PippaPawUp for Wagg

I have seen some pups do product reviews. I have decided to do a few, although not many. They will either get the PippaPawUp, or the PippaPawDown. Easy huh?

So, today when Master and Misery went out I guarded the flat in my normal fashion. You know, asleep, under my table den.

Misery came back, panting and puffing up the stairs. But what did she have with her? – A HUGE sack of Wagg dog food.

I love Wagg. It is yummissimo.

This was a beef and veg sack. The other one I eat is chicken and veg. Misery thinks it is good because it comes from Yorkshire. But Misery thinks everything that comes out of Yorkshire is good because she did too.

Importantly, it has no added sugar or artificial flavourings or colourings. And any meat apparently is suitable for humans to eat. No ground up hooves there then. Good eh?

Cost: A 15 kg sack is £13.65 – works out at 91p a kilo. On the sack it says it is enough to feed a large dog (20-40kg) for a month at about 500 grammes a day.

There are small bags too, which are only 2.5kg but work out dearer, approx £1.30 a kilo. That’s why Misery was panting and puffing up the stairs with the better value big sack.

I can happily recommend both varieties. Available from Morrisons and probably loads of other shops too, but we only have Morries in Gib.

They have a cool website, where you can buy their stuff on-line (cheaper too), and one of their dogs even has his own blog.

No, I did not get a single free Wagg biscuit for writing this up. Just thought it would be an interesting diversification for my CV. Or DV. Or whatever.

But for any pups living in the UK with a blog, they have been offering free treats in exchange for a review. Hey ho. You can’t win ’em all (or even a lot, get the joke? winalot? all I can manage today) so I can’t get those treats but other pups may be interested.

Anyways, here are some piccies of me out on my walk with Master. And then I go home for my lunch.

How embarrassing. Why is Master hopping?? Look at my sedate and graceful walk

A dog has to sniff

And more sniffs….

Hmm, there is another dog approaching. Always got to check them all out

And don’t forget to check out Bolo’s Nosevember contest where you have to guess whose nose belongs to who. Here is the post for week two.


2 comments on “PippaPawUp for Wagg

  1. pix & kardz says:

    got here via V’s blog, so i wanted to see ehat you were up to, Pippa. Your Wagg sounds yummy.
    and you made me grin with your sedate and graceful walk photo. 🙂

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