Vet visit

As pups know, I am a bit of a jet-setting travelling dog.  Well, I travel between Spain and Gibraltar so that is good enough for me to merit the description, I think.

And to travel between Spain and Gib, I need my very own passport, although no-one seems interested in looking at it.

So this month my annual jabs were due and we went into town to see my favourite vet Pedro.  The nice man who spotted that I had tick disease and made me better.

We have learned not to go on a Monday, and not to go for opening time.  Best to wait half an hour or so and then it is quiet and we can chat with him.

Misery does not like vets normally because she thinks lots of them are greedy and try to carry out too much treatment just to earn money.  A bit like dentists.

Pedro always sees me in the waiting room, I don’t know why.  Perhaps I am a good PR dog for him.  I am very big and very nice.

Here we are at the V.E.T. clinic - checking everything out

Master and I sit down patiently and wait for Pedro to come over and stroke me.

Patient Pippa (so to bark)

Maybe I wasn’t that patient, because there was a C.A.T. in a box that caught my attention. What a nuisance it was in a box.  How is a Pippadog supposed to chase it when it is locked in a box?  No fun at all I bark.

A Cat. I. Spy. A. Cat. I want it.

And look, there is a dog on top of the cupboard.  What is it doing up there?  Oh, maybe it isn’t a real dog.  Just a little look-a-like toy doggie.

Misery, please get that little tiny dog down for me to sniff

But there is a real dog over there, coming out of the groomers. Hello doggie.

A little dog. A real one. I want to say hello.

Oh, what’s this coming in the door?

This looks interesting

Is he OK? asked the woman.  Yes, said Pedro, he’s a very good dog.  Of course I am. So I said hello to the puppy.

Hello tiny little puppy

His mother had been killed in a traffic accident and this nice woman had taken him in. Poor little puppy.

Sniffing noses together

What else happened?  Oh the boring bit.  Pedro said my teeth needed cleaning but an anaesthetic would be dangerous at my age. Quite right.  I can eat my food and bite those cats – when I get chance to chase them – so I’m not going for any nasty knock-outs, thank you very much.  I had my jab.  I was tough.  I didn’t bat a Pippaeyelid.  Pedro gave Misery some worming tablets just in case.  She asked him for some more Cox-2 inhibitor NSAID tablets in case my poorly foot comes back.  They had a techy discussion about how strong they were and how they could affect my stomach.  Pedro said I could have half a tablet instead of a full one.  And then when we came back to Gib – she had left them in Spain.  I ask you.

Edited to add – por favor, if you can help and you are in USA/Texas – maybe you could stop by the houston pittie pack

If there is anyone in the dogblog community who hasn’t heard the tragic story yet, their house was totally destroyed in a fire, and five of their rescued animals were killed when their people were unable to get to them in the thick smoke. Brinks and Bella were saved.

And you can contribute here.


14 comments on “Vet visit

  1. Anonymous says:

    You look so gentle with that little pup, Jasper is just the same when he meets little pups too. x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pippa:

    Love your pictures. I don’t know much about Spain, so I’m looking forward to learning a thing or two or three. (And I like the story about the origins of your name. I think Pippa is a very good name for a boy.)


  3. Flo says:

    Flo is more than happy to go to the v-e-t’s and she’s very well behaved when she’s there. She’s had to share her appointments with George or Fergus and she just lies down and waits her turn. Some of her friends don’t like going to the v-e-t at all.

    H and Flo

  4. pippadogblog says:

    Thanks Vicky, Ralph, and Flo

  5. Bongo says:

    I didn’t like the v-e-t when I first came to live with my people. I would even spit out the dog treats the v-e-t gave me. But I learned that the v-e-t my people take me to is nice so I don’t mind going anymore.

  6. Hello Pippa! Nice to meet you, you’re quite a beautiful pup who sounds like you have lots of fun adventures. Love the photo of you and the little dog–too cute. Sorry you had to go to the vet–my pups (except Harley) do not like the vet. Harley runs there and jumps into the nurses arms 🙂

    All the best for a blessed 2012!
    -Deanna, Harley, Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you DHSC&R – the little puppy was so nice. I loved it very much. So did Misery. I think she was trying to sneak it home with us 😀

  7. pix & kardz says:

    I should really be calling it a day, yet somehow I found my way here and I haven’t been able to stop reading. What a great blog you have. Am so enjoying this.
    Please tell Misery well done for switching to WordPress because I would otherwise have never met you. Take care Pippadog!

    • pippadogblog says:

      Thank you Chris. I understand you take wonderful photos so if you come over here I would be most pleased if you could take some pix of Handsome Me as Misery never does me justice.

      I’m a bit gutted the import pix aren’t big, so pre-December, the photos and posts actually look better on my blogger blog. But we are staying put anyway.

      • pix & kardz says:

        what a kind thing of you to say about my photos, Pippadog. you look quite brilliant here yourself. If Misery isn’t doing you justice, then you must be even more big and nice than I imagined. I like how you are looking hopefully that they will let you meet the new puppy. you made me smile. And then to see you towering over him, as little as he was. and you were so polite and all. but from what I have read about you, that doesn’t surprise me one bit.
        with regard to the larger photos, they could potentially be borrowed by people who forget to ask for permission and used for ads and calendars. and you certainly don’t strike me as the kind of dog who likes to hang on other people’s walls. so maybe that’s a small consolation? or maybe not.
        in any event, i am now following your blog so i can keep up with your next tail of adventure. i hope your foot will be just fine even without the half-pills. left them in Spain. i can see you have your paws full, keeping your people organized.

        • pippadogblog says:

          I have looked at your blog and Misery can’t take such wonderful photos so therefore you must be better than her. Simple in my Pippopionion. I didn’t want to frighten the little puppy so I was being very still and quiet. I have another puppy tale, I must get Misery to write it up.

          Misery used to reduce my photos when we first started blogging for exactly that reason. And there were lots of discussions with other dogbloggers, many of whom didn’t care about their photos being used elsewhere (!!!!). Misery felt she was being a bit precious, and she thought there were more handsome dogs than me out there, so she slacked off and stopped reducing them. She left the tiny © on out of principle (yeah I know you can get rid of it :D) because she thinks copyright is such an important issue. Also, I think the photos look better on wordpress so maybe not so much need to have a large version available to blow up. I think she took them down to between 700 and 1000.

          Thank you for following – Misery has added your blog to her blogger blogroll (! 😀 ) so she can keep up to date with your supah photos 😉 – and your writing and thoughts too of course.


          • pix & kardz says:

            Wahoo! i can almost yip as well as you can, Pippa. but only almost. 🙂
            please pass on my regards & big thanks to Misery for adding pix & kardz to the blogger blogroll! 😀
            i have no tail to wag, but big grins here.

          • pippadogblog says:

            She has fallen out with Blogger again – if that is possible. She has been locked out of her account now (snigger) 😀

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