Just another new enterprise

Poor me. Pippa of the abandoned Pippadogblog.

But here I am at last – making what is beginning to be my once a month appearance.

However, I think you should all know that in my absence I have taken up a new career.

Yes. Pippa the Painter and Decorator. After the success of supervising the repainting of my finca terrace, I decided it was time to organise a repaint of my Gibkennelflat.

My nice clean finca

I made sure Master got out all his nice dust sheets for me to lie on and supervise. Shazam! It was done in two shakes of a Pippadog’s tail. It was hard work mind, keeping a sleepy eye on Master to make sure he didn’t slack.

Working hard

Laughing – they are so useless

Getting rather tired with my hard work – notice all those buckets and tins I have to keep an eye on too?

I think we all need a rest. I need a rest anyway.

Barking my orders

My clean curtains

In charge

A little smile

Just me

And my other adventure of note was a rather neat little escape the other day. Our neighbour had come across to ask for some help with his water heater (Pippa the Plumber coming up next perhaps) and so I wandered onto the landing when he called me to say hello.

Naturally after the cursory greetings I bounded down the stairs to see if the front door was open and then I could chase some cats. But it wasn’t. So my neighbour found me sitting by the door waiting for someone to open it and I had to go back upstairs to my kennelflat. It seems I may not be allowed to socialise with my neighbours on the landing again.

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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