Hola Pippa – Hula Pippa

Off we went in my Landy to my Spanish finca. As we approached the frontera (frontier), Misery turned round to ask me: ‘Do you think your nice Guardia Civil friends will want to say hello?’

‘Of course,’ I answered. ‘They always do.’ This has nothing to do with the fact that there are no windows for them to see what we have in the back of the Landy, it is because they want to say hello to me, Pippa.

But as we were going through the frontier, no-one seemed interested in us. They were looking at a Spanish car, and two vans. Then! Just as we were about to go through without greetings, a Guardia Civil officer said ‘Hola!’

Master promptly stopped. He jumped out of our Landy (his seatbelt was undone waiting for the call to say hello to me) and walked around to the rear. I was very excited and jumped towards the rear door.

‘Abre abajo’ said the officer. Master opened my door.


‘Eeeeek!!!!’ said the officer, or something similar in Spanish.

She jumped back ten yards. Why didn’t she want to say Hola! to me and stroke me?

Then she told master to close the door and to go. She didn’t seem to want to look for tobacco or alcohol or whatever they seem to want to find that we never have anyway.

Poor sad Pippa. Most of them say Hola! and give me a pat. It’s not as though I am a frightening sort of a dog. Even if one did once call me a leon, or a tigre or something like that.

“Hello friends, where are you?”

Now I have some other wonderful news. My secret operations as an undercover HULA operative can finally be disclosed as I am retired.

I am so proud to have my certificate. Of course Misery didn’t complete my application correctly so I thought I should add a few comments. Well, maybe not today. Another day …


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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