Here I am!! We found blogger again!!

Hello Misery!! No posts for May!! No visits!! What’s going on?

Cleaning?? What’s that?? Doesn’t normally happen around here.

Oh, and Misery is spending too much time on a Facebook Page called Everything German Shepherd.

Hey! How about a blog called every Pippadogblog?

Still, she has posted a couple of pix of me up there so I shouldn’t complain. GSD lovers, get yourselves over there. But don’t abandon your dogblogs.

So, apart from the puppy who is now out of bounds – see me checking him out here ..

What else? I have been busy taking part in the Joe Staines cheeseburger thingy. Except we don’t eat those whatever they are, so I was told toast would be acceptable. Toast is ALWAYS acceptable. So here is toasty Pippa.

Eye on the toast – evil eye

So patient .. for a while

Mine – give me – NOW!

And on another tack, here we are stopping at one of my favourite peepee spots, with a lovely view of Gibraltar. Me, my Landy, Gibraltar and Master. The arty Gibpix will be on Misery’s blog. My blog needs to have pix of ME. It is a dogblog not a giblog.

Master and I. Happily.

Oh, such a nice quick bonding session

And Master trying to open my Landy whatever else you may think he is doing with his arm

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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