Saturday summary

First – without forgetting yet again, I MUST mention my awards, firstly from Tommy at the Pouponettes, absolutely ages ago, and secondly from Ruger in New Zealand last month, and thirdly from Life with Arie, much earlier this month.

So that is:

Pawsome Blogger
Liebster Blog
Kreative Blogger

Thank you very much for those. I have no idea if I have received them before as Misery threw all my awards in a cupboard and has never got them out or dusted them off or anything. (She’s only jealous because I always get more than her. Smirk).

Naughty Georgia barks that she saves them all up for the end of the year before she announces them all. I bet she forgets. I Misery certainly would. Deliberately.

Pesky Georgia, Sweetest Little Pea Ratatouille ever, has also tagged me. So I have to play at that too.

Here you go, as copied from Georgia’s blog, some questions and answers about me. I didn’t copy the answers. Only the questions.

    describe myself in 7 words

    Big, furry, placid, happy, toast-loving, strong, catchaser extraordinaire

    what keeps me up at night?
    Nothing. Although cats on the roof of my finca do wake me up sometimes. Bad cats.

    who I would like to be
    Misery. She is in charge of food, can open the fridge door, and she gets to go out on the street without a lead. I don’t know why she doesn’t chase the cats. I would.

    what am I wearing right now?

    Fur. Except it keeps falling out/getting plucked out.

    what scares me?

    Fireworks. I’m not too fond of loud thunder either. I used to be frightened of big trucks when I lived on the street, but I have got better about those since I rescued Master and Misery.

I promised to tell you all what the differences were in my photos between Spain and Gib, and Skye was absolutely right on the mark and first to identify them correctly, and Blue also spotted the differences.

They were, that in my Gibflat, I don’t have anywhere outside to lie so I curl up under my table den, and I lie on my sofa. When we go out we walk around the paved streets through lots of historical places. That is my city life.

Except ….. I got to go to a nice grassy spot the other weekend at Europa Point in Gibraltar. So I sniffed the spring flowers, and all other nice smells, Master scratched his head about something, and that is a mosque behind us. But it’s a bit far for me to walk so we only go when we are in my Landy.

Sniff, sniff, pretty flowers

Puzzled Master and the mosque

Wandering by the Rock

When we go to Spain, I walk by the sea, on country tracks right near our house, and smell the grass, and it is all very different. During the day, I lie outside at my gate, until it is time for my siesta when I go inside to jump on my sofa. And that is my country life.

Supervising Misery, she is weeding my path

Thank you to everyone who played and well done to Skye and Blue who don’t get any prizes. Well, ok, maybe Skye might……..

…… because, as you all know, dear Skye proposed to me for Leap Year. How wonderful was that?

Very wonderful, I say. Especially as no other so-called girlfriends proposed. I’m beginning to think these girlfriends are over-rated.

And I am getting rather old. Perhaps it is time to settle down with an intelligent, beautiful, loving and wonderful dog?

After all, she intuitively spotted the differences in my photos, she likes to go driving in her 4×4, and she sent me lovely Valentine’s Day presents and a card. What more could a dog ask for?

So Skye, if you don’t mind awfully, could I possibly accept? Please?

[NB to Georgia, so NO we are not married yet, there is the small matter of a large pond between the two of us]

Here is a sneak preview of me waiting patiently for my lovely presents, which I shall post about next time. Hopefully. Soonish.

What could this be? Is it for me?


23 comments on “Saturday summary

  1. dear Pippa,

    thank you for playing the pesky tag game! My Typist was just too curious about your interesting life and that was her sneaky way of getting info. don’t worry. i will make sure she doesn’t give you any awards. she really does store them in a special drawer. it’s called “draft”. she doesn’t get many eiither because everyone knows she’s bad with being grateful and nice about them. personally, i don’t know what good they are. it’s not like you can eat them.

    i wonder why your Misery doesn’t chase cats when she’s off leash. that is a superb question and a mystery. maybe she’s just lazy. you must be very rich to have 2 nice homes. do you get good quality bones too?

    i hope you’re having a nice weekend. please don’t wait too long to write another story. maybe you should get another typist. how about your Master? hooroo, your longwinded friend Georgia x

    • pippadogblog says:

      my dearest sweetest Pea

      thank you so much for commenting so quickly on my paw abandonado bloggo.

      you can add those awards to your drawer if you like. mind you, I did see one called stylish blogger and wondered why no-one had given me that one. I think I am a rather stylish pup.

      I don’t think Misery can chase cats because she really can’t move very fast at all. I am pretty rich in terms of dog biscuits, and sofas and tables. That’s all that matters to me. I don’t get bones, and after reading your blog I think it would take 50 years to work out which ones to get.

      Will try and post about my presents soonies. Master has about as much skill at typing as me.

      Misery wants to say, and want to bark too, that if blogger is being such a pain, wordpress is really quite nice over here.

      Pippa x

  2. […] cloudy Gib I’ve been updating the dog’s post over here on Pippadogblog, for those of you who read […]

  3. My darling Pippa! Be still, my heart!!! YES!!!! you may absolutely, positively accept my proposal!! You have made me the happiest dog in the world!
    The pictures from your walk are so beautiful. It has gotten very warm here and some of our flowers are coming up. The forsythia is already in bloom, but those don’t have any scent.
    You got some great awards and you certainly deserve them…Congratulations! I loved your answers πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear what you thought of my presents! I am so glad the package arrived safely…a bit late, but it got there! I do hope you enjoyed everything.
    So….I guess we have a wedding to plan! : D

    all my love,
    your Skye

    • pippadogblog says:

      There were so many presents that I have had to do it in two posts, the next one will be to cover the other presents. But my very favourite one was that lovely fluffy fur that you thoughtfully enclosed.

      Do you think we can have a pre-nuptual? I have somethings I want to suggest….

      And – thank you. Now I don’t have to bother with any of those tiresome other girlfriends any more. Phew.

      • My darling Pippa,
        I just read and commented on the new post. I am so glad you enjoyed everything…..especially my fluff πŸ™‚ Since we have such an incredible sense of smell, I thought you might like that.
        Of course we can have a pre-nuptual. Those are not unusual these days. Let me know what your suggestions are.
        You are welcome.. hee hee…glad I have made your life easier!
        I will be looking forward to the second post on the package, but it will be hard to top the first one!

        all my love,
        your Skye

  4. Vicky says:

    Welcome back Pippa πŸ™‚ it’s about time your mistress let you lose on the keyboard.
    I think your description of yourself is lovely, Sally doesn’t like fireworks either, so you’re not alone there.
    Skye sounds a good girlfriend to have, especially as she shares your love of 4×4’s

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you Vicky. And, I might bark, when might J and LS be let loose on the keyboard????

      Although they do get a lot of airtime on your blog, I have peeked over Misery’s shoulder.

  5. Blu says:

    Hey Pippa,

    Glad you have finally dragged yourself away from lying by your gate and got round to posting. Very few dogs of my aquaintance complain about walks being too long. May I ask how long it takes to walk to Europa point ?

    I love walking, its carrying stuff I don’t like.

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hmm, I don’t know. I usually go in my Landy and then we walk. Misery tells me it is around 30 or 40 minutes depending on how fast she walks. She doesn’t like carrying things either.

  6. EllaDee says:

    Love your posts. Thank goodness you got off the streets & found a home with someone who could type for you. I follow Misery’s blogs and it’s nice to hear about your Gib & Spain lives from a Pippadog viewpoint. Congratulations on the awards. πŸ™‚ EllaDee

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you EllaDee. It’s just a shame Misery spends more time on her boring old blogs and less on mine these days. PippaPaw needs to go firmly down on that one, but so much to do, so little time to sleep in zzzzzzzzz

  7. Bassas Blog says:

    Hola Pippa πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your blog awards! Great pictures. I especially like the one of you waiting by the gate. You live in a very lovely part of the world.

  8. The German here: “Pippa you are just a handsome dog. I do so love your photos and adventures. Congrats for your awards!”

    • pippadogblog says:

      Hello The German. I think you should have your own blog. I so love to have German friends. At first Misery put posts about me on hers, but I made her changed her mind. What could be better than a blog about a German friend? Not sure about those cats though….

  9. Momo & Pinot says:

    Hi and congratulations on the awards, Pippa!! We agree!
    We want to our mom who opens friend whenever she wants
    and gets to go out off leash!

    Momo & Pinot

  10. Ralph says:

    Congrats on the awards. You certainly deserve them. Your post made my Secretary laugh and laugh and laugh. We also like the pictures a lot.


    • pippadogblog says:

      Apparently Misery makes people laugh when she is trying to be serious. She can’t make them laugh when she tried to be funny though.

      Will try and sniff by yours soonest.

  11. pix & kardz says:

    hi Pippa, congrats on all your awards. well-deserved, to be sure.
    i know you don’t like cats much – but there was a cat that once lived with us, and she did not like fireworks either.
    looking forward to finding out all about your presents! πŸ™‚
    (but no pressure) πŸ˜€

  12. pippadogblog says:

    Thank you C – I haven’t commented on all yours because you have been far more efficient than Misery, but I will try and catch up. Presents now up, well some of them πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling better too.

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