More about me – Pippa

As I have made some new friends and pups come and go, I thought I had better add a little bit more info about me.

I am a boy dog, a cross GSD/husky (we think), and I come from Spain. I found my people on the streets about eight years ago, when they had two other (rescue) dogs. I thought it looked a nice pack, and that they needed another pup.

An early pic with me lying at my gate, Prince and Master next to me

Here are the links to my story – Part One and Part Two.

Most of you will know that I love toast, lying at my gate and chasing cats. Sadly, I don’t seem to get allowed to do the last one too often.

Then Master and Misery decided to buy a flat in Gibraltar, which is where we mostly live now. So I have become a sophisticated city dog. Not only do we have cats in Gibraltar, we have monkeys too, but I don’t chase those.

Monkey waiting to see me on my lunchtime walk

When we have some free time, we go back to the finca in Spain across the frontier. I have my very own passport, and I travel in the back of my Land Rover. The Guardia Civil (the Spanish customs police) often ask to look in the back so it is always nice to say hello to them.

Hello Guardia Civil - come and meet Pippa

I started my first blog five years ago on Blogger, (it’s still out there) but recently we decided to swap to WordPress, so we imported all the files over here too. Now there are twice as many posts and photos of me floating around the interspheres.

I’m always happy to make new pals – on the street and on blogs, especially girlfriends.

Oh and here is the link to why I am called Pippa.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog ~ Pippa

13 comments on “More about me – Pippa

  1. hi Pippa…thanks for dropping by at my blog… -Vanilla Bean
    Do you like toast with butter and sugar? – Keanna
    Nice to meet you Pippa, cool you have a passport -Cassie the Mutt

  2. pippadogblog says:

    Hello CTM and Keanna

    I like toast with butter, but there is no sugar in our house – no-one likes it so I’ve never had it.

    I’ll catch you soon, and I have followed you now.

  3. pix & kardz says:

    well Pippa, i am in. am really enjoying your blog. i thought i would start at the very beginning, so have read all your posts from March 2007. however there doesn’t seem to be a way to comment on those old ones. but your story did start out quite sad.
    anyhow, just wanted to let you know that i love happy endings, and it was so good to read how you found your people and that you were able to convince them that they actually wanted you. good boy. you knew long before they did, that Misery really does love company, and you have provided it. urk, that was a bad pun, but i have been hoping for an opportunity to put it to use, and there it was.
    please know that i will be going through your previous posts and start commenting on them as soon as that becomes available. i suspect that will not be possible until i get to the more recent ones.
    am also looking forward to new posts (but do tell Misery, no pressure)! happy tails to you!

    • pix & kardz says:

      oops, ‘your’ appear two times in that comment towards the end. feel free to tell Misery that if she is inclined to edit my comment and remove one of them, that would be quite fine. but since this blog is about you, maybe it is good to refer to you and yours as often as possible 🙂 we’ll let Misery decide, and either way it’s fine.
      and now i really must call it a day. looking forward to more reading next time!

      • pippadogblog says:

        It’s my blog, I make all the decisions around here, so I got her to change it for you. I am making her sort out the comments. She has to go through 200 and manually click to allow for comments 😀

        • pix & kardz says:

          Oh Pippa, tell her not to. That’s way too much work. Perhaps she could enable comments on the last post of every month, or even every other month? How does that sound? And thanks for putting in a good word for me and getting that double ‘your’ fixed up. You can tell her that is just supah! 😀

          • pippadogblog says:

            Too late – she’s nearly half way through 😀 It needed doing because she hates posts being categorised as uncategorised, and along with losing all the old comments on import 😦 – everything gets labelled uncategorised. She sorted all the Clouds posts the other day, but as usual my blog comes last 😦 Stampy PippaPaw.

            Thought there was no more of the S word?? 😀

            Check out the early posts next time, and they should be ok to comment. I didn’t think people would bother reading from the beginning any more – it is so long ago!!

          • pix & kardz says:

            My a-paw-logies, but I couldn’t resist. Anyhow very kind of Misery, bless her. I look forward to reading and practising how to write with brevity. And that is it for me today – because it is actually already tomorrow, if that makes sense. Good night Pippa. I enjoyed the story of how you got your name, BTW.

          • pippadogblog says:

            Misery says that anyone who has already started writing a-paw-logies NEEDS! a dogblog. Helps to have a dog of course.

            Sweet dreams to you. (Comment update finished so didn’t take too long – Misery even glanced at a few posts she had forgotten – it’s great looking back over old posts, thanks for giving her the incentive).

  4. pippadogblog says:

    😀 laughing at your jokes – they are as good as mine

    the lack of comments was something that happened on import – I will get Misery to look into it and make her go through all the posts and open up the options especially for you, that will give her something useful to do

    she will be writing some recipe stuff up today I think on roughseas as that is looking neglected :D, my next one will be in a few days – hopefully – her blogs get far more attention than mine 😦 but I get more comments so I don’t think that is fair


  5. Sonel says:

    I just love the photo’s Pippa and just like you, Simba can’t walk very far anymore or chase Doc, the landlord’s cat. I want to get a babypram for him so we can continue our little walks in the mornings. 😀

    That Macacque monkey is just so adorable. Tell Misery she captured it very well. Looks like you are a well travelled person indeed. Between the two of us – I think I’ve fallen in love with you. 😀

  6. ‘ Master and Misery ‘ – This has me laughing a great deal, dogs have a much better sense of humour than humans credit them with I find. My own furry friend is big on silent sarcasm, transmitted by way of withering looks and eyebrow raising (occasionally through the medium of dance). It has to be said, you are very beautiful Pippa. *smiles and her furry one nods in approval*.

    – s.u.t.C

  7. What a nice story pippa!

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