My last chance

Or so Misery says. To post on 29 February for four years.
Huh. Feeble excuse.

A dog is not allowed enough computer time.

Anyway. No chat today, more later, just pix for a special day in four years. I do have lots of news and lots of replies to bark to you all, but it will have to wait or I will miss the date to post today, it is nearly midnight and I could be Cinderella, so to bark. And perhaps the last chance I have for four years to accept the proposal from the sweetheart of my dreams. Skye ……..

So here is a slideshow for you, if it works. We were trying to run away from Misery, of course. It’s ok, there are only seven pics, no need to groan out loud, at the prospect of 1001 photos. I did keep looking to make sure she was following though. Important to keep an eye on her.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


39 comments on “My last chance

  1. Vicky says:

    I do hope you get your proposal Pippa, you’re a very handsome boy!! and very caring too to keep an eye on your mistress when she was lagging behind, surely you must have only been pretending to run away from her though?

  2. pippadogblog says:

    I did indeed Vicky, thank you so much, although I would have liked hundreds I must say.

    I have to accept my dog responsibilities to make sure she is there. But it was fun to run up the steps. And then I looked for her again when I got to the top. Silly Slow Coach Misery.

  3. deltasheltie says:

    Cools slidey show. Looks soo good there. Pops says I can’t go there justs yet. Neato to have a privates photographer to chronicle your life in photos.
    No mores midnights for my secretary. If he starts doing technologys stuffs at darks he stays up too lates and my beauty sleeps is disturbed.

  4. deltasheltie says:

    Good nights. Hopes I can bark agains before 2016. If we were borns on a Leaps Year Day would that slow downs our aging?

  5. The OP Pack says:

    Great slideshow, Pippa. You had some beautiful weather there and you are looking to be in great form.

    Hope to see you again soon.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Bongo says:

    I look back for my person too. Glad you got to get a post in today.

  7. My darling Pippa, Happy February 29! It certainly is a special day and I loved the slideshow pictures. You take such good care of Master and Misery….they are so lucky to have you! I am so happy that this special year gave me the chance to propose to you! Did you receive the package that I sent you? I so hope you like everything I chose. Have sweet dreams–I will be gazing at your picture and dreaming of being curled up next to you…..
    all my love,
    your Skye

    • pippadogblog says:

      Finally my package came 🙂 xxxxx It was to be my next post but then we learned about Rex, and I knew you would not mind waiting for a little while before I post up my piccies as saving a dog is so important. I loved the fur the bestest of all!!

  8. pix & kardz says:

    Hello Pippa,
    you did well with the slideshow. A happy February 29th to you. It is already March where you are, but here it is still the 29th for a few more hours.
    it snowed here today. lots in the morning which already began to melt by the time i was out and about – and the streets were completely bare by this afternoon. not sure if you would like the snow. i am thinking not. it is cold and can be wet if you spend enough time in it, or if it starts melting.
    better stick with the weather in your slideshow. that seems much warmer. and more fun for running upstairs away from Misery 🙂

  9. Bassas Blog says:

    Great pictures Pippa. Keep posting!

  10. Dear Pippa, thank goodness you’re back! I was starting to get worried.

    I’m glad you got a word in on Feb 29. That Misery of yours sounds as slack as My Typist but at least she knows how to put up a slideshow. That must have taken some skills.

    Hey, I just read that note from Skye. Are you now married or something?

    • pippadogblog says:

      No, of course we arent married. It’s complicated.

      Of course the slideshow didnt take skills or Misery couldnt have done it. It’s an easy peasy wordpress thing.

  11. JB says:

    Nice to see your pics and on Leap Day too!
    I am having trouble blogging. Mom is able to put up some posts but then she does not have time to visit blogs much. Work is consuming mom. 😦

  12. Kyanite Blue says:

    Good for you Pippa remembering L

  13. Kyanite Blue says:

    I will start again.. GOOD for you re remembering Leap Year Day – but didn’t see that Skye actually accepted your proposal? Her not yours 🙂

  14. Ralph says:

    Where were you? I didn’t realize that you were such a big dog too!

    • pippadogblog says:

      Walking outside our city walls and back up through a new car park which is part of the fortifications – a few minutes from home. Biggish, yes 🙂

  15. Blu says:

    Pippadog, I don’t think you get enough bark time. You need to put your paw down with erm a firm paw. Whilst I really like Misery’s pics of Gibraltar, they’d be so much better with a handsome Pippadog in the foreground, as with the pics in this post.


  16. Well done, Pippa!


  17. to add to the joys of keeping up with 3 blogs and real life, i’ve tagged you!

    yes, it’s a blog game. i had to pick some people and you were 1 of them. you may of course ignore it but, i thought your life might be mighty interesting 🙂 x

  18. Letty says:

    oh the sunshine is beauteous. I am so starved of sunshine. Thank you for sharing Pippa!!

  19. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew says:

    Wishing you all the luck with your proposal sweet Pippa. We could see the pictures and enjoyed them….you are lookin’ mighty fine. We will be lookin’ forward to hearing all you have to bark about. Hugs and nose kisses

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