Some Pippatips, and one good thing

My poor darling Misery (she is my darling of course because she has just fed me so therefore I love her very much. Well, I did just before I was fed) has been so stressed that she didn’t realise for days that our camera was not stolen. It was in a different bag to the stuff that was stolen.

It is past its best (as are lots of us) but anyway, I have retrieved some piccies for you all. Well, not many really, but something of our last trip.

And you can see why, when we are all in the back, drinking water and eating our sandwiches, that the world and their dog could sneak into the front.

So Top Pippa Tip – never ever leave your front doors open and go round the back even when you have a super dog like me with you. After all, water and sandwiches are more interesting than thieves.

Never leave anything at all – make sure to lock it up, or take it with you. Master and Misery should know better as they have been doing this sort of stuff for years, but everyone gets it wrong sometimes. They did. Don’t let it be you next time.

Heh! I sound like a public service advert.

Ah, this one is when they snuck down the beach without ME! And look there is a special doggy seat to give us all a shower. I am not sure that is a good idea.