And again, pups and people, please read, help and take whatever action you can.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Sit. (He did) Stay. (He did) Hope. (He does).

Semper fidelis.

The Marines got it from them. “Ever faithful”

Sergeant Rex waits his fate. His current status is listed below.

(Will resume regular blogging post after this last one.)

Megan Leavey hopes the red tape will end, Sgt. Rex will pass his final review, and is once again at her side. Rex’s 11th birthday is next month.

It won’t matter if he’s a tad unsteady. He’s got lots of wags left in that tail.

There’s a fenced yard with a swimming pool, and a friendly pack waiting to ease his way into retirement:  Rocky,(the 7 yrs shiba inu), and Patriot (4 yrs. working Labrador). Leavey still handles dogs, but with a private company. It will be a different life for a book celebrity and warrior, but he’s ready. And who better to understand any difficulties adjusting to civilian life…

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  1. Big woof and thanks for leading the pack. Also appreciate the UK media giving Rex so much attention. Glad a soft spot for dog friends seems to be international. (“And We also wave our gratitude and appreciate your persistence in this desperate matter. We shall count you as one of our worthy friends…but that does not mean you have our leave to play with Our mousies at this time..maybe at some point in the future. Adieu, mon ami, I am RC Cat. And We approve this message”)

  2. Someone(s) needs to learn the meaning of “semper fidelis” and it’s not the dog…

  3. My darling Pippa,
    I will post again on my fb page. I am so proud of you for getting the news out and helping to rally support for this brave dog. Just another reason I love you so much! :*

    all my love,
    your Skye

  4. Pippa – Sergeant Rex has cleared tests. Going home soon. High paws and nose bump! thanks for your help

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