What’s in a routine?

Now that Master has a new job we have changed our routine. Well he has changed our routine to be more accurate.

So for your edification and comparison with your own routines, here are mine, old and new. This does not include my Spanish routine which is different again, we are talking Gibflat only here.

Old routine


Master gets up around 5.30/6am, makes coffee, drinks a couple of cups, and then we go out.

Meanwhile Misery, of course is still snoozing away.

When we return, Master makes his breakfast (unless he decides to wait hours for Misery) and we eat his toast together.

Some time later, Misery blearily staggers into the sitting room, makes herself tea, and finally does something useful. My breakfast. Yay!

A couple of hours later she decides to eat something so I share that with her.

In-between all this I bound between my sofa, my under-table den, and on the floor guarding Master’s chair. There isn’t a lot of choice for a large dog in a small flat but I try and be as inconvenient as possible.

In the middle of the day, which is a Spanish middle of the day, ie 1-3pm, we go out for another walk. And then it is lunchtime when I come back.

After lunch, a nap is called for. Usually under my table. And then nothing else really happens until I go out late at night or whenever master and I feel like it. Sometimes it can be in the small hours of the morning which is nice because it is very peaceful out on the Gib streets at those hours.

So what’s different with my new routine?

Well, we get up at the same time, but before I go out Master has his breakfast and leaves my walk as late as possible before he leaves for work. This is because, there is no lunchtime walk as he doesn’t get time to come home, so I have to wait until teatime. The whole day with boring old Misery. As soon as Master comes in – out we all go.

After my walk, I get tea instead of lunch, which is ok. I can live with that – it is still the same meal. Misery then gets on with their tea, but before they eat it, we all go out for another walk. This is because I have missed out on my lunchtime walk and they want to take me out again. Who am I to argue?

Then Master is tired and he falls into bed, and sleeps all night through.

Saturdays and Sundays however, are the old routine, because Master finishes at lunchtime on Saturday and doesn’t work Sunday. It’s all the same in the end though – eat, sleep, walk, in varying order.

Anyways, my walks are fun because there are always people to meet who want to say hello and stroke me. And sometimes there are girlfriends to meet too.

I met a puppy the other day. He was five months old and wanted to say hello so we did sniffy noses. And then he got a bit uppity and started to paw my nose and try and jump up so I gave a quick growl to let him know I was in charge. Didn’t seem to make any difference. I must be losing my touch with pups as well as girlfriends.

Here are some photos of our late evening walk the other day. When I say photos of our walk, I mean photos of me. This is a dogblog, not a Gibphotoblog.

Here we are at the start, I'm deciding which way to go

Pippa was here

We've crossed over to the old sea walls and we're going down the ramp now

Walking through the old battery

Through the old archway - look how nicely it has been restored and floodlit

Hey Misery! I told you this is not a Gibphotoblog or a Gibhistoryblog!!

Having a good sniff around the flower beds

Wandering through a new car park next to the ramparts, it is a nice place to walk

Always gotta be on alert - what do I see?

No blogger wordpress comparison today, it’s the weekend so taking time out from that. BUT, if any of you pups use Misery’s gmail address please note they have disabled her account now!! (Pippa, rolling on floor laughing MAO under my table den).


20 comments on “What’s in a routine?

  1. Dear Pippa, I think your Misery and My Typist might be related. How can this be?

    Please put some pictures of Gib in your blog. I have never been there and like to live vicariously.

    • Georgia Sweetest Pea

      I am sorry I have banned Pippa from faffing around on the computer until I get my imported blogs sorted, so he can’t reply just now.

      There are probably at least two pix on his blog of Gib, but I am trying to put some photos together for my blog for our new friends. I will dedicate one of them to you. Do you have any particular topic or period or anything really that you prefer? Apart from food?


      Pippa’s Misery

  2. Hi Pippa! Thanks fur stopping by and saying HEY at me! We do look a little alike but you has furry thick unnercoats. I do too but they is flat, not floofy like you. Mom is always complaining bout me leaving my furs laying around all ofur the place. That do be why the invented the Dyson. Shudder.

    • Shawnee

      Thank you for visiting back. I am always complaining about Pippafur too. We also have a Dyson but it is no match for Pippafur.

    • Pippadogblog says:

      Shawnee, hi there, thanks for visiting back. I must get Misery to add you to my list of blogpals. She has been neglecting my blog and my pals yet again 😦


  3. Bongo says:

    New routines are okay as long as they include eating often.

    • Hm. Pippa gets three breakfast a day, how much more often does a dog need to eat? That sets him up for the whole day. And today, he got some of my lunch, and he hasn’t even had his own tea yet. And does he share his biscuits with us????

  4. annienz says:

    Hey there Pippa Pal!! The Dad finally got my laptop back from the fix-it shop as you know, and now the hu-Mum has nearly finished faffing around doing Mum stuffs on the ‘puter. I I gets to read some bloggies.
    Your new routine sounds fery fine to me. I wish I could gets the hu-mans to put as many walkies in my routine. I is workin’ on them tho. Mind woooo your old routine sounded pretty fine too. Especially the amount of noms. πŸ™‚

    Your Pal Ruger

    • hello Ruger, I hope your mum is updating her blog too, I need to refind it and follow it

      Pippa will be allowed around at some point to come visit you again (and maybe even comment on his own blog)

  5. Ralph says:

    Hi Pippa!

    I agree with Pea — more pics of Gib please. Not that its not nice seeing lots of pictures of you as well. You’re lucky to get so many walks. But I’ve never been to Gib or Spain and I’ll never go, so I’d love to see pictures.


    • Hi Ralph, thanks for that, I guess Pippa is going to have to concede at least one Gibpicapost. On the other hand, you can always look at my blog which has more than enough !! Even more history pix than your blog on a recent post πŸ˜€

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pippa, we were interested to visit your new blog and see the difference. You are right blogger is becoming difficult!
    You do have a hard time being on your own with Misery through the day but it sounds like you get lots of walks.
    So that is good, lots of nice smells and pups to meet – even if they are not listening to you.
    We know how annoying it is when you give a warning growl and they will not take heed, the youngsters these days!!!
    Our human once stopped at Gib on a cruise, apparently she was very ill and claimed the pavements were moving.
    We checked your pics and they don’t look as though they move to us at all.
    Honestly, humans!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello, glad you discovered we are not ‘private’ – believe me I know how that feels and it really was because in changing Xmas background over I did something very wrong!!
    Made worse by lots of things happening here and just busy so looked into how you close your blog. I once had a very good friend who had many ‘private’ blogs!
    Honestly it was never my intention to do that!!!!!
    Martha & Bailey’s Useless Human xx

  8. Check out Pippa’s post about the differences between WP and blogger and how to import if you are fed up with blogger. No point closing your blog, just leave it up, maybe close it to comments, etc etc Pippa’s post is in December I think (on here) if you are consdering a change and no we are not on commission from wp:D

  9. Hello my darling Pippa!
    Sounds like you are dealing with the new routine. As long as you get your food, walks and naps, life is good. I LOVED the pictures of your walk…I imagined myself strolling right next to you.
    A package is on the way to you….it was delayed because my silly mom didn’t find the customs slips! She went to the post office today, filled out the paperwork (and got some extras for the future) and sent if off. It will not be there by Valentine’s Day, but I will be thinking of you and sending you my love and kisses. Please let me know when you get the package. I was going to email you, but you said Misery’s gmail is not working.

    all my love,
    your Skye

    • Pippadogblog says:

      Darling Skye

      Misery found a Valentine card for you with two dogs on, but they weren’t huskies so she decided to have a look in a different shop for a better card – and forgot 😦

      I think you had better let me know when your barkday or whatever day is, and then I can send you something for that. Seems a bit late to send you a Val card now.. but on a brighter note, I shall write about your wonderful proposal in my next post πŸ™‚

      • My darling Pippa,
        My barkday is April 8. Mom could not find a Valentine card with huskies on it either, but hopefully you will like the one I did send (along with all the other stuff). I had wonderful sweet dreams about you on Valentine’s Day and sent you my love and kisses.

        all my love,
        your Skye

  10. Flo says:

    Pippa, I find it hard to believe that you haven’t got a long line of girls queuing up. I notice that you were particularly masterful at bringing the blog back to you. Very slack of Misery to try to steer it away. Well done you hunk you. πŸ™‚

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