on the kerb and I stood/lay slightly in the shade. It was wonderful. I wonder if we will do it again. Although Misery thought the chips were rather dear.


Even better eating with eyes wide shut

Now, in other news, I have been demolishing a pack of Blueberry treats from the bestest girlfriend (fiancée?) ever – dear Skye. They are wonderful, and they smell so fruity.

Master showing me my blueberry treats

And Master thinks I should make an important news alert. Here in the northern hemisphere it is tick season time.

Master and I went for a morning walk in Spain and noticed the goats and sheep had been down the street. I’m sure you can work out how we noticed. Master checked my feeties but couldn’t find any ticks.

When we got back to Gibflat, Misery noticed I had acquired a new black spot on my nose. She wiped it off. No she didn’t, it wouldn’t come off. She sighed. She considered screaming and calling sleeping Master which is what she normally does.

But then she remembered reading something on some pup’s blog (can’t remember who, will add later if remember) about using washing-up liquid. So she carefully squirted some onto kitchen towel and soaked the nasty thing, and eased it out.

Flushed with success, she decided to check for more. That was stupid wasn’t it? She was bound to find one. She looked in my ears, and there was another horrid bicho. More kitchen towel and more washing-up liquid. I am a very clean dog now. I am all washed up.

Then, when Master woke up and she proudly told him of her accomplishments, they sadly agreed on drops. I don’t like drops, they don’t like drops, but none of us like tick fever.

So pups and people, always, always remember to keep checking for those horrid ticks. I was lucky, I survived over a year ago now. But not every dog, or every person is so lucky.

Be alert for bichos.

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Pippa’s Pre-Nup

I think that is a rather snazzy title. Not that I have important assets, well, only furry me, but one needs to be clear about a future life with another pup. I have sort of learned this one from Master and Misery.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

1) My darling Skye (my lovely husky girlfriend who has accepted my acceptance of her proposal, oh well you get the idea) has an extremely attractive surname that even Misery is learning to spell. Not too sure how good Misery is at pronunciation but that has never been one of her skills.

I don’t expect my sweet Skye to get rid of her surname, in fact I insist that she doesn’t. I love independent and thinking females. I could become Mr Skye’s Surname in fact 🙂

2) Master and Misery don’t have any pups. I think that is a good idea. There are too many unwanted pups out there, and older dogs too.

Little Skye/Pippa pups would be lovely. But every pup we have will be one that doesn’t find a home.

I think we can be happy without pups. Maybe we could rehome some?

3) Barking of happiness – sofas and our mutual interest in four wheel drives is a good start. My Skye likes to ride up front and I am happy to snooze down the back of my Landy. I think that is most workable. There is always room on my sofa for a beautiful dog although not for Misery. We can fit around each other. Skye and me I mean. Not Misery. Two is whatever and three is a crowd.

4) Snow. I don’t think I would like that at all and I am so not coming running with you all in your husky sled teams so forget that one. Totally.

5) There is a small matter of a large pond between us. I think perhaps we may need to agree to spend time here and there and wherever. So long as it doesn’t involve cold wet snow or wet feet or anything like that for this so-called husky cross.

What do you all think?

Anyway here are some sunny photos. This is what I like. I hope Skye will enjoy the sunshine with me too.

With which, I also hope you will all join me in wishing her a very happy barkday for today. Dear Skye, many happy returns to you and hope you are having a wonderful day. xx

Skye probably won’t have got my card yet, and we haven’t sorted out all your presents but we are getting there!! Maybe treat it as a wedding chest when our package finally arrives?

Some weekend pix to share…

My rather nice side profile I think

Note my elegant paw? The dog about the pueblo me

Still elegantly poised, or posed, and managing to keep an eye up the street too

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