Pippa’s New Year’s Resolutions.

No not mine. They are for Misery. Being a kind helpful Pippadog, I thought she could do with a few pointers.

1 Those huge chucks of fur look particularly attractive Pippa, but I won’t pull them out. Better to let them fall gracefully onto the floor. (Very good Misery)
2 Especially, I will not pull them out at breakfast time, when you are busy enjoying your tasty Waggs and gravy and left over foods.
3 Speaking of which, I will get up earlier and try and feed you before 7am when you come back in from your early morning walk with Master.
4 I will not steal your sofa. Ever. Even when I am sick and poorly, I appreciate it is totally yours.
5 OK, well if I am very poorly, I will curl up in a tiny ball so there is plenty of room for you.
6 I will try not to sit on it during the day either, although it seems to be ok for Master to sit on there with you.
7 If you see a cat, I will let you chase it to your heart’s content (Oh! Yes!)
8 Same with rats and mice.
9 I will give you those nice anti-arthritis tablets every day. I made the mistake of telling you they were treats so I now realise you expect lots of them. I will also make more toast, pizza and chips.
10 I will keep up to your blog and visiting your friends. (Just Ha! Misery. Ha!)

With which I wish you all a happy new year, and suggest you also write some resolutions for your people.

Whether or not they keep up to them is another matter.

Feliz AƱo Nuevo

Annexing my sofa :(

A dog is not a happy Pippadog.

My blog has been abandoned. Nearly as much as me, when I was chucked out on the street.

However, the good news on the horizon is that Misery has put her blogs on the back burner which means that MY BLOG should receive some attention. Well for a short while at least.

I apologise to every single dogpal and personpal who I have not replied to or visited and all that, but it is not my fault. It is hers. I hope I have made that clear.

Secondly, Misery was poorly and annexed my sofa. This was a huge problem.

Just because she grew up on it a million years ago (50 or so I think) does not mean it is hers now.


She draped on it for days, looking like some sick melodramatic mediocre primadonna. Or maybe a secundadonna.

I tried to do my normal routine within the flat. I lie under tableden. I then move to next to Kind Master’s lovely chair and flop down there. I then move to my sofa. But wait! There she was. Invading my space.

I glared at the sofa. I glared at Misery. I looked beseechingly at Master.

‘Sorry Pippa mate, she ain’t moving. Can’t help there.’

I flopped off back to tableden and proceeded to glare at Misery from underneath my hideyhole.

Whenever she feebly spoke to me, I ignored her.

Now, I have a tale to tell about annexing my sofa because I have to confess I learned that word from Misery.

Once upon a time, very many years ago she worked in the UK health service. See, this is relevant ‘cos she was sick on my sofa. Health and sickness go together it seems.

She had lots of boring meetings to go to with some self-important people, but she also met some good ones. One of these was some Director of Oncology Services. I think. Anyway, Pippa the Pharma knows this means cancer services and this was a super important clinical oncologist, that means he knows about radiotherapy and chemo.

When they first met, they had a spat. Misery often does that with people, but afterwards they got on well together (that doesn’t normally happen) and worked hard to improve services for patients.

One day they were chatting at the end of a meeting and he was talking about going down to London. He had a flat there.

On a recent journey, he had booked his ticket and his seat for the train and turned up. Only to find it full of a group of Germans.

‘This is my seat,’ he said politely.

‘Ja, we are sitting here now,’ said the merry group of Germans.

‘Oh no you are not. You might have annexed Poland, but you are not annexing my seat.’ *

Trevor was quite an impressively large man. They moved. Schnell, in fact.

So there is an anecdote for you which I find quite interesting myself.

In fact this happens in Spain on the buses too. People grab the wrong seats and then there is a silly game of musical chairs. Or so I am told as I am not allowed on the buses šŸ˜¦

But the moral of the story is – don’t invade other people’s space.

Which includes MY SOFA.

* For the benefit of younger readers, the Germans ‘annexed’ aka invaded Poland, which actually led to the start of the Second World War.

I leave you with a happy slide show of me not only on my sofa but waiting for tasty pizza. What more could a Pippadog want?

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I have a lot of friends.

Well, most people in the street seem to want to love me.

But I was absolutely delighted to meet the vampire puppy from upstairs.

I have heard her so many times when she barks and I know she is my neighbour so I wanted to say hello.

Oh. Those of you who read Misery’s silly blogs will know we have vampires who live above us.

They sleep during the day, wake up at night, chatter away and then arrange their coffins first thing in the morning to fall back to sleep. Or something like that. According to Misery.

Master and I were walking out of our flat and – there was vampire puppy and smiley vampire person (who Master and Misery like, it has to be said, she is such a friendly vampire).

Misery dashed in for her camera and managed to take a few decent pix.

Don’t you all love to have a beautiful vampire doberman pup as your neighbour? She is quite adorable.

* Note to Skye * no pup is quite as adorable as you.

Isn’t she cute?

Hello Tia, let’s get close šŸ™‚

I think you are a bit of a flirt……

Hey! Look at these teeth!!

And these paws!! What is she doing??

I think the PippaPaw needed to come down but sadly Master told me no.

I’m not sure what to think about you at all

In fact, here I am drooling for vampire woman who is so smiley and cheerful….I’ve forgotten about Tia and her paws

Paws. For effect.

Pippa’s Pre-Nup

I think that is a rather snazzy title. Not that I have important assets, well, only furry me, but one needs to be clear about a future life with another pup. I have sort of learned this one from Master and Misery.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

1) My darling Skye (my lovely husky girlfriend who has accepted my acceptance of her proposal, oh well you get the idea) has an extremely attractive surname that even Misery is learning to spell. Not too sure how good Misery is at pronunciation but that has never been one of her skills.

I don’t expect my sweet Skye to get rid of her surname, in fact I insist that she doesn’t. I love independent and thinking females. I could become Mr Skye’s Surname in fact šŸ™‚

2) Master and Misery don’t have any pups. I think that is a good idea. There are too many unwanted pups out there, and older dogs too.

Little Skye/Pippa pups would be lovely. But every pup we have will be one that doesn’t find a home.

I think we can be happy without pups. Maybe we could rehome some?

3) Barking of happiness – sofas and our mutual interest in four wheel drives is a good start. My Skye likes to ride up front and I am happy to snooze down the back of my Landy. I think that is most workable. There is always room on my sofa for a beautiful dog although not for Misery. We can fit around each other. Skye and me I mean. Not Misery. Two is whatever and three is a crowd.

4) Snow. I don’t think I would like that at all and I am so not coming running with you all in your husky sled teams so forget that one. Totally.

5) There is a small matter of a large pond between us. I think perhaps we may need to agree to spend time here and there and wherever. So long as it doesn’t involve cold wet snow or wet feet or anything like that for this so-called husky cross.

What do you all think?

Anyway here are some sunny photos. This is what I like. I hope Skye will enjoy the sunshine with me too.

With which, I also hope you will all join me in wishing her a very happy barkday for today. Dear Skye, many happy returns to you and hope you are having a wonderful day. xx

Skye probably won’t have got my card yet, and we haven’t sorted out all your presents but we are getting there!! Maybe treat it as a wedding chest when our package finally arrives?

Some weekend pix to share…

My rather nice side profile I think

Note my elegant paw? The dog about the pueblo me

Still elegantly poised, or posed, and managing to keep an eye up the street too

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My boxful of presents

I am so excited. I have been interviewed by Rumpydog, [who gets to write far more blog posts than I do, Misery] about my tick disease.

Rumpy and the pack – DeDe and a pesky cat called June Buggie – write lots of good stuff so if you don’t visit Rumpy, please check out their blog here.

I promised to post up some piccies of my lovely Valentine presents from my sweetest Skye so here they are. They were all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, which for some reason, Master decided to unwrap for me.

Here I am with my heart, from my sweetheart.

And what are these? What a delicious smell. They are yogs goats drops scented with vanilla! Total bliss.

Misery, it says I can have up to ten drops a day on the pack, make sure you give me at least ten.

But look, this is the bestest present ever. This is some fur from my fluffy favourite Skye. Her furs look just like mine, and smell wonderful. Even better than vanilla.

In fact, I think I should like to eat them.

Please Master, don’t take them away.

Oh well, back to this lovely heart.

And, off for a nap, still keeping it close to me. Thinking of Skye.

Now, there are more toys and treats to share, but that will do for today I think. Thank you very much to Skye and her mom for sending me such lovely presents. How totally wonderful.

I have lots of stuff to catch up on, but this is more important. Please check it out, if you haven’t already done so elsewhere, and try to help.

You can email Senator Chuck, sign the petition, publicise it on facebook or your blog or whatever.

Rex served for his country. We don’t kill people when they are too old or sick to serve (yet) and we shouldn’t be killing dogs as though they are disposable objects. He has a loving home to go to. Give him the opportunity.

It’s on most of Misery’s blogs too, should you wish to check out her take on it.

Proper PippaNews will be back later, and thank you everyone for your awards and comments in my absence.

My last chance

Or so Misery says. To post on 29 February for four years.
Huh. Feeble excuse.

A dog is not allowed enough computer time.

Anyway. No chat today, more later, just pix for a special day in four years. I do have lots of news and lots of replies to bark to you all, but it will have to wait or I will miss the date to post today, it is nearly midnight and I could be Cinderella, so to bark. And perhaps the last chance I have for four years to accept the proposal from the sweetheart of my dreams. Skye ……..

So here is a slideshow for you, if it works. We were trying to run away from Misery, of course. It’s ok, there are only seven pics, no need to groan out loud, at the prospect of 1001 photos. I did keep looking to make sure she was following though. Important to keep an eye on her.

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What’s in a routine?

Now that Master has a new job we have changed our routine. Well he has changed our routine to be more accurate.

So for your edification and comparison with your own routines, here are mine, old and new. This does not include my Spanish routine which is different again, we are talking Gibflat only here.

Old routine


Master gets up around 5.30/6am, makes coffee, drinks a couple of cups, and then we go out.

Meanwhile Misery, of course is still snoozing away.

When we return, Master makes his breakfast (unless he decides to wait hours for Misery) and we eat his toast together.

Some time later, Misery blearily staggers into the sitting room, makes herself tea, and finally does something useful. My breakfast. Yay!

A couple of hours later she decides to eat something so I share that with her.

In-between all this I bound between my sofa, my under-table den, and on the floor guarding Master’s chair. There isn’t a lot of choice for a large dog in a small flat but I try and be as inconvenient as possible.

In the middle of the day, which is a Spanish middle of the day, ie 1-3pm, we go out for another walk. And then it is lunchtime when I come back.

After lunch, a nap is called for. Usually under my table. And then nothing else really happens until I go out late at night or whenever master and I feel like it. Sometimes it can be in the small hours of the morning which is nice because it is very peaceful out on the Gib streets at those hours.

So what’s different with my new routine?

Well, we get up at the same time, but before I go out Master has his breakfast and leaves my walk as late as possible before he leaves for work. This is because, there is no lunchtime walk as he doesn’t get time to come home, so I have to wait until teatime. The whole day with boring old Misery. As soon as Master comes in – out we all go.

After my walk, I get tea instead of lunch, which is ok. I can live with that – it is still the same meal. Misery then gets on with their tea, but before they eat it, we all go out for another walk. This is because I have missed out on my lunchtime walk and they want to take me out again. Who am I to argue?

Then Master is tired and he falls into bed, and sleeps all night through.

Saturdays and Sundays however, are the old routine, because Master finishes at lunchtime on Saturday and doesn’t work Sunday. It’s all the same in the end though – eat, sleep, walk, in varying order.

Anyways, my walks are fun because there are always people to meet who want to say hello and stroke me. And sometimes there are girlfriends to meet too.

I met a puppy the other day. He was five months old and wanted to say hello so we did sniffy noses. And then he got a bit uppity and started to paw my nose and try and jump up so I gave a quick growl to let him know I was in charge. Didn’t seem to make any difference. I must be losing my touch with pups as well as girlfriends.

Here are some photos of our late evening walk the other day. When I say photos of our walk, I mean photos of me. This is a dogblog, not a Gibphotoblog.

Here we are at the start, I'm deciding which way to go

Pippa was here

We've crossed over to the old sea walls and we're going down the ramp now

Walking through the old battery

Through the old archway - look how nicely it has been restored and floodlit

Hey Misery! I told you this is not a Gibphotoblog or a Gibhistoryblog!!

Having a good sniff around the flower beds

Wandering through a new car park next to the ramparts, it is a nice place to walk

Always gotta be on alert - what do I see?

No blogger wordpress comparison today, it’s the weekend so taking time out from that. BUT, if any of you pups use Misery’s gmail address please note they have disabled her account now!! (Pippa, rolling on floor laughing MAO under my table den).

A blast from the past – those girlfriends

What better month to write a post about girlfriends than this one??

My very early dogpals will remember when I had a lot of girlfriends, and at one point I had a rather nice reputation as a Casanova of the Dogs with Blogs world.

But these days my double-figure list of girlfriends is very depleted. Some of my favourite ones have sadly gone to the bridge, others have stopped blogging – and – a couple even had the cheek to ditch me. Said they wanted a younger dog!! or one who only wanted one girlfriend.

Anyway, lo and behold, who was the first dog to comment on my last post? The wonderful Sophie La Flirtador, aka Sophie Brador, or Sophie La Brador. Take your pick.

And what did she do when she commented? That’s right. Complained. She complained that even though she hadn’t blogged like for nearly two years, she expected to be on my new useless WP blogroll. There’s no pleasing some girlfriend is there, so if you look at my blogroll, and see a lot of Sophies – they are all her.

Sophie was one of the leading ladies in my film. Well, I didn’t actually get to make the film, but we had got the plot pretty well sussed, and lots of character roles and all sorts. Anyway, for anyone who doesn’t remember it, or hasn’t read about it (even Misery and I had forgotten half of it) – here is a link.

Four years ago - another hard day working on the movie project

I think maybe I shall revive it. I can put some new characters in it. I am sure Africa, Arie, Ciara, Fab Flo, Georgia, and Nala, to name but a few potential stars, would guarantee sales.

We need to think about this seriously Misery. No taking your eye off the ball this time!

We’ll obviously have to include the Budapest detour now, for Asta, rather than NY, but that’s no problem, it’s probably the nearest place to me.

Then there are other new friends like Ruger, Rumpydog, Bongodog and Ralph the big dog, and, Phantom, Thunder and young Lightning to keep an eye on Ciara. Of course, I’ve just remembered, Tommy in France is the very nearest pup to me, so he definitely needs to be in.

At the time JB was the only cat in there, but there are all the lovely Chans who live with Tommy, and maybe a horse would be fun if Vidock was willing? And my other new cat pal, Cat Mandu, may want to purrowl around the place.

Anyone interested in being a filmstar, just leave me a note with your preferred type of role and we’ll put something together.

On a sadder note (for me), the former Casanova fared very badly at trying to take Mayzie to the Valentine Ball. Boooo hooooo! along with my pal Monty and one other, I got the lowest number of votes. I suspect that could be because Misery voted for the donkey instead of me. He was rather handsome, stiff opposition there.

Now, it may be Valentine’s month, but it is also Leap Year, when lovely pups can ask their boyfriends to marry them. Four years ago Sophie gave me a half-hearted proposal. This was on the lines of, ‘well you would be ok I suppose if I had to, but I’m independent so let’s leave things as they are’. I barks at you, how to hurt a dog’s heart.

However, I have higher hopes this year in my girlfriend Skye (who absolutely will get a starring role in the next version of the film). And if anyone else wants to ask me, that would be great too because – you don’t have to mean it, I’m too old and set in my ways to get married – I just want to be asked.

Note to Misery: DON’T forget to buy Skye’s Valentine card. And remember it has to get to America.

So much to think about .......

.... Girlfriends, Valentine's Day, rejections, proposals, movie screenplay ....

I think we'll take a break, I'm tired after all that thinking

Oh and today’s Blogger or WordPress comment is about spam.

Some time ago, a lot of us Bloggers were inundated with endless spam written in strange characters. Pippa the linguist thought it was Chinese, Misery isn’t sure. Most of it was asking us to buy medical stuff for male persons who had er – well – the sort of problems a dog with lots of girlfriends doesn’t have. (That’s why I thought it was a relevant topic to go with my girlfriend post).

Anyway Blogger sorted it out, and it stopped and as far as I have seen there has been little spam filtering through on Blogger.

WP has an interesting spam setting though. It uses something called Akismet whatever that is, but you can set it to accept or reject a certain number of links. I think that is really clever. If someone is spamming your posts and including an advertising link on their signature – they don’t get through. Very big PippaPaw up for that one. I won’t name and shame, but I’m not advertising dog fences for nothing on my blog (I probably wouldn’t do it for those inedible paper notes either).

If you want to read more, I have written an Advertising Policy up at the top, which is basically a no-advertising policy.

And final comment on spam – both Blogger and WordPress seem pretty good at filtering it out these days, but WP steals the edge with its settings regarding links. A narrow win there for WP.

Pippa’s annual review of 2011 (eventually)

Here we go, sneaking this one in before the end of January.

Well, as older (as in long-standing not ancient and decrepit) pup pals know, this time last year I was glad to be alive. Before Christmas I suddenly became poorly and was rushed off to see my lovely vet, Dr Pedro.

He suspected I had tick disease. There are lots of ticks in my Spanish village because of all the animals, and the lab results confirmed I had canine erlichiosis. Misery wrote an extremely long post about it on her blog which I will add to a new health page when I get her to set it up.

But I perked up with some strong painkillers and some anti-biotics and felt ok again after a few weeks. Phew. Although then I developed a couple of nasty sores. Thanks to all my pals who continued to ask after my health last year.

Feeling better in my spinach patch (despite my icky sore on my leg)

On the domestic front I discovered scrambled eggs on toast – big PippaPaw up for that one – and my sofa kept being stolen by lazy people who wanted to lie on it.

Demanding my scrambled eggs

Back at the finca, a C.A.T attacked me and left a present of claw stuck in my nose. Nasty cat. There was also a new pup on the block who wanted to come and say hello to me. I like puppies so I had no worries about that. But Misery took one look at its little tiny nose and screamed at it to ‘Go Away!’ because it was crawling with ticks. We’d had enough tick scares without going looking for the little monsters.

My snose - covered in Betadine antiseptic

It seemed to be my year for keeping Dr Pedro in dog biscuits or whatever he eats because we went back to see him in summer when I had some more nasty sores. And then, we went again in autumn when I started limping with a pawly paw. More painkillers. (More posts to be copied to the as yet non-existent health page although it is all on the old blog).

A couple of sad pieces of news – my beautiful girlfriend Mati went to the bridge in summer. I was very fond of her and her bro Rocky (who had gone to the bridge before her), so I was upset about that.

And later in the year, in autumn, sweet Claudette died. Those of you who know me from my Blogger days will know Claudette of course who homed a number of rescue dogs. But for friends who don’t, she had lung cancer, and in spite of pain, the arduous treatment, and gloomy prognosis, she never failed to meet every day with dignity, courage, and a unique sense of humour. She is missed by us all.

Then at the beginning of December, Blogger got the PippaPaw down for accusing me of unusual activity on my blog. So I moved. And here I am. Oh and at some point I got favicons on my blog. You should all do it, I bark.

Well that was pretty short and sweet wasn’t it?

Some new pals (and a couple of not so new ones)

Now, I thought I would add a few more new pals partly because I forgot one of them on my last post (blush).

So first up is Harry who lives with a nice couple in the UK, who have rehomed lots of cats and dogs. Good on them we say. PippaPaw up for Harry’s peeps.

Harry’s blog

Next I would like to mention Africa and Nala, who aren’t actually new pals but they are beautiful and I always like to mention beautiful girls. Africa is a Boerboel (I tell ya that was difficult to spell) and Nala is a Ridgeback.

Africa’s blog

Nala’s blog

A couple of blogs that I have only discovered over the last few days are:

Georgia Little Pea is a Sydney dog, although not a little dog, looks a bit like a part Ridgie to us but anyway. Misery particularly likes their Sydney shots as she used to live there. Me, I prefer the dog shots. Did you all know it was Australia Day today? (26 Jan – it’s over there by now šŸ˜€ cos they are always ahead of the game in Aus)

Georgia’s blog


Arie is a white GSD. She is beautiful. Not sure I need to say more than that, but her person writes some interesting stuff and there are some great photos of Arie.

Arie’s blog

Those of you who read Rumpydog’s blog will have seen the super interview with the lovely boxer Benny, whose start in life wasn’t too good, but now he has found a loving home.

Benny’s blog

And finally, to placate JB who wanted me to write up new cat pals – I present Cat Mandu, a Himalayan cat – get the name? Clever huh. Misery wants everyone to know she has been to Katmandu. This is NOT your travel blog Misery. Oh, that reminds me, Mandu’s mom does have a travel blog which you can find on his. A bit like JB and her mom I guess.

Mandu’s blog

On with the Blogger/Wordpress comparison

Today’s feature is about keeping up and blogrolls. Partly inspired by a brief discussion I had with Fabulous Flo.

Firstly, I am NOT going to recommend Google Reader. I have no idea whether it is good, bad or indifferent, but I have just never used it. And some dog who shall be nameless (she knows who she is) has so many blogs on there that she has to keep pressing the delete updates button – or something like that.

When we first started blogging we did actually use Bloglines. But it kept messing about so we stopped using it. It is still around apparently but at a guess it will have lost out to GR. And of course, then Blogger updated the blog list functionality.

What I actually use is my blogroll on .. er .. Blogger. Yup, I might not be posting on there but the functionality of the B blogroll knocks spots off WP. It is easier to create, copy the url and click a button – shazzam! it’s done. No typing the name, the url, which link category, or any other fancy stuff – just simple.

You can arrange it alphabetically or by most recent update. I went for alphabetical, as then I knew where to find every pup, and also I like to work systematically through from A to Z or vice versa. At least that way, I get to make sure I visit every blog and not just the busiest ones.

What else? Well you can choose to include any or all of: an icon (favicon), title, snippet of item (text), thumbnail of item (photo), and of course, date of last update. I have everything except the snippet ticked.

I think this is one feature where Blogger totally beats WordPress. I mean look at my blogroll on here. A long boring list. No pix. No icons. No titles of posts. No times of latest updates. I started it thinking it would be similar to the Blogger one. I even (OK Misery did) wasted considerable time on trying to get images to show. There was a reason why they wouldn’t and I can’t remember what it was. I always wondered why WordPress blogs didn’t have blogrolls. Now I know. They are of no use.

But really WordPress. Pull up socks. This is one feature where you are totally outclassed. Unless anyone can tell me differently?? Does anyone actually use a WordPress blogroll? Does it serve for anything apart from clogging up the sidebar??

I think I will leave ‘following’ and subscriptions and stuffs for a later post.