Chasing pirates – I wish

I was going to make some announcements but it has taken Misery so long to get around to writing this that I have forgotten some of them.

1) Misery is considering messing around with some of her blogs. I think instead of considering that and doing nothing about it she would be better off employed writing on mine. Anyway I know that some of your humans have a looky at her blogs, so if she ever gets round to doing anything I will put up a new linky. The Landy one will stay as it is, it is the other two she is thinking about revamping or maybe combining. Or something.

2) One of my favourite and most loyal girlfriends Randi the Lab/Newf has some nasty lumpies that need to come out, so paws crossed for Randi that everything goes smoothly. Randi also gave me a wonderful shout out on her blog the other week, so thank you for that Randi.

3) I met some super Americans the other night. They were on a coastguard ship chasing pirates around the world. How brave of them. They told master it was not an easy job at all. They knew straightaway that I was a cross-husky and immediately came to give me big hugs and kisses. They even asked if they could take me home with them, but Master was having none of that. Shame though, just think how many dogpals in America I would have been able to visit. And I would have been able to join in the pirate chase too – what an adventure. I think Master was rather grumpy not to let me go with them.

Here I am looking at a map of Africa and thinking about chasing pirates.

Here I am looking at a map of Africa and I appear to be falling asleep.

4) Speaking of huskiness, I gave a very big HAROOOOO the other day. Mistress was very surprised because I don’t usually bark or woo or haroo. But she had such a nice sandwich with sage and onion slices, and artichokes and beans in mustard dressing, and lettuce that I wanted it. So I thought the best way to demand it was to Haroo. Loudly. Silly Misery said ‘Was that a haroo Pippa?’ Of course it was. Now give me the sandwich. And I gave another quieter but very assertive haroo. I got a little bit of sandwich, I usually get the end bits when she starts getting fed up with it. Not enough for my excellent haroos though. So I shan’t haroo any more unless I get reasonable rewards.

And here is a silly picture that Misery took of me in my table den. (Note to Misery – I think you should polish my table den before you post pictures of it on the internet).

Edited to add: We have just started to go and visit some of our friends and sadly see that our friend Rocky died at the weekend. Many of you have already visited but if not you can find his blog here – RockStar and Company. Our condolences to Mike and the beautiful Mahti.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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