There I was, peaceably taking Master for a walk at lunchtime or thereabouts when I was attacked!!

We were wandering leisurely up the hill, to turn around at the middle gates and go back home for my Lunch! or Master’s lunch, or somebody’s lunch. But this horrid spitting, hissing, swirling thing threw itself at me and thought I would be lunch.

No. Pippadog is not luncheon meat. Even on a lead. What is a dog to do? Oh it was a C.A.T. by the way. All C.A.T.s may wish to skip a few paragraphs here …

Anyway, I grabbed hold of it and chomped. Chomp, chomp, went the Pippajaws (note to Misery, if you groom me any more, you too, will feel the Pippajaws) but the huge pest was clinging to my snose. My beautiful snose.

Master told it to go away. That was pretty useless and he realised it. Luckily he carries a stick to ward off wild animals, wild dogs, wild cats and wild people. So he pushed the cat off my snose with his stick. He may have also hit it a tiny little bit.

What else was he going to do? Feral cat, no doubt fed by well-meaning people, attacks innocent dog. Without the tiniest bit of provocation. I am the first to admit that a good cat chase is often in order, but this was totally unreasonable. Master did not want to see me with my eye taken out, or lots of claws stuck in my face, so he stuck up for me. Or sticked up for me.

Well, then we went back home and kind Nurse Misery looked after me. I must say that one of her better traits is looking after poorly doggies. She put some yellow stuff on my snose and said nice things to me. There are times when I love Misery, even if she does paint me yellow.

One side

And another

A close-up

My paw. For a change. Investigating outside my gate.

Wrecking Checking out my spinach patch again. Note the yellow snose still.


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