The great escape

The other night, Master and I went for a nice late walk.

We had all cruised off to our beds nice and early, deciding that we would go out for a later walk when it was quiet.

Misery, as usual, was lying in her bed (ie on the floor), and suddenly she heard a loud bang. And then another one.

Fireworks! she thought. And wondered if there were going to be lots of them.

Meanwhile, I heard the first nasty loud bang and started. The next time, I decided it was time for action. I pulled in the opposite direction to Master – and as luck would have it – my chain snapped.

Off I skipped. First I ran onto the road, but then remembered there are nasty vehicles on there so I quickly jumped back onto the pavement.

I ran up the street in the opposite direction to Master so he could chase me. But he didn’t. He called ‘Pippa’ and when I waited for him to chase me he just turned and walked in the other direction. I was so disappointed. And I didn’t want to be left either, so I quickly ran after him, and he clipped my lead to my collar. Not much of an escape really.

The next day Misery went to the shop to look for a Strong Harness. Hmmmm. She spoke to the man in the shop and agreed to go back with Master and I.

The shop man brought out a very strong looking harness and put it over my head. Then he wanted me to lift my left paw through. But I always lift my right paw first. Perhaps I am right pawed? So Master put my left paw through.

But I think it is rather nice, and it is blue so it matches my blue collar. I wonder if my husky blood is showing through here as a harness-wearing dog?

Here is a top view of my new harness

Down the monkey steps we go

I think there were monkeys here…..

…….Or maybe they were here?

In the swing of it here with Master – walking jauntily

A quick pee-mail

WHO added that silly flower?

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