Busy, busy, busy at my finca

There I was. At my gate as usual. Master spotted it. A tiny little thing. A new pup on the block in fact.

He called Misery. They both gushed over it and said how cute it was and how irresponsible it was of the owners (for lots of reasons that we won’t go into).

Would you believe it??? Misery went to talk to it and called it in silly soppy tones and it puppied up to her and lay over and laughed.

Bah!! Or Bark!! Now listen Misery, I do not want other cute little dogs jumping on my path. Leave it alone, even if you do think it is sweet. I do not. It really looks rather like a cat, or a rat. Go away puppy. Leave Pippa’s Premises and Paths alone.

What else? Oh yes, they cut down another tree and found what they thought was a locust.

Master painted his stepladders and I supervised.

The bueys came past so I inspected them. They were in good order so I lay down again.

Another hard week at the finca for a working dog.

At my gate

I have spotted something

I am watching you

Pesky little puppy

It was boring and now it has gone

A locust. We think


My other gate

Moving down a step to get a closer sniff

What do you want? I’m busy

Bueys – I can sniff them coming

Look, here they come

Aren’t they handsome?

Phew, time for a rest checking out my spinach

An exhausted Pippa in my tableden


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