Back from hols

We have been on hols. But actually I don’t think I understand what that means. Master took a week off work, Mistress took a week off faffing around on the computer, and we went back to my finca.

Life seemed the same as normal to me. Walks, no cats to chase, food, and lying on my terrace.

Master and Mistress spent all their time tidying the garden and painting the outside walls. Now Master normally paints during the week, and gets paid for it, so why would he do that on ‘holiday’ for free? Humans are beyond me. Mistress even mopped out the house.

They went geocatzing one morning. Apparently it was too hot for me to go so I stayed inside my cool house. Mistress may write about it on her own blog. She is still toying with starting a new one.

Oh, and it was their birthdays too. There were some nice messages from some DWB friends on FB so Misery says thanks for that.

Now we need to spend the rest of the week visiting friends and catching up. I was so sad to read about Dakota and our hearts are with the Op Pack. JB and her family are also in our thoughts with their sad story about Bear. And to end on a good note, my good friend Randi had some good results with her surgery. I guess there is more to read on all your blogs so this is a short post today with a few pix from my ‘holidays’,

At my gate with some of Misery’s pretty flowers. No more flowers on MY blog – the rest will be consigned to hers.

Me again, happy.

Me supervising Misery painting while Master was out.

Oh, look, my walls have been painted here. About time too.

A rather nice profile shot I think. (I look even better bigger)

Gosh, it is so tiring lying on my terrace.

Just surveying my terrace and feeling important.

Having a good sniff to see who – or what – is around.

Come on Master, give ME some cheese on toast.

That friendly face didn’t work. A more assertive one was called for.

Lying inside my cool house while they clear off cycling, or geocatzing or something.

Stopping for chips/crisps/patatas fritas at the rest area on the autovia on the way back to Gib. YUM!


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