Snowy’s Diaries

Being a nice dog I am allowing the Little Rat to post excerpts from his diaries on my blog.

So without further ado … introducing Snowy. The rubbish bin rat.

August 2013

Excerpts from Snowy’s Diary – 1

My Rocío took me in her car for a ride. I don’t know much about my Rocío. She found me at the side of a rubbish bin when I was a few days old.

Some people had asked their vet if he knew of any dogs who needed a home, so my Rocío emailed them. A month later we went to visit to see if we got along. They couldn’t take me straightaway because the woman had stupidly injured herself and because I am so young I’ve not got my passport yet.

But the nice man decided they would take me straightaway. The limping woman looked horrified as she knew what that meant. Three months of coping with a new puppy when she couldn’t even walk properly.

There was another huge dog there. His tail was bigger than me. I pulled it anyway.

After a couple of days the nice man and the big furry dog had to leave for WORK. I was left with limping woman.

I wasn’t sure what she was. A mama? A sibling? A toy? A food provider? Or all of those in one? She certainly has tasty toes. I don’t remember my mama or my siblings.

Just over four weeks old and I have had a busy life already. Three homes so far: the side of the rubbish bin, Rocío’s home, and now this one. Maybe another one before the rubbish bin? One for every week of my life.

Me at a few days old

Me at a few days old

Me with my new master

Me with my new master

Such a big person to lie on

Such a big person to lie on

Me on my, I mean our, rug

Me on my, I mean our, rug

Puilling the big dog's tail

Puilling the big dog’s tail

My blog, so here is a pic of me, just in case anyone has forgotten what I look like in the last few months

My blog, so here is a pic of me, just in case anyone has forgotten what I look like


36 comments on “Snowy’s Diaries

  1. Just Harry (and Joan) says:

    Pippa, This just popped up in my email and I was so happy to see your name. I kind of lost track of you and without my smarter brother to help me find you, me and my mom were lost., I hope you and your humans are well and perhaps you will send me a note back. Just Harry (If you check our blog, you will learn about Angel Jake.)

    • We will be over to look Harry (and Joan). We have been off line for months and months but would love to catch up with you. We’ll put you on our top ten catch up list , thanks for the comment and sorry to hear about Angel Jake.

  2. Vicky says:

    Firstly Pippa, welcome back to blogging, you have been missed.
    Also what a gentledog you are to let the little whippersnapper share your blog. 🙂

    Snowy, you’ve certainly landed on your paws after such a bad start to life. You were very lucky to find such a nice family.
    You must listen to the wise words from ‘big tail’
    What a little cutie you look in your photos.

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Vicky
      Normally I would blame Misery for such a long absence due to her laziness but this time even I can’t argue with a new pup on the block needing his jabs and rubbish like that. Silly bureaucracy.
      Snowy is very spoiled and very lucky that I am such a nice dog. I am trying to keep him in order with lots of growls and very fierce barks. Well, sort of.
      Hm, the Gib fanclub has started already. Misery took him out and he got lots of adoration as usual. Silly little Podenco.
      Night night Vicky x

  3. Welcome back, Pippa. You should make sure that every post on this blog has at least one photo of you. Your fans expect it. And, as you say, it is your blog.

    Your new sibling is as cute as can be (though, of course, not anyway near as handsome as you) and we’re excited by the prospect of hearing all about him. I’m sure that he’ll learn to be an outstanding dog from you.

    I’m sorry to report that Big Dog Ralph passed away three weeks ago. If you visit his blog, you’ll see that he left you one final message.

    • pippadogblog says:

      I have taken your comment (and those of others) to heart and made a new policy of at least one pic of me – without the Rat – for every post. I appreciate my fans not forgetting me and wanting to see me doing nothing in particular.

      He’s not really cute. He’s OK when he’s asleep, or when his head is in my mouth, or when I have stolen his toys.

      I am very sorry about Ralph. He was a good pal. My person cried a lot when she read that 😦

      • Thank you. We’ve been crying a lot too, though we seem to be doing it less lately. Almost a month and we still associate him with everything we see and do.

        I’m getting my doggie fix from reading about you and Snowy, and looking at your photos. So make sure that you post a lot, please.

        • pippadogblog says:

          I am not allowed to write any more about how much I liked BDR as Misery will only get wet eyes again. She meant to post twice a week on her return so that we could catch up with Little Rat’s diaries and get onto the here and now. But of course, so far she has managed one a week. I must try and make her post again this weekend. Because there will be lots of pix of ME as the next excerpt is when we went back for the weekend.

  4. EllaDee says:

    Snowy, you have a forever home now, and family – the lovely Pippa is already sharing his rug, tail blog and more I imagine, with you. Despite your very early unfortunate circumstances it’s turned out well for all of you. I looked up Podenco on Wikipedia, and as cute as a puppy you are the days passing will gow you into a handsome dog, and a learned one courtesy of Pippa, too. [Good job Pippa, love the pic and that the gate is in safe paws].

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Ella Dee. I have been trying to dig my way to you in Australia, I have written about my efforts but you will have to wait to read about that.

      Ooops, I am not allowed to write on here, I’ve not been given an identity.


      Silly little dog. This is MY blog and although I am a sharing dog as you rightly point out, there are limits. He will be writing about Podencos shortly, although he will never be as handsome as me.

      I am doing my best to teach him, and I appreciate that you realise how hard I am working to ensure he turns out to be an almost as good a dog as me.

      • EllaDee says:

        You and Snowy, who will in all likleihood be right behind you if you succeed with the digging, will always have a couch to sleep on 🙂

        • pippadogblog says:

          Snowy was the one writing the first bit, but then he discovered he didn’t have his own sign-in identity on here haha! I am not doing any manual work like digging, he can do that. He can also go on his own if he ever gets his tunnel finished. I will be taking a state cabin when I travel to Australia. But thank you for the offer, as ever of a sofa. Much appreciated.

  5. Oh, Pippa, you are the most wonderful dog: both elegantly handsome under that bush ( Is it Plumbago? The Molly likes to run through ours and decorated her back with blue flowers) and you are kind enough to supervise the raising of a young pup. The German sympathizes with that effort…she is sleeping over for a few days. What is it about fluffy tails that entices young dogs? Paw waves (now we must go out and run through the mud…or stay in and leap from chair to couch…your choice.)

    • pippadogblog says:

      Yes, it is the infamous plumbago that Misery writes about, and Master attempts to prune when she is not looking. Pruning is for when flowers have gone she says. He says pruning is for when flowers are there so that I don’t get flowers in my fur. She usually launches into song with something about going to San Francisco with flowers in my fur. No idea what that means. Perhaps Molly may wish to go to San Francisco with flowers in her fur too. We could meet up. We would recognise each other by the blue flowers.

      ‘Elegantly handsome’? Blush.

      Paw waves to Molly and the German, we have missed the German. I miss my German too 😦

      I would not run through mud. Nor leap around, although the Rat does. Best to snooze on sofas at my age.

  6. We missed you. Pippa! You clearly have been very busy. Looking after tinies is exhausting work, even if they are cute! We would like to see a few more photos of you, though, Pippa!


    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Tommy. As my person had the camera and the iPhone, photos of me have been not forthcoming over the three months when she was in Spain, but there are some coming up of when I was playing with The Rat on my visits back to the finca. And there will be at least one of me on my own on every post from now on 🙂 Hope all is well with your pack in Francia.

  7. Wonderful! Thank you for rescuing!

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you for your visit and comment. All our dogs have been rescues. I couldn’t buy a dog when there are so many unwanted ones needing homes.

  8. Well, Pippa dog, you now have a new baby brother. He seems like a sweet pup and remember that once upon a time you were a wee pup as well so I hope that you are not jealous. Your start in life, I am sure, was not a good one either. So just be a patient teacher and all will be “puppy-wuppy.”

    • pippadogblog says:

      I don’t remember being a wee pup and neither do my people (remember me being a wee pup I mean, not them, they weren’t pups) because I was a big dog when I found them on the streets.

      My people are making sure that I get lots of love and attention too, and that Little Rat knows I am Top Dog, so all is puppy wuppy for now.

  9. Y says:

    My darling Pippa! I have missed you so! Blue from England and I were talking about you in chat recently. How wonderful that you have a baby brother…I have one also, but he is a CAT (mom’s roommate adopted him), I am glad you posted a picture of yourself..I certainly have not forgotten how very handsome my fiance is! Is there still a bit of room for me next to you when I come to visit? I am very good with babies, so I can help you train him right.
    Love you with all my heart, my beloved!

    Your Skye

    • Skye says:

      I don’t know what my paws hit that put it my comment with “Y” as my name. Just gave me another chance to tell you how much I love you!

      All my love,
      your Skye ♥♥♥♥

    • pippadogblog says:

      Sweetheart Skye, how I have missed you too xxxxxxx

      I didn’t know there was a chat still, do you want to let me know where it is please?

      There will always be room for you on my sofa, in flat and definitely in my heart.

      I could do with a little bit of help looking after the Little One, so I shall certainly take you up on that. Our adopted family eh? 😀

      I love you too xxxxxx

      • Skye says:

        My Darling, Pippa,
        Of course I will share the link to the chat! Here it is:: and unless I am out running in the team,(which has not happened lately due to weather conditions) I will be there at 9am EST on Sundays. I would love to see you pop in. I will have toast with butter to share with you. 😉
        You know there is also room here on my couch/loveseat when you come to visit, I do so love snuggling with you.
        I will be most happy to help you with the Little One…yes, our adopted family as we agreed! 😀
        Funny little note, my new kitten is white, but with a little dark grey “beret” on his head and dark tip on his tail. Ah, our sweet little children!
        It is so wonderful to see your posts….now I MUST make sure I get some new posts up to share with you!
        I love you with all my heart, Pippa xxxxxxx

        All my love,
        your Skye

        • pippadogblog says:

          Thank you for that sweetest Skye, I think it is around 2 or 3pm my time, so I will try and kick lazy Misery and get her to visit. We haven’t been to chat for like years!

          Hmm, I am not sure about adopting a kitten, but I don’t want to argue with you, so you will just need to keep it out of my way. I am far more interested in you anyway 🙂 xx

          I had something else to write but I have got distracted thinking about you.

          Love to you too darling

          Pippa xx

          • Skye says:

            You are welcome my darling Pippa. I hope you can join me in chat. It is usually just a few of us there, but I would love to have you stop by.
            Don’t worry about the kitten. Most of the time he is in mom’s roommate’s room and my regular kitties won’t bother you. I am sure we will be much more interested in each other than any cat! 😉
            I am blushing and flattered that I distract you! Loving thoughts of you do the same to me.
            I am off to bed to dream sweet dreams of you. Sending my love to you, my darling Pippa

            All my love,
            Skye xx

          • pippadogblog says:

            OK, I can live with that. And I suppose it might be fun to chase it sometimes 🙂 But not very often or else I won’t have time for you. Gotta dash and supervise the Little One again.

            Pippa xx

  10. Iquitoz says:

    Glad to have you back, Pippa. And now you have a brother. Cools! Hello, Snowy. You have found a really nice pack. They will certainly take good care of you. Nuzzles to all from Suzy.

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Suzy and Iquitoz. Thank you especially for the nuzzles from Suzys. I am doing my best to keep the rat in order. I am trying to teach him to sleep all day as it leaves her more time to write up my blog (I wish).

  11. pix & kardz says:

    welcome back Pippa and hello and welcome little Snowy! what a cutie you are, little one. And Pippa, you sound like you are doing a great job there. keep it up!
    i was here the other day but it was way past my normal bedtime and thought i better not begin to comment. Timmy sends purrs from a distance. he really likes long distance relationships with dogs. the longer the distance, the better. just a word of wisdom from him: cats are nice and are not to be chased! one can only hope 🙂

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you pix & kardz. Snowy is not cute though, he is a little rat and I am doing my best to get his head in my mouth 😀 I think that is a great job. And stealing his toys is good too. And his biscuits. Yes, Pippa the Tutor Extraordinaire.

      I haven’t manage to instill cat-chasing tendencies into Snowy yet, he’s only managed to kill a butterfly and a fly but hopefully he will progress to larger animals under my supervision.

  12. Rocio says:

    que guapo esta..y que suerte a tenido al encontraros como familia..muchas gracias

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