My new raincoat and other stuffs

I have a raincoat.

Those pups on Facebook will know this, but others of you who are not addicted to that silly website will not.

Misery ordered it from the Internet from It is olive green (Master insisted on that to match the Land Rover) and has a nice warm lining too.

But when it arrived it didn’t rain so we couldn’t try it out. I couldn’t see much point in wearing it in the flat even though Misery seemed to think it was a good idea.

One evening we all went out for my walk and it started spotting. I didn’t have my coat on. What is the point of having a coat if persons don’t put it on for one and then it starts to rain? Huh?

Since then we have had torrential rain. Misery put her paw, I mean foot, down very firmly and has insisted I am coated whether it is raining or not. I am still not sure whether I like wearing a coat though. But at least I don’t get half as wet as I did. And some people we have met have told me I look very smart.

Getting ready

Out. In the rain.

Master and I with our bare wet legs

Water everywhere. Wet pavements. Wet people. Wet Pippa.

A couple of other snippets.

I received an award the other day/week/month from the lovely Islay. Remember Charlie from Australia who left us on Anzac Day for the Bridge? Charlie’s person has jumped halfway across the world and been taken on by Collie pup Islay. Islay is a Scottish Island in the Hebrides which Misery assures me is very beautiful and has lots of nice single malt whisky. Whatever that may be.

Islay has given me the Versatile Blogger Award. Perhaps that is because sometimes I blog and sometimes I don’t. So therefore I must be versatile. Anyway, seven things about me….

1 I have a new dog coat
2 I don’t like going out in the rain
3 I like chasing cats
4 I like to eat my breakfast on the sofa
5 I am a cross husky/GSD (I think)
5 I found Master and Misery on the streets of Spain
7 i love toast (you all know that but I thought it was so important I would mention it again)

And the last thing I want to write happens to be from something we saw on Facebook last night. Normally I would not be writing about Facebook, because I am sure I would be busier on my blog without silly Facebook, but we read a link that Khyra had posted, and thought it was worth repeating.

Facebook dog linky thing

Every year, millions of people consider adopting shelter dogs or cats, but many don’t follow through because they assume there’s something wrong with shelter pets.
Those of us who share our lives with adopted and rescued pets …. know that shelters and rescue groups are full of great pets – dogs with one ear up and one ear down, senior dogs content to cuddle on the sofa and watch TV with you, and frisky young kittens with a passionate interest in your computer keyboard.

Er, ~I think we will ignore that reference to pesky kittens, but otherwise anything that alerts people to the fact that rescue dogs are as adorable as me is worth doing. So we posted a linky on FB, and here is another one. Only a day late too, quite good for me. Happy December pups and lets hope some more shelter pups are rescued this month.


One comment on “My new raincoat and other stuffs

  1. Andrew says:

    Very, very smart Pippa. I think you need 2 pairs of Hunters too. Why do you Misery Misery?

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