Disguises and invasion

Master thinks I am stupid. Every morning he feeds me my tablets disguised in something tasty in a bid to get me to eat them. He thinks I haven’t noticed.

Waiting – and watching

One morning I chucked one out on the floor and thought I had got away with not eating it, but he spotted it and gave me it again. He even kept my mouth closed and stroked my throat to make sure I swallowed it. What I have to put up with!

Here is a list of tasties that I have been fed before my main breakfast as supposed tablet hiders:

runner beans (master thought these were very clever as he could pop the tablet inside the split bean)
cooked (dried) beans

I nearly got pineapple but Greedy Mistress was too busy getting it down her neck for it to become a tablet disguiser. Just as well she gave me a few pieces anyway.

But my very favourite is beef slices. Actually they are not beef at all, they are some veggie slices that Master and Misery eat, called beef style slices.

Master cuts one slice into three and wraps a tablet inside each one. I tell you I would eat twenty tablets every morning to get more of this yummy stuff. It does not touch the sides I gobble it down so fast.

Yummy slices

Lip-licking yummy in fact

More, more, I want more

Thank you to all my FB pals who wished me a happy barkday. Trouble is Misery has forgotten when it was, just that it was Jan 2004 when I found them, so she picked an arbitrary date. I have made her look it up on my blog from years back. It is the 14 January. I wonder if I will get to celebrate two got-them-days this year?

Now, I have a very bad piece of news to impart. My sofa has been – INVADED!! Master and Misery claim they have been poorly. Have they got tick disease and are they taking millions of tablets? No, therefore they are not remotely poorly IMDO.

But nevertheless, first Misery invaded it for a little nap claiming she was tired and poorly – and then look at this. Master was on there all afternoon. I kept walking up to him glaring – waiting for him to jump off – but he just kept snoring away.


A dog’s sofa is his very own personal space, only to be occasionally and very generously shared if someone is sitting next to him with food. Otherwise – paws off.

Now normally, like most pups, I keep my tail tidily curled round myself when I am asleep. But after the recent surprise invasion – I have decided to stretch right out, and that includes my tail taking up the final third of the sofa. Perhaps they will get the message.

Mine, I tell you, all mine


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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