I have lots of stuff to catch up on, but this is more important. Please check it out, if you haven’t already done so elsewhere, and try to help.

You can email Senator Chuck, sign the petition, publicise it on facebook or your blog or whatever.

Rex served for his country. We don’t kill people when they are too old or sick to serve (yet) and we shouldn’t be killing dogs as though they are disposable objects. He has a loving home to go to. Give him the opportunity.

It’s on most of Misery’s blogs too, should you wish to check out her take on it.

Proper PippaNews will be back later, and thank you everyone for your awards and comments in my absence.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

He’s done his part. Hunting IED’s keeping the others in his group safe in Iraq. Wounded in action. Braved blazing sun, mind dulling heat, and freezing temperature. All without complaint. Got up every morning and did it again.

Now they are done with him.

No pension, though.

He’s 10 years old.

Sergeant Rex, a German Shepherd military dog, faces death from the very ones he’s devoted his life to protecting. The Marines decided to “put him down” because of his age and he “can no longer serve”

But not without a fight from a devoted friend.

Former Corporal Megan Leavey, of Rockland County, wants to give Rex a forever home and let him enjoy the rest of his life in comfort and peace among friends. Together the two soldiers hunted for IEDs during two tours of duty. Both were severely injured in Iraq when an IED exploded near them. The Marines…

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  1. My darling Pippa,
    Thank you for sharing this important news. I will try to share it on fb and/or do a post with a link to your blog. That is so wrong on every level! We MUST do something to save this brave dog!!

    all my love,
    your Skye

  2. Vicky says:

    Pippa, I have signed the petition and re-blogged it on mine too x

  3. Jen says:

    Petition signed, and I’m composing the blog entry now (linking back to both of you!). This poor dog, he deserves a home 😦

  4. I’m a little shocked and very disappointed to learn that the US military don’t take care of their old war dogs. It sounds to me that Rex put his life on the line and is as much a war vet as any human soldier. How much money or effort could it take to properly retire an old dog? This lack of gratitude is appalling. Corporal Leavey should be commended for sticking by his buddy.

    • pippadogblog says:

      Tut Tut Sweetest one. Corporal Megan Leavy is a her 🙂 Feminist Misery says I have to point this one out. But anyway you are totally right. The dog has a home to go to. Why not let him go there? Bureaucratic ******** er toerags, I think I meant.

  5. So, all the Marines’ boasting about “leaving no man behind” doesn’t apply to the dogs… Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  6. […] Saving Sergeant Rex. (pippadogblog.wordpress.com) […]

  7. kmoore says:

    Pippa and mom, I’m so glad to see you blogging about this. We wrote a post about this yesterday, and then Jen, from The Elka Almanac, wrote a post about it and linked to your post as well as another about this story.

    We’ve signed the petition, and can’t wait to see others do the same. Thanks for spreading the word, lovely!

    • pippadogblog says:

      Gotta get the word out as widely as possible, it’s not just about one dog as Misery said on her blog – it’s about what happens to all serving dogs.

      Hope you have written about it on your Atlanta pages 🙂

  8. pix & kardz says:

    thank you for doing your part, Pippa. i got to this very late, so i know the deadline has passed. no point reposting it. i tried to google the story, and kept finding more and more people who have posted about this.
    i hope the good guys win!

    • pippadogblog says:

      You don’t need to repost, as lots of us are doing that but I dont think it would do any harm to join the internet campaign. Deadlines do get extended you know 🙂

  9. Jb says:

    This is sad. We will go sign the petition.
    Pee ess, no mom did not find all the birds in the scavenger hunt. 😦

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