Annexing my sofa :(

A dog is not a happy Pippadog.

My blog has been abandoned. Nearly as much as me, when I was chucked out on the street.

However, the good news on the horizon is that Misery has put her blogs on the back burner which means that MY BLOG should receive some attention. Well for a short while at least.

I apologise to every single dogpal and personpal who I have not replied to or visited and all that, but it is not my fault. It is hers. I hope I have made that clear.

Secondly, Misery was poorly and annexed my sofa. This was a huge problem.

Just because she grew up on it a million years ago (50 or so I think) does not mean it is hers now.


She draped on it for days, looking like some sick melodramatic mediocre primadonna. Or maybe a secundadonna.

I tried to do my normal routine within the flat. I lie under tableden. I then move to next to Kind Master’s lovely chair and flop down there. I then move to my sofa. But wait! There she was. Invading my space.

I glared at the sofa. I glared at Misery. I looked beseechingly at Master.

‘Sorry Pippa mate, she ain’t moving. Can’t help there.’

I flopped off back to tableden and proceeded to glare at Misery from underneath my hideyhole.

Whenever she feebly spoke to me, I ignored her.

Now, I have a tale to tell about annexing my sofa because I have to confess I learned that word from Misery.

Once upon a time, very many years ago she worked in the UK health service. See, this is relevant ‘cos she was sick on my sofa. Health and sickness go together it seems.

She had lots of boring meetings to go to with some self-important people, but she also met some good ones. One of these was some Director of Oncology Services. I think. Anyway, Pippa the Pharma knows this means cancer services and this was a super important clinical oncologist, that means he knows about radiotherapy and chemo.

When they first met, they had a spat. Misery often does that with people, but afterwards they got on well together (that doesn’t normally happen) and worked hard to improve services for patients.

One day they were chatting at the end of a meeting and he was talking about going down to London. He had a flat there.

On a recent journey, he had booked his ticket and his seat for the train and turned up. Only to find it full of a group of Germans.

‘This is my seat,’ he said politely.

‘Ja, we are sitting here now,’ said the merry group of Germans.

‘Oh no you are not. You might have annexed Poland, but you are not annexing my seat.’ *

Trevor was quite an impressively large man. They moved. Schnell, in fact.

So there is an anecdote for you which I find quite interesting myself.

In fact this happens in Spain on the buses too. People grab the wrong seats and then there is a silly game of musical chairs. Or so I am told as I am not allowed on the buses 😦

But the moral of the story is – don’t invade other people’s space.

Which includes MY SOFA.

* For the benefit of younger readers, the Germans ‘annexed’ aka invaded Poland, which actually led to the start of the Second World War.

I leave you with a happy slide show of me not only on my sofa but waiting for tasty pizza. What more could a Pippadog want?

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23 comments on “Annexing my sofa :(

  1. Hello Pippadog, so lovely to hear from you again. While I am sorry to hear that Misery was doing poorly, I enjoyed your post so much that I didn’t wait to get to my ‘puter to say hello right back. Which means that my p&k moniker is not in its usual sofa, er spot, and it will be replaced by kardz by kris instead. 😦 But it is really me. πŸ™‚
    I really enjoyed the story but my favouritest thing here is the slideshow and seeing you working at annexing some pizza! Good boy, I say! Big hugs to you! XXX

    • pippadogblog says:

      hello p&k

      in fact ha roo roos to you

      I think annexing sofas and pizzas and train and bus seats is a very sensitive issue. I hope I managed to put it succinctly though. It’s not a good idea. Well, annexing pizza is a good idea, clearly.

      Did I get my German right? I meant to bark fast (schnell), but as I am only half GSD and come from Spain I am not too fast on it (haha). The German I mean. Please tell me if there is a better word. I can then instruct Misery which would be ace fun.

      Thank you for your extremely fast message. Isn’t my blog so much better than boring old Misery’s? Don’t answer that because she will get offended when you say yes πŸ˜€

      Pippa xx

      • pix & kardz says:

        we will just keep those thoughts between us Pippa but you do have a most wonderful blog πŸ™‚
        at the same time Misery does write exceptionally well, even if she doesn’t always let you have the last bark. but when it is time for your blog, i keep thinking that she should consider writing a book, i mean you should consider writing a book about your adventures.
        in any case, ‘schnell’ is pronto. but i think ‘sofort’ adds urgency although maybe not quite as friendly as ‘schnell’ although i got the impression that friendliness wasn’t the primary concern :). it means something like ‘ahora’, i think. my Spanish is nowhere near as good as Misery’s German.
        if it makes you feel better, i had an interesting annexing adventure myself travelling in Germany earlier this year. this time it was another passenger – not from Germany – who was sitting in my seat. So with some friendly smiles and pointing out the seat reservation sign in nice red lights above and showing the printed seat reservations – since neither German nor English seemed to be a common language – it was quickly clarified that this is actually a reserved seat and not available. siento!
        so the traveller moved, somewhat surprised, to another seat. unfortunately this was also a seat that was not available, as became clear a few moments after the train started moving, and the search for another seat was on once again. lo siento. poor fellow. so it does happen, even though it shouldn’t.
        and pardon my poor Spanish πŸ™‚

        • pippadogblog says:

          Danke schΓΆn. Or should it be Vielen Dank? Either way, I can show off to Misery and point out the finer points of German. Master’s knowledge of German is restricted Second World War films, of which Achtung! seems to form a large part.

          It can’t be too difficult to understand seat reservations in a different language. After all Misery can do it, which is always my benchmark of whether or not something is simple.

          Lo siento is perfectly acceptable. Assuming you were of course πŸ˜‰ Not that the Spanish use it a lot because invariably they aren’t πŸ˜€ A bit like me really.

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Pippadog! We hope to hear more from you – we missed you!

    We hope Misery is feeling better!


    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Sam

      How wonderful to hear from you πŸ™‚ So pleased you are well. Will mosey on by.

      I don’t suppose you remember that, many years ago, Misery promised to write a post about different attitudes to animals in different countries, maybe it was on facebook before we left? She wrote it recently and thought about you but wondered if maybe you wouldn’t remember us.

      I’ll add the link to my post when I visit your blog if you don’t catch it here. OK?

      And Misery is better enough to keep off my sofa which is A Good Thing indeed.


  3. rumpydog says:

    I like that line Trevor used. I think I’ll try that on June Buggie.

  4. pix & kardz says:

    by the way, i went to the link above shared with Sam which took me to Clouds, and although i wasn’t able to leave a comment there, i find it refreshing to read somewhere the views on bullfighting that i have always had. it is simply unfair and cruel. and not necessary. but who am i to talk since i don’t live where it happens, and the tradition is simply ‘foreign’ to me. now there’s something for the current photo challenge, but i digress.
    so for the record, that was a great post! i too, could tell of stories of animals i have seen in my travels, and it does boggle the mind how animals are so easily mistreated without a second thought. i am so glad you live where you live, Pippa. you adopted the right people! πŸ™‚

    • pippadogblog says:

      I think she took off the comment capability when she moth-balled it. One less blog to look after. Pawsonfully, I think that was silly. People don’t always read things at the time she has written them, and of course posts come up on searches too. I will point that out to her although whether or not she will do anything is another matter.

      I don’t think you need to live somewhere to have a view on something that happens in that area/country/part of the world. Otherwise there wouldn’t be much point having newspawpers or televison pawgrammes. And nothing would ever change. Of course some views are not selfless, such as invading other countries because they are doing the ‘wrong’ things in other peoples’ eyes. Hmmm. Pippa will not get into politics this morning. Although pawhaps I was thinking that when I wrote about not invading other peoples’ space…

      I will tell her you thought it was a good post (I don’t think I will bark great though).

  5. Mr. Pippaluk, we have missed you! We would occasionally come and visit and gaze forlornly at the ancient post and wonder what had become of you. But never could we have imagined that you had had your sofa annexed! How perfectly awful! Vidock and Violette are good at haulage. Do you want them to transport over so they can move it to a new, secret location for you?


    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello Tommy

      Thank you for coming to check on me and I am sorry I was not around. I think an adventure being hauled around by Vidock and Violette would be an excellent idea. In fact perhaps we could pile my sofa on the back of a cart and travel around for a while, just to make the message clear, and then maybe I might go home. Perhaps the 2Vs would like to visit my finca as well?

  6. bluonthemove says:

    What more could a Pippadog want – toast obviously!!

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hey I’m not a greedy Pippadog. And I did get my fair share of pizza for once. In fact I even let Misery sit at the end of my sofa so I could turn and get some from her too πŸ™‚

  7. Welcome back! Let poor Misery have the sofa — it’ll make her feel better and you’ll like that, right? She’s not annexing, she’s just colonizing it for awhile.

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚

      But I’ve read about colonisation on Ralph’s and your blogs and it seems to go on for hundreds of years! I’m not having that.

      Im not totally selfish, I don’t mind her sitting on it (for a few minutes) reading a book while I am under the table, or even eating her fruit salad on there because then she gives me some too. It’s when she appears with a pillow and a blanket I start to worry.

  8. EllaDee says:

    Finally Misery has gotten to your blog, Pippa. It’s the least she could do after annexing your sofa. Although her need for the sofa is understandable with her being poorly. Perhaps your concern was not only for the sofa space but for Misery’s wellbeing, the sooner she was up and about the better, right? I’m sending pats to you, and asking if you wouldn’t mind giving Misery a few licks to make quite sure she is well πŸ™‚

    • pippadogblog says:

      Finally is the word. Both in terms of my blog and recovering my sofa. Imagine if she had been on my sofa for as long as my poor blog has sat unloved and unattended. Yes, you are right, she does need to be up and about. Although I’m never sure what she does when she is. I’ll give her a lick when she has something to share, like pizza, or fruit salad. I’m not sure about banana, but I like apple and orange, and nice sweet fruities.

  9. deltasheltie says:

    So glads you have reclaimed your sofa. My favorites places to reclines are unders the peeps’ bed, in fronts of the magic box and in the fronts yard. So there is no competitions but there is no pizzas. Our casa has not seen a take outs pie for years. You are soo luckys, soft sofa and pizza pies. Checking outs aero plane schedules.

    Nuzzles and licks, Suzy

    • pippadogblog says:

      Well as my peeps sleep on the floor in Gib flat and I can’t get under the bed in Spain (poor Prince once got himself trapped trying to escape from fireworks and they had to lift up the four poster!) I have limited choices. I do move rather closer to the food when Misery is preparing yummies though. I suddenly find I rather like her and gaze at her soppily.

  10. annienz says:

    Woofels to you my pal!!!! The mum & I are like your friend Tommy. We have come & gazed at your blog forlornly, wondering what adventures you were having. And so we came to gaze tonight, but here you are returned. Much happy wagging.
    Your mum & her blogs I do confess we’ve had sume trubles keeping track of. I blame it on my mum’s stupidity for not bookmarking them.
    Pawsonally, I reckomends sharing the couch with your human – in fact, I find sitting on mine while she is sitting on the couch to be the best of all worlds. Most warm & comfy & extremely close to any noms she should be considering consuming.
    All the same, we are happy that Misery is recovered enuff to be up & about so that you can reclaim your reserved space. Did you show her your ticket??

    I am hoping that my mum will start taking dicktation for my blog again very soon. She appears to have remembered how the computer works well enuff to write on her own blog. I shall just think of that as practise, so that she will be all ready to help me with mine any day.

    Play bows

    • pippadogblog says:

      I am so sorry Ruger. Blame it all on Misery. Too busy writing her own boring drivel. And people even read it!

      Best way to find her is here:

      She has a page at the top that lists all the other blogs including MINE.

      I think it is the other way around with us. She seems to be on top of me and enjoying my furry warmth which is why I quickly jump off.

      I didn’t need a ticket. Well, I didn’t think I did.

      I will have a bound over to yours and your mums to see what is happening over there. Happy 2013.

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